However, Liu Cong and Longyan couldn’t feel Liu Cong shivering in Longyan, and Longyan said to Liu Cong, "I really intend to protect the media for General Xu, but I really mean that General Xu didn’t say anything about hurting Mrs. Xu. It means that you want to take credit for your old master and do it yourself. Frame it on me!"
Longyan finished and said to the emperor, "Father, son and minister didn’t tell a lie. This Liu Cong is the brother of the seven emperors, Liu Cong, and his parents and brothers are all in the seventh emperor’s brother, Zhuang and son. I have long known that he was planted by the seven emperors’ brothers and never dared to attach importance to him. If the son and minister are harmful to people’s hearts, will they be like this?"
Longyan said seven emperors dragon fell and jumped up "Longyan, what do you mean? Do you mean that it was my attention that Liu Cong poisoned Mrs. Xu and finally killed the emperor? "
See Longyan didn’t speak, but that’s what his expression meant. He jumped up and scolded, "Let your dog stink. It’s always aboveboard to do things, so only a sinister person like you can figure it out. Don’t frame it for an old woman."
Longyan looked at the dragon, but it was the ceiling. The more calm he was, "You will be an old man in front of your father. Do you still put your father in your eyes?"
Long Qing scolded, "That’s why you always look down on people like you who are being raped all day. You and old Laojiu, who are young people, are not good things. They are black-hearted people who dare to pour dirty water on an old woman and always talk to you."
The more the emperor listened to it, the more outrageous it became. Fulu came out from behind the emperor and shouted at the dragon. "You are too presumptuous, seven emperors. You dare to call yourself old before the emperor. If you want to get hurt, just say so."
Being taught a lesson by Fulu, the dragon shrank its neck and said, "It’s all Longyan’s asshole, so it’s not that I do things. He has to press me. If I can bear this tone, I’ll become a loser."
"Seven emperor brother don’t admit that you said Liu Cong parents brother what will keep in your village? Seven emperor brother, you are not the kind of person who will suddenly be kind, "Longyan asked with answers.
The dragon listened and said confidently, "Why can’t I plant people around me when you are all planting people around me? My mistress is you, and you have a Liu Cong around you, which will balance me out, otherwise I won’t suffer?"
Phoenix bamboo looks silly at this seven emperors. Is this person crazy? You just put it next to others to explore the balance. Don’t you suffer?
Longyan said, "Little Three is not my person, but the person arranged by my fifth brother. Finally, he stayed by my side and went to your side. There was no one around you, but there was a real person around me, and he did something outrageous and wanted to frame me."
"ah? Xiao San is not from you? How is it possible? " Long Qing looked at Longyan carefully and then asked Long Jun, "Are you mistress?"
Long Jun said, "Little Three is not me, but old Laojiu. Two people have gone to the six emperors’ brother’s side because they can’t stay with me, and they can’t stay with you." Who is this little three after a turn has been confused.
Doing undercover can reach the level of mistress. Fengzhu really admires this mistress!
Long Qing looked at Lao He and Laojiu in a daze and listened to Lao He and Laojiu and said, "We feel that there is something wrong with this mistress, so we don’t care much about him. He left himself and we really don’t know who he is."
Phoenix bamboo finally couldn’t help but ask the dragon, "where is mistress?" You call him over and ask him. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
Come and ask him who it is, undercover. "
Long Qing said dryly, "Xiao San couldn’t stay with you in Beijing. Why did he stay with me for so long?" There is an answer in everyone’s heart because you are stupid and pitiful, and you know that he is someone else and everyone is still around!
Long Qing was hit by everyone, but Longyan still didn’t let him go. He must buckle the poison on him. "So Liu Cong is the seventh emperor’s brother. I know that he is your brother. How can you tell him to poison? Even if he really hurts people, he should find the kind of loyalty to me. Once he is caught, he will commit suicide. That kind of loyalty will protect his master!"
Long Qing was stopped by Longyan, but he didn’t know how to refute it, so he said, "No matter what you say, it’s not me. You can’t frame me."
Longyan said to Long Qing, "Who is the emperor and General Xu? It is very white to want to come. Please ask the father, the emperor and the son to be the master and the son to be fair."
"What justice is right for my father? This Liu Cong is mine. There is nothing wrong with me. It is because Longyan has someone by my side that I press people by his side. This is just a moment of anger, but Liu Cong has never been connected with my side when he came to Longyan. This is Longyan framing my father. You must keep your eyes open and not let him fool you."
Feng Zhu looked at Longyan and Long Qing’s breath. In fact, this matter is very easy to judge. If you want to hypnotize Liu Cong, you can find out the real behind-the-scenes instigation, but that would be boring. It is naturally the most interesting to watch a movie without knowing the fruit!
Feng Zhu asked Xu Zhongyong, "Who do you think is the mastermind behind this?" She feels Longyan, but the dragon inclination is also very suspicious. After all, Liu Cong is a dragon inclination person, and he can’t look at a person by himself. Maybe he has deceived everyone in this way.
Long Qing gives people the feeling that he is a little stupid, but even his brothers agree that he is a stupid person, but he grew up safely in the palace. Isn’t that a suspicious thing?
Xu Zhongyong said, "I can’t guess what the emperor will do!" There must be a mastermind among these two people who doesn’t know who the emperor will believe.
After listening to Longyan and Long Qing, the emperor said to Liu Cong, who was kneeling on the ground, "You sent this snack to the yamen. Who made you do it?" The emperor’s question was still plain and you couldn’t see the anger, but Liu Cong was shaking like a cat and mouse.
