This is true at all.
Jilted to jilt arm Zhai Ling corners of the mouth become warped don’t see before to be panic.
And the viper and Zhai Ling also repeatedly retreated two or three steps after boxing, and his face suddenly sank before surrounding and killing Shan Ying. When he put it together, although it was not directly bombed by an alchemist bomb, it was also hurt. Otherwise, he would still let the other side live against Zhai Ling, a smelly little guy.
Angry Yu Viper was about to pounce again one step ago, but suddenly he felt a quiver and stumbled for a step or two.
His left foot suddenly stepped on a soft soil beside him, but it touched Zhai Ling’s elaborate machine.
Suddenly three things hit. Poof! Poof! Poof! Three sharp crossbows instantly shot the whole body trembling viper.
Zhai Ling chuckled and walked away. He looked at the viper lying on the ground and said coldly, "Are you chasing me?"
The red-faced viper trembled all over, and the purple corners of his mouth began to overflow with blood, especially the right hand became black, which was obviously poisoned.
"… what?"
Zhai Ling glanced at the viper coldly and didn’t answer. There was an extra dagger in his hand and he stabbed it hard.
"This knife is for Shan Ying’s eldest brother."
"This knife was stabbed by the people who were killed by you [Tianmen]."
"This knife is my own, and you bastards will be finished sooner or later!"
Zhai Ling kicked open the viper’s body, panting deeply. At the beginning, he learned a lot of poisonous means with the ghost-faced fox to deal with an injured master whose strength was greatly reduced. Obviously, it is no problem.
Previously, he deliberately said those words in order to delay some time so that the toxicity could break out. Besides, the letter that Zhai Ling threw was fake or painted with poison envelopes, and the real letter had been put in Zhai Ling.
At the beginning, Zhai Ling didn’t choose to leave because he guessed that the viper would definitely return, just as he expected.
The body was simply disposed of, and Zhai Ling was going to leave quickly. Anyway, here are wild mountains and wild animals that often haunt the viper. This body Zhai Ling specially handled will definitely be eaten by the animals soon.
But this funeral is ready to go home to Zhai Ling.
27, the first will listen to the wind floor more.
When Zhai Ling returned to the magic capital, it was already dusk and the sun was red. Zhai Ling also stopped to stare for a moment and felt limited in his heart.
The 21-day journey finally came back on the last day. Everything that happened these days made Zhai Ling feel like a lifetime ago.
High-walled red tile towers, a row of armored guards and the most prosperous streets stand beside four refiners. Neon red street lamps are carefully refined by the master, and the crystal aura induces soft light. This sunset looks very poetic.
Passing through the city gate, passing through the bridge to protect the city and passing through Zhai Ling in the midst of noise and prosperity is like a spectator looking at everything here. He suddenly feels that he has not felt this kind taste for a long time.
Even at that time, Zhai Ling was bent on seeing Dragon Ten where he had the idea to relax.
Take a deep breath. Zhai Ling apartment is finally home
At this moment, a black car stopped on the road behind Zhai Ling, and then four western men dressed in black quickly walked to Zhai Ling.
"Excuse me, is this Mr. Zhai Ling Zhai?" People didn’t respond to Zhai Ling’s young face. Instead, he asked respectfully
"Well, I am, and you are?" Zhai Ling looked at the front of the four men in some confusion.
Blue family?
Can the blue family be so friendly? Then it’s definitely not. Then who is it?
"Hello, Mr. Zhai, our boss, please welcome." The man quietly revealed the token of Douchayuan in his clothes.
Zhai Ling eyes slightly suo suo heart andao is Shan Ying eldest brother things exposed?
There’s no way you didn’t miss your own trace. No one will know that the person who took the secret letter is yourself.
"You lead the way."
Don’t wait for each other to explain what Zhai Ling was often nodded.
At the beginning, Zhai Ling in the sunset mountains carefully concealed his sight. Even if someone knew that someone had taken the secret letter, they would never guess that Zhai Ling was worse. Zhai Ling also changed his face.
And the Eye Court will send people to find themselves, which can be said to be his business. Listen to the tone of these people …
Zhai Ling obviously thought of something, which is why he agreed without hesitation.
"Mr. Zhai asks for a car."
Zhailing nodded and walked away. The black car looked at the car structure quite leisurely.
Before they had those expensive cars in Feiliu City, the refining methods of cars were extremely complicated. Usually, it took more than a dozen refiners to refine one. No wonder it was so expensive.
The car ran smoothly and stopped in front of a restaurant before long.
"Please, Mr. Zhai"
Zhai Ling, the co-pilot seat man, opened the door and led Zhai Ling with his left hand.
"Thank you" Zhai Ling nodded and gestured to the man at the moment and then looked up at the restaurant.
Listen to the wind building? !
Didn’t Brother Jiang say that he was listening to the wind tower?
"The world is really small" Zhai Ling smiled and then followed the men and went in.
Into the hall stairs is to a middle-aged man can examine the eye Zhai Ling to lead the way in front of the male novel "boss dive deep pavilion on the third floor".
The "white" man nodded and then reached sideways to lead Zhai Ling to smile: "Mr. Zhai, this way, please."
Zhai Ling looked at the eyes with the other three men who came with him. The middle-aged man who had just talked walked out of the restaurant. Then he looked at the stairs and chatted in the lobby on the first floor. They didn’t hesitate to follow the guide to the third floor.
Although I don’t know who the so-called big boss is, Zhai Ling can feel that the other party has no malice towards himself.
Into the dive deep pavilion Zhai Ling is a little surprised and didn’t expect such a luxurious restaurant would have such a humble elegant room.
A round table carved with wooden flowers, a rocking chair made of three bamboos, and a few flowers and plants planted around it look very simple.
The guide has automatically gone out and taken the initiative to open the door. Zhai Ling has no timidity. Before he left, he looked at the old man who was closing his eyes.