Finally, after a deep look, Norman took off his left wrist and wore a delicate bracelet.
It’s a perfect bracelet, and I don’t know what material it is made of. At first glance, you can see that there are clouds in it.
This thing looks fragile, but it is actually stronger than many new alloys in Thorn Valley, but Norman’s hand is easily crushed into pieces like glass.
As this bracelet is broken into pieces, the cloud-like object inside is diffused and instantly dissipated, and at the same time, "om" rings in a micro-inaudible sound.
That’s from underground.
As far as the eye can see, there is a strange underground, and a magic circle as big as half a thorn valley is engraved in this underground.
As the bracelet breaks, these engraved underground lines slowly shine, and the light is like blood, which lights up wherever you swim in the magic circle, but the bracelet is the key to drive this magic circle, and the power comes from those magic hubs in the thorn valley.
The magic hub in every city, from Foer Vosburg, which is in the midst of the war, to the farthest Shem, trembled slightly at this moment.
That’s the result of a huge amount of magic pouring out crazily.
The Pope didn’t notice this. He still controlled his deity in an orderly way. Four gods outside Foer Vosburg are entering the city and are about to join the battle in the city center. When the cities they passed collapse, everything can escape. There are not many forces in the field of these gods’ projections, and most of them are dead.
The distant earth world is vast and the atmosphere is dignified and excited.
This is an extremely vast plain, where chariots, tanks, fighter planes, helicopter gunships and other kinds of war equipment are densely parked. These weapons and equipment are more than five flowers, from howitzers, missiles and rockets to advanced magnetic guns and laser weapons. More than a dozen sixth-generation fighters are directly hung with nuclear weapons.
All the personnel have been in their respective combat positions, and people of all skin types are the most elite soldiers selected by all countries in the world, and a sound is being made in the communication channel of these people for the final battle mobilization.
"… the earth will not last long in this resource-exhausted era. Tianxing is our only way out, and now the door is about to open, and a new era of the earth is coming!"
"You are all the bravest soldiers on the earth. You are shouldering all the earth people deeply expect you to shoulder the future of the earth! And I also believe that you can complete the mission given to you by the Coalition government and the mission given to you by the nine billion people of the earth! "
"I didn’t say much about him and said the last sentence."
"Earth, you have lost the earth with everything."
This is a sound that Normanby is familiar with. It is the Lancelot sound.
He is an old saying here, that is, Chinese is still in the ears of all soldiers, but it has not been translated, but everyone can understand it. This is because of the policy of the Coalition government that Chinese has long been a compulsory course. These elite soldiers from various countries are very proficient in Chinese, which is even more fluent than many Chinese.
Everything has destroyed the earth
Many people meditate in their hearts, their eyes are firm and they silently wipe their head masks to get rid of the spirit of all other thoughts.
The fighting in Foer Vosburg continues.
After the four gods’ projections were also joined in the battle, the spiritual storm gods’ projections finally could not hold up any longer, and were quickly torn to pieces, and the pieces dissipated with a whine.
At the same time, heaven and earth suddenly shook.
But that’s an illusion. The reason for this illusion is that it is distorted by tremor.
Norman binge drinking is twisted and divided into several pieces, and every corner of Thorn Valley rings.
His right hand held high and pointed to the sky. At this time, the forbidden spell field around him had dissipated with the breakup of the spiritual storm, but another strange force surrounded him
This kind of power is not inferior to those divine powers, and all the forces in the field of projection of gods have disintegrated after coming into contact with them.
And as Norman’s right hand raised his head, it oscillated the most violently.
This piece of light above his head, which has been completely distorted, has been fragmented like broken glass.
The indescribable violent force that pervades the whole Thorn Valley makes those divine projections unable to resist the split and fall apart one after another. However, under the command of the Pope’s adult, these scattered divine projections unexpectedly collide with one point at the same time and merge together strangely, eventually turning into a giant of light that is bigger than the former spiritual storm divine projection.
Light giant appeared directly after a wave of his hand toward Norman grasp to go to.
After contact with those strange forces around Norman, the giant hand of light kept breaking away and peeling off, but this projection of fusion and becoming a god was really powerful, but it was against that strange force that it kept approaching Norman and was about to hit Norman.
At this critical juncture, Norman resolutely continued to soar and threw himself into the top of his head, which had been completely distorted and disappeared.
The giant of light also flew in place towards Norman’s disappearance, but as it approached the giant of light, it quickly disintegrated and eventually dissipated like a moth.
This scene beyond the cognitive scope has completely stunned the disabled people in Foer Vosburg. I don’t know what happened. Even Shen Junzhu, a well-informed dragon boss, is no exception. The Pope’s face outside the city is still calm. The old man who has been looking at the face from appearance to now has an unprecedented strange expression.
Excitement, doubt, thinking, excitement …
Complex expression The Pope’s face was tangled, but it didn’t last long, and soon it became an expression.
The Pope suddenly moved.
When he stepped out and fell again, he had magically disappeared from the original place and there was a distortion