For example, so-and-so created a [time machine] to wander around and fuck around, which led to more things that affected the present and the future!
And those things that are derived from [present] will have limited influence [past] and [future], and those things that are derived from [future] will have limited influence [past] and [present] …
Every "past" will be derived from multiple "present" and multiple "future"
Then, n points and one [present] become n [past] n [future] n points and one [future] become n [present] n [past] …
Cycle, cross, split …
And those [present multiverse], [future multiverse] and [past multiverse] each contain a poor quantity [time plane], a poor quantity, and all levels [plane], [world], [dimension], [universe], [individual] and [idea] are constantly circulating, crossing and splitting, which leads to.
Therefore, when describing the past, present and future, although the growth basis is [n] briefly, it contains several [time planes] because of [level events] and [advanced events]. Actually, no one knows how many [n] that [n] is made up of.
[Critical True Limit State] [Multiuniverse]
It increases.
There are no practical restrictions.
Need [material], need [energy] …
To trigger conditions or operating rules, it will automatically increase.
Those derived [past multiverse], [present multiverse] and [future multiverse] are all things at the same time, and they will not cancel each other out in each area of the complete multiverse, thus serving as an automatic strengthening incentive, and feeding back to each [complete concept type-abyss king level] to automatically increase with them, so that the integration of multiverse contains their [final integration matters] to continue to cause limited increase.
[multiverse] is a perfect, great and ordinary understanding …
But it also makes the strong feel helpless, desperate and difficult to surpass …
Just limiting a "great" to wake up one after another and gradually returning to the collateral effects will make the "multiverse" automatically stronger every moment, and it is the most basic increase base of the overall amount in a moment …
Chapter 172 Changes caused by returnees
Sit on your own [seat]
Witnessing those poor years that have long been lost [power seats] are like mushrooms after rain, and they are constantly emerging with the return of their own owners.
Wait for the meeting. Olga yawned at first and then looked a little boring and sighed with emotion.
"The return of these guys really makes it harder for us."
"If it weren’t for more or less will get some power growth feedback that would be really kui big …"
of course
be that as it may
Still lose a lot …
This increase is nothing compared with the increase obtained by the multiverse.
It’s urgent
Like dust.
With the strips of rotten salted fish lying dead, they tried to climb out of their old graves.
Strong structural changes [new races], [new phenomena], [new objects], [new rules] and [new concepts] are taking place in the multiverse every moment ….. and the total quantity limit of the multiverse is soaring crazily.
Just now
The change brought about by various influences is already huge.
for example
The time plane includes a plane, a world, a universe, a dimension and a dimension.
This is the original basic situation.
But now with the return of a [complete concept type-abyss king level]
There are some more links 2.
Some original links
It’s like suddenly adding some floors to a building.
Is changing rapidly …
Become more powerful and perfect!
in like manner; in a similar way
The inherent structure-[eternal evil] has also been improved and strengthened 3.
Make Olga’s strength increase all the time.
No conditions