After hearing Wei Youfang say so, others have no resistance, nodded and acted in groups.
Wei Youfang looked at Phil and Grady after they set off, wondering what was going on. Charles finally couldn’t help asking.
"Mr. Charles, will you rest here or join us?"
Hearing Wei Youfang’s words, Charles turned his head, and there was a faint look of embarrassment on his face, but the horse returned to normal.
"I said that you are in charge of the operation, I will protect you within my control, and you can just treat me like I am."
Wei Youfang nodded and muttered something, saying that it was light and then pulled Avril Lavigne to search.
Wei Youfang didn’t think about making himself master the skill map. After all, the skill range seems to be tailor-made for this mountain. Wei Youfang needed to find a relatively middle position to directly cover this small mound, but he finally gave up the idea after thinking about it.
Wei Youfang had an idea about his 3d modeling skill before he set out. He must find the specific place of the doctor and his friend before making it, which would make it easier for many rescue workers to see the important moment. It is better to keep this skill.
It’s not a big mountain, but Wei Youfang hasn’t taken it lightly. Avril Lavigne has been watching every corner carefully all the time. Some trees are hidden in the small cave, and he has to go in and explore it himself. More than an hour has passed when Wei Youfang and Grady met.
"how about it? Any clues? " Wei Youfang asked questions.
"We can see some footprints here, but the messy chapter is obviously hunting game people in the mountains and leaving us with nothing to hide. I told you, we must have come to the wrong place." Grady waved Wei Youfang.
"Oh, we haven’t found anything here either." Avril answered for Wei Youfang because she saw Wei Youfang lost in thought again.
Do you really think too much? What the citizens say in the city is their spontaneous speculation?
Wei Youfang can’t understand it, but he can’t continue to leave him here just because of his own speculation. When he waves, he can temporarily take the team back to plan an exploration direction.
Back to the hotel, Wei Youfang temporarily let others go back to rest and think for themselves.
A hammer in the east and a stick in the west are true and false information. Wei Youfang’s brain is paved one by one. Wei Youfang compares and imagines like doing a connection problem, trying to find out what kind of connection.
But Wei Youfang still didn’t have a clue until Trevor came back in the evening.
Watching everyone cover their noses and snicker, Trevor can be a face of nai
However, Wei Youfang naturally didn’t laugh. After all, Trevor is in such a mess now because of himself.
"Laugh all you want. Anyway, I remember all your faces. When I have the opportunity, I will definitely double it."
Trevor knows that everyone’s smile is not ridicule or malice, but it doesn’t affect Trevor’s unhappiness and malicious words.
"How did your boss agree that you were in charge of the prison?" Wei Youfang patted grady and others around him and asked them to stop smiling
"I found the boss who is responsible for recycling prison slops this afternoon. I didn’t expect this boss to be very unusual. He turned out to be the boss of the whole city to collect slops. All the slops were handled by him in a unified way." Cui Fo saw that Wei Youfang’s "hate" for Wei Youfang was a little weaker, so he could quickly clean up and rest. There was no nonsense to explain.
"I paid out a silver coin before I joined their team, and then it took me two silver coins to find out who was in charge of the prison area, and then I was allowed to become a recycling person here."
"That you went in today? Did you get anything? " Wei Youfang asked
"Harvest a fart! The person in charge took my silver coin and told me that the prison swill recycling was all done in the early hours of the morning, and I could go there again from tomorrow. "
"Then why do you still have such a strong smell and come back until now?" Wei Youfang is a little strange.
"Thanks to my silver coin, the person in charge said that since I paid the money, I couldn’t pay it for nothing. He said that if I went tomorrow, my salary would be a day late. He said that I would go to other places to recycle swill in the afternoon, but he gave me a whole day, so I earned half a day’s salary."
When they heard that Qi Qi was one leng, they burst out laughing.
