An Dewei zombie fire came at the right place and hit it gently through the paw prints.
Sun Hao felt a cold as if he had hit a cold war, and a cold energy quickly hit him. The ghost eyes opened to drive the tombstone and unceremoniously absorbed the cold energy.
Andrew stepped back a few steps and roared in the ghost road, "Brother Hill, please leave me alone. My zombie will wake up automatically when he sleeps for a while at most."
Just now, if it wasn’t for Andrew’s awakening and Sun Haoshen’s hand, it shouldn’t matter, but it’s really two words whether he can protect Girlan Anna.
At this time, Andewei really embarrassed Sun Hao by letting Sun Hao go first.
Laughing, Sun Haoda said, "I have never abandoned my comrades-in-arms and used to offending Brother An."
With that, his right hand stretched out like a chicken, and Andrew Sun Hao really strode forward.
There is a faint shadow in the ghost road, and those extremely fast ghost dragons can’t finish chasing them.
Ghost African will attack from the channel wall from time to time, but Sun Hao can easily avoid it every time after taking precautions.
As fast as the wind, the ghost dragon is unwilling to roar farther and farther behind him in Sun Hao’s ghost road.
I was surprised by Sun Hao’s hand, Andrew’s heart. The ghost dragon didn’t see the winner. I couldn’t help but say, "Brother, you actually ran past the ghost dragon by the speed of your legs. It’s even more rare that you ran so far. You were breathless. Me too."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "The speed of ghost dragons and ghosts is not fast, and naturally it is impossible to run after me."
Underway looked at Sun Hao’s shoulder and fell asleep. Girlan looked at himself and muttered, "Key, you brought two people."
Sun Hao laughed again. "I’ve been practicing and repairing you two. It’s really like there’s no general worry. I’ve been running for a year without rest."
An dewei thorough language
There are also bursts of happiness in my heart. It’s a good thing that I didn’t fight this freak. It’s a good thing that I chose to be a good freak. Otherwise, I might have been sleeping in the ghost dragon and waiting to wake up.
Sun Hao’s carrying a heart is not very difficult.
While running Sun Hao, he felt the change of his own ghost’s spirit. The ghost’s African claws came over and some of them rushed into Sun Hao’s body and were absorbed by the ghost’s spirit.
After absorbing it, the ghost spirit drove this energy into the tombstone and carefully drove the rotation of Yin-Yang combination solution.
This is a new experience that Sun Hao has never been exposed to, a soul experience of yin and cold. For the first time, Sun Hao perceived that the real soul power actually has yin and yang, and he has divided several spirits into yin and cold attributes. The soul power is far from masculine attributes, and the opponent finally started the balance of yin and yang after the rotation.
Sword spirit attribute is peaceful and impartial, but regardless of yin and yang.
The two strongest spirits, Taigu Lei Shou and Xingtian Witch, are pure yang, while ghosts and ice silkworm spirits are yin and cold.
Before, I didn’t feel the yin and yang deeply. Now Sun Hao has a very clear feeling that his ghost spirit and ice spirit are in a state of being severely suppressed, and his soul is also full of yang.
This state has improved since the ghost got the tombstone, and now it has absorbed the soul power of the ghost dragon to refine. Sun Hao can feel that this refining is indeed conducive to the progress of his ice and ghost, and finally gradually promote the balance of Yin and Yang in his fascination.
So do you need to find a way to leave the ghost dragon?
With this beautiful idea, Sun Hao ran quickly for more than a month, which made Andrew stunned for more than a month.
Finally Sun Hao arrived at his occupied cemetery and rushed out of the ghost road. He put Andewei and Girlan in the cemetery and said, "Brother An will watch Xiaolan for me and I will meet the ghost dragon."
Andewei was frightened to disgrace and shouted, "Brother Xiaoshan, the ghost dragon is more powerful than suggesting not to fight with him."
Sun Hao said with a smile as he sank into the ghost road, "Why don’t I know fairly well?"
Say that finish Corleone body slowly fade has completely sink into the ghost road.
When Andrew grew up, he touched his head and said, "If you can destroy the Legion of Death, maybe you really don’t fear the ghost dragon quack quack. If the ghost dragon is slaughtered in the ghost road, it will be really fun. If this freak is so powerful, it will be a real towering thigh. If you have the opportunity, you have to hold it tightly. He doesn’t resent my undead …"
Whisper AnDeWei while Girlan went in to the cemetery.
Ender emerged from the cemetery to look at Ender and look at his hands. Girlan finally said, "Please come inside, my Lord."
I didn’t expect Sun Hao’s hand to have an immortal warrior, and it seems that this cultivation foundation is not much better than himself. The immortal warrior has also awakened his wisdom, and Andrew’s interest has suddenly increased.
