Liverpool’s special status is not protected by this rule, but Liverpool ranks first in the group, Chelsea ranks first in the group, Arsenal is also the first in the group, and Ferguson Manchester United has been eliminated. Liverpool will not meet the national team in the last 16.
Many strong teams collided in the knockout stage of the top 16 of the season, which may be what many people want to avoid.
It’s good to have a big fight, but the top 16 is the brutal knockout of the Champions League. If there are too many strong teams colliding, it is very likely that there will be weak teams entering the semi-finals or even the finals, which fans don’t want to see.
For Liverpool, they are more focused on the second team in the group.
Among them, it is impossible for Chelsea to meet the other top teams, namely Bayern. Recently, Real Madrid’s league performance is not good. Many people say that florentino’s "Galaxy Battleship" is going to sink, but Real Madrid has always achieved good results in the Champions League and no team likes to meet them.
Before the game, some media predicted that the most anticipated collision in the top 16 was Barcelona and Chelsea.
This is when Mars hits the earth.
The theme of the season group match is "The road to the enemy is narrow". Chelsea-Liverpool A Milan-Eindhoven, Inter Milan-Porto, Juventus-Bayern have all drawn the same group. Barcelona, which killed the world, may also collide again.
Chelsea beat Barcelona with a controversial goal of 5-4, and there were many disturbances outside the stadium. In the first leg, Mourinho accused Rijkaard of influencing referee frisk and was forced to declare "hanging the whistle"; In the second round, there was a friction between the security guards of the home team of Jiekard players. Eto’ o said that he was insulted by racism, and Carvalho was also suspected of interfering with the goalkeeper when Terry scored a goal.
However, it is not impossible for Chelsea to win the Serie A giants.
Apart from Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea, half of the six possible opponents are from Serie A, and it is difficult to deal with anyone, and it is inevitable to draw some grudges, such as Crespo Milan duo and Mutu Mourinho.
In an interview before the draw, Mourinho said, "Serie A teams are difficult to deal with, but I still hope to play them. It will be interesting."
He didn’t say’ Chelsea want to draw a weak team’ because the probability is too small.
At this time, Benitez felt a sense of superiority. He gave up his last match with Chelsea. If Liverpool lost, the situation would be even worse than Chelsea. They might meet Arsenal. Choose a team from Arsenal, Juventus, Milan A, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Villarreal and Lyon as opponents … This is really a difficult choice. Unless UEFA opens a plug-in for Liverpool, the chances of promoting Villarreal are really small. Other teams are not easy to deal with.
Fortunately … Liverpool didn’t lose.
In addition to Chelsea, Real Madrid, who has just changed coaches, is also the target of media attention. They will face a severe test. Apart from Barcelona, Villarreal and Lyon, they will definitely meet Arsenal, Liverpool or one of the top three in Serie A.
Bayern has a wider range of "choices" and they can avoid Juventus.
It’s interesting that apart from Barcelona’s possible encounter with Chelsea, Real Madrid vs Juventus, Bayern vs Arsenal, Bremen vs Lyon all have a chance to reappear!
Finally, people from all walks of life attended the lottery in a piece of Colombian music.
The ceremony officially began.
The first one to be drawn out was Chelsea. When they saw the team name tag, all the cameras pointed at Mourinho, and the Portuguese seemed very calm.
And then draw out their opponent fubl lub barelna (Barcelona)!
Without looking at it, you can imagine that Mourinho’s face turned dark, which is a good word. He almost jumped up from his seat and swore … Fortunately, he kept his demeanor, but everyone knew that Mourinho was definitely not in a good mood.
The top 16 again against Barcelona, which is not a good opponent.
Barcelona is regarded by many as the strongest of the 16 teams, but there is no reason why Barcelona is stronger than the season. Ronaldinho is called the best core in the world, and his goals have always been more dazzling than the core position. The midfielders such as Van Bommel, Larsson, edmilson, Deco and Puyol are quite strong, and players such as Iniesta and Marcos have also grown up. Everyone can see that Barcelona is rising rapidly. Now they are already giants. In La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona are not competitive at all.
This is the dream team 2 now.
Chelsea has also attracted a lot of attention. In the summer, their odds of winning the championship were the lowest, but now no one thinks that Chelsea is better than Barcelona. Did Chelsea still eliminate Barcelona by controversial balls? It is quite difficult to get sincerity.
Soon, one by one, the match was drawn out.
Galaxy battleship will encounter Arsenal!
Werder Bremen will compete with Juventus!
Now it’s Bayern Munich, the Bavarian beast is facing her old rival A Milan!
The Dutch giant Eindhoven’s opponent is to sweep Lyon in France!
Inter Milan’s opponent will be …? Ajax! The Italians are interested in several Ajax players.
