Wide-eyed heavenly king swept away Nvwa’s precious charm, and saw that her power had withered, so she no longer worried about grasping the golden giant pestle and said coldly
"It’s despicable to say that my sister came out when she was weak and said these big words. Isn’t a nine-foot man ashamed?"
Peach son came out from behind a big stone, and before he came out, he blocked Nvwa with a sneer and said.
"General leprechaun doesn’t want to talk nonsense. Stand aside and wait for me to collect her and come back to you."
Wide-eyed heavenly king sneered at Taoer and stopped looking at him, holding high the golden giant pestle and smashing it down at the pledge of the precious charm.
"What do you think I will give you this chance? Woody tree "
As soon as Taoer drank the soil, a small tree quickly opened and grew out. The small tree grew so fast that it grew into a big tree in a moment, full of peach blossoms and fragrant attacks.
When the flower tree grew, Taoer took the precious symbol and Nuwa had long since disappeared.
The golden awn flashed across the giant pestle, and the peach blossoms fluttered all over the sky. As the giant pestle waved the peach blossoms again, they broke off and disappeared.
When the peach tree was destroyed, I don’t know when it grew in front of me, shaking the leaves and shaking the flowers.
"goblins, you can’t run away."
Guangmu Tianwang slammed it with a pestle. When the peach tree was destroyed again, he saw a pink and green flower fragrance around him. Guangmu Tianwang looked intently and found that there was no way around him in a peach blossom tree.
"Sister Taoer didn’t expect you to be so powerful. Look, it’s going to be a one-and-a-half day and you won’t be able to get out."
Nv Wa, a precious girl, glanced at her and was surrounded by a pink glow. She threw a pestle and smashed the pale face of Guangmu Tianwang with a smile.
"This is my sister’s way of pressing the box. Sister, hurry up and recover, or we will really suffer after coming out that day."
Peach son swept away a piece of pink light not far away and anxiously said to Lingbi Nuwa.
Nvwa Taoer, a precious girl, quickly walked behind the boulder and cast a glance. She was closing her eyes and sitting next to her, making a French seal to recover.
Peach’s eyes fell into the thunder roar, and her face showed a little strange after a while.
"LeiHai how to narrow a lot?
But seeing that Lei Yun, which was still huge before, weakened a lot and slowly moved to the past.
I don’t know if the humming thunder is a lot smaller and less deafening.
"Wow, what’s that?"
In the center of Leihai, a silver figure as big as a hill stands proudly with its mouth open, devouring the countless huge thunder arcs.
Although the thunder arc is powerful, it obviously doesn’t want to be swallowed up by the figure as it runs around like a loach.
Chapter one hundred and fifty From the enemy in heaven
As a large number of thunder arcs were swallowed up, the mountain-like silver figure gradually solidified, and both hands even raised a large piece of silver awn and turned it into a hill-like silver hand, which patted the surging cloud. As the palm of your hand patted the cloud again and again, several big holes appeared, but they healed together in a moment.
The silver figure kept devouring the thunder arc, and there was a series of bouncing flashes. Even the palm of the clap cloud was accompanied by a thunderous strike to rob the huge palm of the cloud, and a huge arc like a water tank appeared.
Half a mountain-sized ice cow appeared in his nostrils and spit out two thick ice gas. A pair of huge horns like mountains topped the rolling cloud, and a huge mouth was torn open when the cloud was seized for a moment.
The ice cow roared repeatedly, sending out a series of ice and vaporizing it into hundreds of ice swords. With the help of double horns, the nearby clouds were constantly surging and smashed.
The robbery cloud was divided into two halves, half swallowed by the villain, and the other half was picked into pieces by the ice cow. The power lost a scroll and rolled in two directions.
But the silver figure and the ice cow will give it this chance. The silver figure has appeared hundreds of miles away and sucked one by one to swallow the remaining one into the mouth.
The ice cow’s hooves stomped like a mountain peak hundreds of miles away and its horns were inserted into the clouds. After a stir, the clouds were robbed and smashed into pieces and floated.
A flash of silver awn figure came across and swallowed the residual cloud into the belly, then both hands pinched out a dharma tactic and gradually narrowed it down. Finally, it became half a foot long and drilled into the middle of Guhui’s eyes to meditate cross-legged.
The ice cow also sent out several roars to the sky, and the blue mountain rose sharply and disappeared in the virtual space.
"He actually succeeded in Du Jie and swallowed the cloud."
The scene of Gu Hui’s course, the dharma body devouring the cloud, was meditated in the red clouds, and the eyes of Lei Gong Feng Po were completely closed. There was an incredible look in their eyes except surprise or surprise.
"It’s a short trip to Leijie, a big advance to prevent one thousand from moving the multiplier."
Tripterygium wilfordii looked at his face and kept looking at himself with his eyes open. His face was dignified and he thoughtfully said for a moment
"Let’s do it now before it’s too late."
The wind woman nodded and took a small bag with a full moon pattern from her waist, opened the bag mouth and pointed it at the mouth of Guhui Tankou. She quickly read the spell.
As the wind woman kept reading the small bag, the moon pattern gradually exuded a faint halo and increased
As the wind woman drank it cold, the full moon pattern suddenly broke away from the small bag and became a huge full moon. At the same time, a black wind blew out of the bag and blew to the square. After the black wind, the earth seemed to be covered with a layer of black gauze and turned dark.