Chapter two thousand six hundred and ten Build again
Flowers, their companions succeeded.
Although this success is not very satisfactory to them.
They are trying to guide an energy storm to destroy the explosion that they can’t move at will.
But when they think about what to do, the energy storm happens first.
This storm happened to be in the position of the swallowing place and was extremely powerful.
Say it’s a storm, but it’s actually more like a violent explosion with great power, which instantly makes the whole …
Break away
To be precise, the location of the detonation site and a large area around it have created an independent collapsed virtual tunnel.
Detonation moves because of the method, so it has also been separated from this one.
But it’s not just swallowing. There are also these flowers and their allied creatures. They were located very close to swallowing.
When they split, they failed to escape, and finally they were trapped in independence with the explosion.
And these creatures are not afraid of it because they find it very easy to deal with it.
When the energy storm happened, it happened to be the center of the explosion, which was the most seriously damaged.
It’s almost … the whole thing is going to rot. It’s like a pile of rotten meat to be exact.
Although being trapped made these creatures feel uncomfortable, they all unanimously decided to destroy the explosion first.
But when they attacked, they found that they had almost rotted and swallowed … but they were active.
Its body structure is like a piece of meat, but it can still move and capture and devour all the creatures around it.
Because it suddenly moved close to the creatures, it was swallowed up a lot … which also caused the creatures to be frightened, but the flowers soon found that they actually had a chance of winning.
In fact, all the creatures of the Allied Forces are almost drifting creatures, and their attack methods are almost all flower teaching.
These flowers teach them to make the way that … can affect the swallowing of nerve explosives.
Every living thing is equipped with many such explosives.
Flowers make all living things aware of this explosive. The attack on the explosion exhibition should completely destroy the explosion.
So all creatures are constantly throwing this’ spiritual explosive bomb’ at the explosive swallowing …
And Detong was bombed one after another … It twisted more crazily.
Its mutilated body … split into many pieces of meat of different sizes and hunted all the creatures around it.
Flowers didn’t expect this. They and the whole Allies quickly swallowed up and hunted for several defeats.
And after killing all living things, swallowing these split body tissues will … kill each other.
They keep attacking everything they perceive until they feel nothing or die.
This lasted for some time.
In the end, these crazy body tissues are swallowed, and in the process of killing each other, the whole remains are broken meat.
Of course, not all living things are extinct.
The original living flowers and the swallowing bodies, those microbes continue to live, these remains, they can be regarded as witnesses of this war, but there is another kind of witness, which is an object that has been swallowed by mistake.
It’s just … a manufacturing device.
Although it is said that it eats flowers and other creatures, it has also eaten many things by mistake, including a manufacturing device of the model sand sea.
Although I don’t know how this thing ran out of the sand sea and was swallowed up … and it hasn’t moved since it was eaten.
Until now
It swallowed the wreckage and moved.
And act according to the original intention of …
That is to create a huge … flower world.
This manufacturing device has been working for a long time. It sews up the broken body of the explosion, and at the same time, it sticks up all the remains of the allied forces and flowers around it.
Slowly make the device and put all the materials you can find into a flower world.
It … witnessed all this.
It … is the last flower creature.
The actual swallowing was completed by a large number of explosives, and the whole Allies perished when the attack was crazy.
But there is a flower creature hiding.
It’s not that it has any special skills, it’s just luck, because in the process of killing all living things, its perception of body structure is getting worse and worse.
Finally, when the flower is left, the perception range of the body structure has been greatly reduced. It can perceive the objects around it, so they can kill each other.
And this flower came to life, watching them kill each other to the end, and then watching the manufacturing device emerge from the wreckage and put all the bodies together
It was very surprised at all this.
It’s amazing that this flower body is responsible for controlling creatures.
But it didn’t see the end.
Because the flower is afraid that the manufacturing device will swallow the explosion to the’ resurrection’, the process of assembling it bit by bit makes the flower afraid.
So the flower decided to escape from this place.
Flower body is a kind of creature with some ability. It can find a way to escape from this independence and go back to the tunnel.
But just as it was trying to escape … it was caught by the manufacturing device.
Although this manufacturing device is not the later one with bus capability, it is quite powerful …
It catch flowers in ord to use them as manufacturing materials.
Flowers had no way to escape.
As a result … it was caught in the manufacturing device.
But it found that making devices made it a special role.
That is to play the role of’ brain’
Manufacturing devices to make huge flowers are not pieced together casually, but perfectly according to the original design.