With deep pockets, the Tiger and Leopard Army didn’t intend to let these horses or go back since they took out these horses and rushed to the front.
All the crazy horses just appeared at the foot of the mountain to slow down more than stop.
Behind the horses, the Tiger and Leopard Army once again drew out the discerning bayonet, and once again pierced a hole in the horse’s ass that constantly braved the blood to inspire the horse’s final willpower and potential.
So there was such a scene on the battlefield. Thousands of blindfolded horses knew that climbing a mountain in a rush was a death, and they still rushed to the hill with bitter screams. The horses fell behind because of tripping, and the horses did not hesitate to continue to rush to the hill, and they did not stop at all.
Because all this has developed too fast, Aobai has not come to make adjustments, and thousands of horses and more than 1,000 tigers and leopards have rushed to the foot of a mountain.
In the face of this situation, Aobai Ma made adjustments … Ordered all the red cannons to quickly adjust the muzzle, and fired at the foot of all the tiger and leopard troops and horses to suppress the tiger and leopard troops and could not move here.
As for the Tatar gunner, it was very difficult to adjust the heavy muzzle of the red cannon. More than 1,000 butch troops had rushed to the mountainside along with the horses.
Although there are thousands of horses in the whole attack process, the attack road is almost reversed
But more than one thousand butch troops have reached a position less than one hundred steps away from the mountain …
You can be sure that this tiger and leopard army is willing and willing to attack the mountain defenders without scruple about casualties, but it has not yet reacted from the ever-changing battlefield situation, and Dalai can never stop the tiger and leopard army from attacking skillfully.
At this time, if Aobai still doesn’t know the real purpose of the Tiger and Leopard Army’s counterattack, then his title as the first general of the latter will be called in vain.
Thought of here and worship to dignified face at this moment directly covered by gloomy.
I feel that I have been tricked by the butch army again. Ao Baijiang clenched his fist and smashed a log. He cursed "The artillery horse adjusted the muzzle to shell the butch army on the mountainside … Be sure to cover the mountain defenders and hold the mountain …"
Aobai’s command didn’t leave, but a face of difficulty. "The distance between the mountainside of the general Tiger and Leopard Army has exceeded the effective range of the red artillery … We can’t reach them unless we move the red artillery to the foot of the mountain …"
"Bastard … then why are you still staring blankly at the horse to transfer artillery … how long can the strength of the mountain defenders stop the butch army …" At this moment, Aobai is like an angry lion scolding.
Because of the Ministry’s answer, he has realized that he has no way to stop the Tiger and Leopard Army from occupying the mountain. After all, the powerful attack capability of the Tiger and Leopard Army can’t make the red cannon there. In front of the more than 1,000 Tiger and Leopard Army defenders on the mountain, they don’t have any advantage except the strength!
In this case, the action of more than 1,000 tiger and leopard troops occupying the mountain seems to be unstoppable.
And more than one thousand tigers and leopards will occupy the mountain, and it will be very impossible for them to destroy it again.
After all, there is a more powerful tiger and leopard army outside the encirclement, which is advancing to the battlefield bit by bit.
But even so, Aobai still holds the last glimmer in his heart.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have ordered the artillery to move the heavy red artillery department to the foot of the mountain to carry out artillery attacks on more than 1,000 butch troops to support the mountain defenders …
As soon as Tartars began to transport heavy red cannons, more than 1,000 tiger and leopard troops were ready for the final blow to the mountains.
There are light mortars, medium mortars and heavy mortars left in the three battalions, with a total of more than 70 guns. The artillery department holds its own dark muzzle high and is ready to fire.
More than 1,000 musketeers, in addition to inserting discerning bayonets into musketeers’ barrels and putting a lead bullet on musketeers’ shoulders, each musketeer holds a Grenade in his hand and another one in the other hand, which is braving the fire of Mars.
Soon the Tiger and Leopard Army was located in the artillery position on the mountainside, and a series of dull shelling sounded.
More than 70 flowering shells flew out of the long barrel of the mortar with a sharp scream and flew to the mountain.
In a blink of an eye, the mountain shook and the explosion sounded.
Get ready for the attack. The musketeers clearly saw the explosion, and in an instant, a lot of black smoke and fireballs were mixed, and then they rose from the mountain ground …
Not only that, but the flying shells caused by the explosion of the flowering shells broke into pieces. At the first moment, an impenetrable steel storm was formed on the mountain ground, killing all living things in front of them.
You know, building a position on the top of the Tatar Mountain is not building a position at the foot of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Because I never thought that the mountain top might be attacked by the Tiger and Leopard Army, 2,000 Tatars not only did not dig trenches on the mountain top, but also made it convenient for the garrison to clean up all the logs and stones on the mountain top that might affect their vision and shooting boundaries.
At this moment, the whole hilltop position gives people the first impression that it is very spacious.
And this result not only didn’t help Dalai himself, but also helped the artillery of Tiger and Leopard Army.
Because there is no place to hide on the hill, the flowering bombs explode constantly, and directly become the death of the Tatars. Every flowering bomb can take away several lives, which can be described as a large explosion …
Chapter one hundred and forty-four The last straw
Each mortar shoots ten flowering bullets in a very short time, which adds up to more than 700.
There are no hidden spots at a glance. More than 700 flowering bombs have covered almost the whole mountain.
When the artillery fire stopped, the gun stopped and the smoke on the hill slowly cleared away.
A very tragic picture appeared directly in front of everyone.
The mountain, especially the place where 2,000 Tatars are gathered, is covered with a thick layer of corpses at this moment.
These bodies are complete and incomplete.
More importantly, the severed limbs and arms of the Tatars were blown off by flowering bombs, and the bodies of the Tatars and the severed limbs and arms were flying everywhere. The ground of this battlefield has been dyed red with blood …
At first glance, with 2,000 Tartars, you can continue to catch your breath, even less than 500 people.
And even less than 500 people can get up and move normally, less than half of them.
Just when the Tatar remnants looked at the bloody and tragic picture in front of them and were directly stunned by shock.
More than 1000 butch gunmen on the mountainside have quickly rushed to the top of the mountain.
The straight butch army inserted the discerning bayonet into the musket barrel and resisted the chest of the Tatar. These remaining Tatars still didn’t react, and then their eyes were glazed and stabbed to death by the butch army bayonet on the spot.
So the tiger and leopard army’s attack on the hill ended dramatically because of the extreme precautions and the sudden heavy artillery fire of the tiger and leopard army …
"Hateful … it was so fast that the hill missed it so quickly … what did the hill commander do to eat? He was going to cut off his head. A perfect ambush battle was so short that it collapsed because of his mistakes …" Ao Bai, who witnessed the whole battle process, was shocked and could not help but scold a way.
At this moment, a lieutenant suddenly woke up and said, "The general butch army has occupied the hill … their commanding firepower is very bad for us … and the main force of butch army is only five miles away from the battlefield … At the end, it will be suggested that the horse end the battle and withdraw from the battlefield …"
Such a good search plan ended so hastily …