Shen Chuyan blushed when he got embarrassed.
"Then you came to question me and said you knew me first?"
Shen Chu said, "I’m … I’m here to confirm."
"Make sure I’m not with Xu Ling? Then what? "
Shen Chu said, "I … then I will continue to chase you."
Yu Xin smiled, and her smile was charming. Shen Chuyan looked at her and forgot to blink.
Yu Xin stretched out his hand and pointed to his chest. "You still let me touch you."
Shen Chu said that his brain was a mess and his heart was beating wildly.
"I … I asked you to touch my heartbeat, not me."
Yu Xin put her finger on her lips. "You still bite me."
Shen Chuyan stared at her lips with a faint bite mark. He didn’t think much about it just now. Looking at the pink and moist lips now, he suddenly remembered the touch just now.
He suddenly felt something coming out when his nose was hot.
Chapter 4. Chapter 4
Yu Xin saw Shen Chuyan’s nosebleed, and she was a little surprised. She looked at Shen Chuyan stupefied and said seriously, "You … Are you …"
Shen Chuyan said that she found his mind, and some looked at her with a guilty conscience. "What?"
The nosebleed reached his lips, and he stretched out his hand and wiped it, and his fingers were stained with blood.
"Did you drink fake wine?"
Shen Chu said "…"
The live audience shouted.
[Laughing to death, Xin Xin, how are you fat? Are you going to laugh me to death?]
[I drank fake wine, but thanks to you, I was provoked by you]
[Neptune’s straight girl can play]
[This means, I learned it]
Although Shen Chu said nai, he was not surprised at all.
Yu Xin deserves to be Yu Xin. He has never let him down. Every time he doesn’t follow the routine, he breaks his stereotype of women.
Shen Chuyan’s face turned blue and white, and those messy thoughts in his head just now were instantly smoked.
Listen to this, even Shen Chuyan feels a little forced, because this is the first time he has nosebleeds at a woman in these years.
It’s a shame
"But you this nosebleed is a bit much, is it fire? I’ll get you some paper to clean it. "
By such an interruption, Shen Chuyan wine also woke up about the same.
He went to drink because Yu Xin and Xu Ling were depressed for a while, so he drank a lot of wine. After drinking it, he came to Yu Xin on impulse.
He doesn’t know what he came to Yu Xin for, either. He may want to ask a clear question or he may want to fight for it again at last.
When he saw Yu Xin, he knew he was really stuck.
He really felt that he had the courage to argue with Xu Ling even if Yu Xin was Xu Ling’s girlfriend, so what … He could take her away.
Yu Xin brought a tissue and handed it to Shen Chu.
Shen Chu stared at Yu Xin, motionless and didn’t know what was going on.
Yu Xin, "why are you staying? Get your head up. "
She said it again and again and reached out to help him wipe off his nosebleed.
Shen Chuyan’s nosebleed kept wiping, and he was worried that he would look up. He just looked at her without doing so.
Yu Xin simply rolled up the tissue and stuffed it directly in his nostrils to block his nose.
This way, nosebleeds can’t flow out.
Yu Xin said with satisfaction, "Well, that’s it."
Shen Chuyan touched his nose to imagine how funny he is now.
It is estimated that if Chu Yilang sees it, he will laugh at his generation.
Yu Xin said, "You’d better drink less after drinking one drink."
"This is the first time for me," Shen Chuyan tried to explain.
Danger xin, but looked at his eyes with a smile is don’t believe it.
"Well, do you want to drink some hot water to slow down?" Yu xinwen
Shen Chu opened his mouth and wanted to refuse to think, but nodded "good"
Yu Xin went to pour a cup of hot water again.
"You’d better drink less later. You bite people when you’re drunk, but you’ll be beaten."
Shen Chu said, "I didn’t bite people randomly."
"What’s that?"
Shen Chuyan said, "It is to prove to you that I like you."
Yu Xin frowned at him. "Your card is novel."
"Do you believe me?"
Yu Xin, "What do I believe or not? What will happen if I don’t believe you? Bite me again? "
Shen Chu said, "If you don’t believe me, I’ll bite you again."
"Naive" Yu Xin laughed.
Shen Chuyan likes to see Yu Xin smile more and more.
As if what he did could make her laugh, he was worth it anyway.