Of course, Sun Hao also said, "Eldest brother, your hand has destroyed me by no less than one hundred, right? I’m only five. There’s no need to make a fuss, right? "
Three wait and see, Yin Huang is deep
No.4 Yin Huang expressed great dissatisfaction and roared, insisting that Sun Hao give a statement.
Sun Hao won’t give each other a wrangling. Three Yin emperors come to mediate and all agree that No.4 Yin emperor is a bit unreasonable.
This matter will eventually go away.
A few days later, things happened again.
The border area between the two sides has been fought again. This time, the 4th Yin Emperor, a few bears a grudge, corrected his strength and actually killed several escaped ghosts not far from Sun Hao’s camp.
Who knows angered Sun Hao’s elite No.4 Yin Emperor, and none of the 20 ghosts ran away and were killed by Sun Hao’s elite on the spot.
Lose 20 elites in one breath?
No.4 Yin Emperor flew into a rage and personally led Chen Bing’s border to clamor for Sun Hao’s team to destroy Sun Hao.
Sun Haoren sent out an angry thought wave, "Come and fight. If you have the guts, let’s fight in the mode of opening and closing the hatchet …"
The so-called dead enemy mode is a way of ghost duel, which means never dying.
No.4 Yin Emperor was furious. "If you fight, you will die. Who’s afraid of who? Come here if you dare."
No.4 Yin Emperor seems to have been in contact with Sanyin Emperor for many years. At this time, when he wants to fight to the death, Sanyin Emperor should come to his side or mediate everyone, but it’s just like wrangling with each other like that.
Who knows that to his surprise, Sanyinhuang expressed silence at this time. Sanyinhuang thought that No.4 Yinhuang was unreasonable, but he didn’t know what it meant.
Fight to the death. Anyway, I’m not happy to watch the fun with myself.
No.4 Yin Emperor riding a tiger is difficult to realize that his strength is not weak, and he simply takes the lead in launching an attack to the death.
Battle No.1 and No.4 Yin Emperor showed a strong impact and led his army to finally suppress Sun Hao’s team and laid siege.
Sun Hao’s troops seem to be struggling to resist.
No.4 Yin Emperor’s strength also seems to be better than others, suppressing Sun Hao’s punching and kicking thinking waves and taking over the wind.
However, what surprised the three Yin emperors was that the new generation Yin emperor had very tough fighting ability.
Stumbling and not falling.
The battle lasted for a whole month, and Sun Hao actually stabilized his position and gradually launched a counterattack. No.4 Yin Emperor’s troops were weak and No.4 Yin Emperor’s body was also suppressed by Sun Hao.
At this time, the three Yin emperors hesitated whether they should come out to mediate.
Come to No.4 Yin Huang is our ally. At this time, the allies are not fighting well, and everyone should come out to help.
However, Sanyinhuang thought that No.4 Yinhuang had been making trouble for more than a year, and Sun Hao sent many gifts to everyone, and finally decided to stand by and watch.
Sun Hao won the battle after the wind and continued for ten days. On the tenth day, the No.4 Yin Emperor team became less and less. At this time, the No.4 Yin Emperor wanted to escape.
Sanyinhuang also wants to mediate and prepare to suggest that Sun Hao take the place of No.4 Yinhuang, but don’t kill them all.
Sun Hao suddenly stirred up the thoughts and waves, and forced the No.4 Yin Emperor to collapse without giving the three Yin Emperors a chance to intercede.
Most of the No.4 spot of Yin Huang Hua poured into Sun Hao’s forehead crystal according to the special rules of Ghost Mountain.
Sun Hao spirit a flap.
Killing a Yin queen, Sun Hao, was truly recognized by the tomb of the spirit and became one of the top ten Yin emperors, and he had the opportunity to practice at the root of the tomb of the spirit.
The abundant aura of yin in the tomb of the spirit is of great help to Sun Hao’s practice.
Sun Hao, one of the top ten Yin Empresses, has a better understanding of the Yin Emperors who rank ahead of himself, and has a vague sense of their habits and characteristics. The key point is that Sun Hao can perceive those who are located in the tomb and form snowflakes. As the tomb slowly rotates, they are all powerful and powerful generations, which gives Sun Hao a very powerful sense of natural threat.
I don’t think too much. Sun Hao already knows that the golden crown and yin emperor of Pailing Tomb may have suppressed himself. This is the embodiment of silver crown.
Sun Hao has reason to believe that when he wants to give it to himself, he will reach the height of the golden crown sooner or later and finally climb to the peak of the tomb of the spirit.
This time may not be too short if we follow the normal procedure.
Every opportunity will not be too easy when we reach the cultivation height of great fitness. Every opportunity may need a lot of time to accumulate, otherwise it will still be difficult to make progress with a long life.
Sun Haocheng Yin Emperor did not have a coronation ceremony, and the Ghost Mountain still operates according to its own laws.
The three Yin emperors and the fourth Yin emperor suffered a slight shock for a few days, but soon recovered their calm.
The six golden crowns and yin emperors never paid too much attention to things and hung them high.
Sun Hao made a very low-key career of Yin Emperor.
Sun Hao, the Empress of Chengyin, analyzed the real cultivation of Yin Emperor according to some of her own performances, and there are still some strange abilities.
After entering the ghost mountain, especially near the tomb, Sun Hao’s combined practice is bound by strange laws. If you don’t forcibly drive the roots, you don’t know how powerful you can explode near the tomb.
Sun Hao, now ranked among the top ten Yin emperors, took a serious look at himself.
After more than a year of observation and understanding, Sun Hao still had to regret it.
I am in this state, and the state near the tomb of the spirit is not comparable to my own practice and my own completion.
It’s not the same direction after all
It’s not good to compare laws with different roots.
For example, there are two kinds of talents in a country: monks with superior fighting capacity and scholars with profound knowledge.
Both monks and scholars are outstanding in their respective fields, but they are not really comparable.
This is the most obvious feeling of Sun Hao’s Yin Empress.
However, as far as Sun Hao knows, the ghost in the Death Domain is a great source of arms. In this case, the ghost will actually become a member of the power body, but I don’t know what the strength will be after the top ten Yin emperors get the normal power body.
Of course, it is very likely that the Yin Emperor will melt into different forms after he gets into the normal power body, for example, those immortal heroes who have cultivated successfully and have magical spells.
This is probably the case.
Sun Hao sank into the tomb of the spirit and strengthened his practice without moving, while secretly observing and speculating about his Yin Emperor.
Chapter DiErErSiSi Yin emperor war
The top ten Yin emperors are divided into two levels, six gold crowns and four silver crowns.
There is a significant rank gap between the two Yin emperors, so it can be recognized that the Golden Crown Yin Emperor is a ghost with a higher life level.
In addition to the different colors of the crown, the colors and shapes of the six tombs of Yin Huang Ling are also different.
After careful observation for a long time, Sun Hao found that the colors of the six golden crowns and yin emperors of the snow-like figure tomb were slightly different
To be precise, the wrists of the six golden crowns and yin emperors seem to have bracelets of different colors.
I wonder what these bracelets represent.
I don’t know what the color of Yin Huang’s head and crown will pay attention to.