After some understanding, I found that the undead soldier had almost the same name as himself, and Andewei had the feeling of meeting a bosom friend in another country.
I took Gelander to the tombstone and suddenly found that the tombstone that belonged to Mino Hayou was filled with the name of Mino Hayou, but the name of Mino Hayou was not erased, more like hiding the name of Mino Hayou.
Ender doesn’t know how many old monsters are mixed up in the strange undead world, but he knows what is going on in his heart.
There is a very strange expression on his face. Andrew is a little in distress situation. Boy, the proud Miss Mino has been bullied. I don’t know if this guy has been to the soul training for a day. If he has been here, it will be very interesting. Andrew can imagine the scene of being ravaged by the proud Miss Mino.
However, at the moment when he saw the tombstone, Andrew clearly knew that Xie Xiaoshan should be a hero with a high level. Others may not know it, but he was the bearer of the immortal ghost. He clearly knew that the tombstone was a strange magic weapon.
If you want to forcibly seize it, there is really a special way to do it. Andrew didn’t expect that he could actually see the tombstone being seized.
What a freak! After meeting Sun Hao, he felt that everything was normal.
Think that guy actually went into the ghost road to fight against the ghost. Long Dewei thought that maybe he could choose to be his contract hero, and then maybe he could enter the void through other channels.
With this idea, Andrew couldn’t help but be tempted. Before he thought about never entering the void, he didn’t think about entering from another world. If he could enter from another world and then hide his identity, he would secretly participate in some wars and develop powerful immortal arms. Then he might be able to come true and justify himself as a big shot.
A month later, when Sun Hao came out of the ghost road refreshed,
Andrew wiener head and worship "eldest brother, please accept my knee …"
Chapter DiYiQiSanWu Gold belt Ann
Sun Hao was a little stunned and asked, "Brother An, who are you?"
Andrew knelt down and said sincerely, "I want to be your contract hero, and I will have the opportunity to soar to the world of practice and climb the peak again in the future."
Sun Hao asked strangely, "Can an immortal hero contract with his racial monks?"
Andrew naturally replied, "It’s natural for both sides to be willing, of course, but it’s a contract. Brother Xiaoshan, you don’t know something. The immortal hero is very powerful. For example, if I hadn’t met you, many heroes would not be my opponents."
Sun Hao thought of Geffney and her team and nodded. "Well, there’s something you can do to kill Wu Kai and them."
Andrew stood tall. "That’s a general hero’s root, so I can’t be beaten. Our troops will play more and more." Instantly, Andrew remembered his experience of being wiped out by the Death Corps and said with frustration, "Of course, I am vulnerable in front of you except you, boss."
Corleone, of course, knew his particularity and smiled and said, "Don’t compare with me. Don’t you know that I am also a contract knight? I can also contract him as a hero? "
Andrew looked up at the zombie face and smiled obsequiously. "I don’t know if the contract knight can contract his hero, but I know that you can do it."
Corleone asked in surprise, "Oh? How do you know? "
Andrew pointed his hand at the towering tombstone. "It should be very simple for the boss to leave his name on the tombstone and contract his hero."
Sun Hao’s body sensed a strange smell. He knew that the immortal monk had some secrets, but he had more secrets. Sun Hao didn’t intend to delve into it, but Sun Hao didn’t think that it was now that Andrew should follow himself, which would have to be seriously considered.
Judging from the contact process, Andrew is not a ghost, it is a little trivial, but in the end he would rather sleep by himself than drag Sun Hao down. I can see that he was serious at that time, so it should be possible to accept him.
After thinking about it, Sun Hao drove himself to try to find a way to contract heroes.
Soon Sun Hao himself found a special area with a purple gold belt, and at this time, the name of Andewei showed a light gold name, which was waiting for the return of Sun Hao’s mind. A purple gold belt brought out the contract information.
Sun Hao said to Andrew after learning about it, "Brother An, I can indeed contract with you, but you should know that I have undertaken a lot of work to bring an immortal hero to the world. Once this contract is signed, it may be impossible to violate it for life, which means that you will be restrained by me for life unless one day you can break through the void before me. You can understand that this matter is big."
Andrew froze and said, "Is this a great contract?"
His eyes rolled a few times, and Andrew seemed to talk to himself and solve the problem. "Will he relax when he is so strict?" For example, what kind of responsibility? "
Sun Hao glanced at himself and said with a smile, "That’s not true. This is an equal contract. The main thing is to control your behavior when you reach the boundary. If you don’t violate my big principle, it seems that there is nothing to blame. Of course, there is nothing special about you accordingly."
Andrew patted his head and said, "That’s him. It may be better for me to wander after waking up and get used to many people."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Well, you can give me a soul fire."
Andrew lit a silk soul fire, and Sun Haoyi’s purple and gold belt prompted the soul fire and Andrew’s name fell in a purple and gold belt.