"I thank the person who is responsible for his family!" Trevor gritted his teeth and said
Chapter ninety-five Something
Wei Youfang dispersed the crowd and told Trevor to rest early. After all, he had to get up early for work tomorrow.
This should be the last time Wei Youfang saw Trevor in a short time, because Trevor said that he would not arouse suspicion. He has found a residential house and will not come back here after work unless he finds something.
Another person, Franklin Wei Youfang and others, did not worry about anything.
Franklin had thought about everything before he set out and told everyone that he would not come back for a while, because most financial officers in the Lord’s House lived in the Lord’s House.
Returning to solitude, Wei Youfang couldn’t help thinking again.
Trevor Franklin, my team
Dongshan, the capital of the prison
Since there are differences in such a big place as the city, why is Dongshan suspected in such a big place outside the city?
This must be handed out by the doctor!
Wei Youfang was suspicious, and then what he saw and heard in Dongshan today made Wei Youfang doubt himself hesitant.
But at the moment, Wei Youfang once again strengthened his mind.
And today, searching Dongshan Grady said that he found messy footprints and said that he was hunting game. Wei Youfang thought carefully and didn’t see any small animals all the way!
Dongshan is close to the city and has been cleaned up. It is reasonable that there are no wild animals and Warcraft, but it is strange that there are no small animals. There must be something fishy about Dongshan!
The more Wei Youfang thought about it, the more sleepless he felt. Finally, he decided that he must go to Dongshan again one day, and Wei Youfang had decided to improve his map skills.
Once a week, this is quite a gamble for Wei Youfang.
The next morning, when Wei Youfang said that he would explore Dongshan again, everyone felt that Wei Youfang was a little nervous.
Wei Youfang looked at everyone and felt that it was not good for him to explain the idea by himself, so he asked everyone to take a break and set off again with Avril Lavigne.
When I arrived in Dongshan, I chose a good place, took a deep breath, and Wei Youfang made up his mind to use his skills.
The model horse was built, and then Wei Youfang shouted excitedly.
"I told you, there must be something fishy in it!"
"What’s the matter?" Avril Lavigne looked at the excitement with a confused face. Wei Youfang asked.
Wei Youfang remembered that this model can be seen by himself, so he took a look at Avril Lavigne and explained
"You know I’m not from this world. When I came from our Yuan Dynasty, my King gave me a skill. This skill can explore the terrain of one kilometer in Fiona Fang and form a complete 3-D model. I have just used this skill, and I have found that there is another Gankun in our place!"
Wei Youfang has been honest with Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne knows all about this skill, so naturally there is nothing to hide.
"Let’s go, then. I’ll go and have a look at the entrance first." Avril Lavigne was naturally happy to hear that things had progressed.
Wei Youfang shook his head. "Let’s not startle him. Let’s go back and wait until everyone is together. Besides, we found that there is land and we are not really sure that my friend is near. We still need to take a long-term view."
Avril Lavigne listened to Wei Youfang’s explanation, but she also understood her impulse, vomitted to stick out her tongue and pulled Wei Youfang back.
"We found a 90% possible entrance," Wei Youfang said to the crowd.
"Did you go in and see it?" Grady felt that her question was a bit idiotic after asking, so she continued, "I mean, do you observe the guards at the entrance?" It’s strange that we didn’t even see the figure yesterday. How did you find it? "
These are not clear. I can tell you that I have found the entrance, and I will draw the situation of the cave in a moment, and then we will analyze it together as action.
Wei Youfang’s sketch skills are available at this time, but in ten minutes, a complete structural map of a cave is displayed in front of everyone.
"How did you find out? Are you sure? I see that the structure of the department is not complicated, but the entrance is winding. How did you get this information? "
Wei Youfang knew that Grady didn’t ask about Wei Youfang because he was responsible for the team and wanted to confirm the authenticity of Wei Youfang’s map, but it still embarrassed Wei Youfang, because this reason must not be told to the audience.
"He can be blind. Who knows how a soldier can do this?" It was Charles.