"Back to the emperor’s words is that the six emperors made the slave do this. The money staff around him came to chat with the slave one day and said that the emperor wanted to protect General Xu’s wife from humble origins. The emperor wanted to fix General Xu and Miss Shi’s family, but he was afraid that Mrs. Xu would not promise to say that if Mrs. Xu were gone."
Liu Cong knelt on the ground and said, "The emperor’s money aides always let others guess. Although he said vaguely, this is the time when the emperor ordered the money aides to take the place of the emperor. The slave didn’t lie."
The emperor asked Longyan, "Where is the money staff? Let him come to see me. "Huang Hua soon someone went to find this money staff.
After Qian Aide arrived, he didn’t panic at all and gave the emperor a big gift at all. "The grass man Qian Erliang has seen the emperor, long live the emperor!" The emperor looked at the money and said faintly, "Go ahead, your Lord has confessed me. I want to know what you have to say without saying it, so I pulled it and cut it."
As soon as the emperor’s words fell, Longyan’s face was cold and sweat fell. He wanted to give money to the staff to wake up, but he gave the emperor a cold look.
Longyan tried to calm the emperor and looked at each other, but his heart was seven times restless. What should I do? This matter is aimed at Hao Hao, but once the money staff says something wrong, it is likely to shake him out.
Longyan was secretly worried about the money there, but the staff didn’t panic because when he entered the hall, he bowed his head, but he didn’t aim at the place where the emperors were kneeling. He thought that the emperor should be cheating him.
Qian Aide fell to the ground and said, "The emperor grass people don’t know what to do. The six emperors of democracy have never done anything wrong. The grass people have always been a good aide to the six emperors!"
"oh? You are loyal. Since you have nothing to say, pull it and cut it! " As soon as the emperor spoke, someone came in and took the money and the staff left.
All the calmness of Qian’s staff is gone. These people really dragged him away, not acting. Did he really say that? Money staff looked at Longyan in horror and saw Longyan also froze there and didn’t know how to react.
"Emperor wronged, right-handers really didn’t do anything wrong!" Qian’s aides struggled while shouting injustice, but how did he earn those powerful and dark guards as a weak student!
On the verge of being pulled out, Qian Aide spoke to Longyan again, "Lord, help!" After saying this sentence, the money staff has been pulled out of the living room, and soon the dark guard will come with a head. It is the money staff who will die unsatisfied.
Longyan looked into the eyes of Qian Aide’s hole, and the whole person was stunned and unable to react. What the hell went wrong? Nothing has been asked yet, but the emperor cut others down. What is this?
Just when Longyan was stunned, the emperor’s words came into his ears. "Longyan admits his mistake now!" A tingle woke up in Longyan, and he was a little scared. He looked at the emperor’s brain in a battle between heaven and man. Did the emperor determine whether he was the mastermind or try him?
Longyan was too scared to think much at this time. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
How much thinking ability depends on being able to resist "the father, the emperor, the son and the minister have wronged poison, but it is really not the son and the minister who want them."
Many people in the hall are in the fog, and they don’t know what the emperor thinks that poison is Longyan’s ambassador. Even Long Qing is curious and asks the emperor, "Father, how do you know that poison is Longyan’s ambassador?" From the argument just now, he is the most suspected. Why does the Emperor suspect Longyan instead?
The emperor looked at this little event, but he still wanted to sit on the throne for seven years. He said, "Do you still want me to recognize you as the mastermind?"
Long Qing shook his head hard and said, "Of course not, but it’s absolutely impossible to do anything behind the scenes. It’s also decent to do it. It’s really English that you doubt Longyan is the right choice!" The dragon gave the emperor a thumbs-up sign, but the emperor was lazy to look at him.
Longyan was still dying and gnashed his teeth and said, "My father didn’t do it, but you let me die. If you really intend to convict my son, you must let my son be willing."
The emperor asked the other emperors, "Do you know what I think Longyan did? Long Jun, tell me! " Long Jun, who was named, bowed his head and said, "I am stupid and didn’t guess my father’s mind."
"What about you?" The emperor asked Long Chen old Laojiu again. Obviously, three people didn’t guess the emperor’s mind and shook their heads.
The emperor looked at them disappointedly and said, "You still want to sit on the throne as far as your IQ is concerned. Even if you sit here, you can’t keep suffering. So take your own life!" The emperor disappointed shook his head.
"I am ashamed!" The emperors bowed their heads and said, but there are really a few ashamed and they have their own white.
The emperor looked at Xu Zhongyong and Fengzhu again. "Zhongyong, do you know what I said about Longyan?" Xu Zhongyong nodded, but the emperor didn’t let him answer. He looked at Fengzhu again. "Did Feng Wench’s eyes just flash past?" 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift! < /19 Judge the case in this way
Fengzhu heard the emperor’s question and nodded his head. The emperor gave Fengzhu an encouraging look, so Fengzhu said to Longyan, "The argument between the first seven emperors didn’t make you show your flaws. On the contrary, because Liu Cong is your person, it is easier for everyone to believe that you were framed."
Longyan immediately qiangbai said, "I came here to be framed. Liu Cong came here to frame me. You can’t be fooled by him."
"We were not deceived by him. It was your own flaw that made us believe that you were the mastermind, that the money aide was your person and that you were your confidant, but he died in front of you."
Fengzhu said that Longyan still didn’t look at her in vain. The emperor said that he would kill even his confidant.
Phoenix bamboo and swept several other emperors, but others were still a pair of white samples. Instead, they nodded at Longyan and said, "I know what flaw you showed. Mrs. Xu said that since it is your confidant Ren Huang, even if you want to kill him, don’t you dare to ask the emperor what to kill him? You didn’t even plead for him. "