Look at the luck of defending champion Liverpool, as if they will encounter the elimination of Manchester United’s Fica!
The Spanish team Villarreal, who entered the Champions League for the first time, was lucky. At last, there was no doubt that they would meet Su Chao giants and rangers!
After the lottery, some people were happy and some were full of anger.
For the Serie A giants, Juventus and Inter Milan are relatively lucky to play against Bremen and Ajax respectively, while A Milan is not so lucky. Facing this result, Bayern Munich team keeps a low profile and thinks that any team that can enter the top 16 is excellent and cannot underestimate an opponent.
Inter coach Mancini cautioned that Ajax’s confrontation "will not be easy", saying that Ajax has lost a match against Arsenal in the Champions League so far.
"We can’t be fooled by Ajax’s performance in the Dutch League. That doesn’t mean their real strength. Although they lost a few stars, some excellent young players filled the gap well."
The coach kept a low profile, but the chairman didn’t.
Moratti was happy with the result of the draw, but he also realized that Inter Milan should not despise their opponents. "The worst mistake we may make is that we met a weak team, although they lacked a big star, but their young people performed very well. In order to get into the strong team, we must play our best."
In the face of Werder Bremen, Juventus coach Fabio Capello called it an acceptable result, but he also warned his brothers not to underestimate their enemies.
"Bremen’s counterattack is quite powerful. They have excellent fast attackers and we must be careful."
Compared with Inter Milan and Juventus, Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani is obviously quite dissatisfied with Bayern Munich. "This is not what I hope if we meet a strong opponent, but we can accept that we are ready for Bayern Munich."
There are three teams in the Premier League, but unlike Serie A, it’s nice to have Liverpool manager Benitez.
In an interview at the lottery ceremony, Benitez paid a big compliment to Fica. "Fica is a strong Portuguese team. We should be cautious when they eliminated Manchester United."
But personally, it can be seen that Benitez is quite satisfied with the draw of Fica
The other two, Wenger and Mourinho, turned blue.
Chelsea’s old rival, Barcelona, is called’ Dream Team Two’. Even if he is confident in his team, he dare not say that he is better than Barcelona. In fact, Barcelona is already at its peak in terms of football style, array and overall strength of the team. Although Chelsea is also prestige, the two teams are still a little behind.
This is the worst sign!
Wenger’s face is not good either, because Arsenal met Real Madrid. Even though Real Madrid has just changed coaches and is in a turbulent period, even though the overall performance of Real Madrid League is not good, no team wants to meet Real Madrid, which is only a little better than Chelsea.
Interestingly, Mourinho and Benitez walked out of the draw ceremony side by side.
They didn’t talk.
Before walking out of the gate, in front of a group of reporters, Mourinho threw a sentence directly at Benitez, "Lucky dog!" Then turned and left the car.
Benitez shrugged his shoulders and spread his hand to reporters. "Some people are just so rude."
Then a reporter Ma asked Benitez to elaborate on how even if Benitez was graceful and good-tempered, Mourinho’s provocation just now annoyed him, so he said, "He was not satisfied with the lottery and thought that our team had won a good draw. His team had won a bad draw, but the lottery ceremony was not that I decided that he could not complain about Emperor, so he showed this appearance …"
Then Benitez shrugged his shoulders again and left.
However, there is no difference between what he said and the direct abuse. The translation is "Mourinho is a villain who is jealous of Liverpool when he draws a bad sign."
The reporters were excited for the first time, knowing that Benitez is usually very graceful, and it is rare for him to be really angry and curse.
Benitez and Mourinho were not the only ones at the draw.
Then the reporters interviewed the head coach of Fica Club, Koman Fica, to meet Liverpool in the last 16. Liverpool is the defending champion, and the league is very strong. The Champions League is also very strong, so the opponent is quite terrible for Fica, but Koman said that he is prepared.
"We will definitely meet a strong team in the knockout stage. There is no way to say that we can accept any team."
Before the draw, Coleman said that an opponent would choose Barcelona in La Liga or Arsenal in Premier League. After the draw was announced, he was not unhappy with the result. Coleman believed that Liverpool had a strong defensive array of many English and Spanish stars and conceded few goals. Among them, there are also many players in the frontcourt who surpassed Chelsea in the group stage and ranked first as a strong opponent.
But Liverpool are not invincible.
"We can make it to the top 16 of the Champions League. Although Liverpool has an advantage, we beat Manchester United, the premier league powerhouse, to eliminate them in the group stage, which means we have the ability to beat the top teams."
But Benitez did not respond to this.
As a matter of fact, when he returned to England, Benitez began to prepare a Carling Cup against Manchester United in his office. For Liverpool at present, there is no time to argue with other teams. The Premier League is different from other leagues in two cups and there is no winter break. On the contrary, the schedule is more intense. He must deal with everything as soon as possible.