"Ah, this ….." Xiao Yan looked at his ugly but sincere eyes and blushed to his ears, but he couldn’t see it through a glass cover and a dragon’s breath.
"It’s not necessarily a good performance that humans will like you." Xiao Yan’s tone was unconsciously soft
At the same time, add less in your heart. I like you very much.
Before returning home, the Lord of Trench Kingdom gave Xiao Yan a piece of scales. The scales were ugly and dusty, and the surface was covered with barbs. But the Lord said that the scales were life-saving armor of deep-sea fish, and the scales were sent out to show respect for the guests.
Scales, a special kind of seaweed, are twisted into ropes and worn as necklaces. It is said that fish scales have anti-pressure effect. This pressure can refer to both physical pressure and abstract pressure in industry and learning.
Xiao Yan cherished turning to ask the Lord before he got into the submarine, "What is the trench fish that everyone seems to be fleeing?"
Lord sighed, "Chaos broke the seal more than ten days ago. You know he killed half the fish in the trench …"
When I heard this sentence, Xiao Yan sighed for a while.
But he didn’t expect to find them soon.
In mid-November, the sea was getting cold, and it was still dark outside the submarine. Xiao Yan was wrapped in two blankets and was awakened by the horn when he was sleeping.
"Alarm, alarm, no object attack"
The red warning light on the top of the head kept flashing, and the submarine was plunged into a piece of red blood.
"How to return-ah!" Without asking a word, the submarine was suddenly dumped to one side by a heavy blow, and Xiao Yan fell off guard at the hatch with his face stuck to the porthole.
He struggled to get up and looked down at the porthole. At the moment, he saw a pale face flashing outside the glass.
Face? !
Xiao Yan was struck by lightning. They are still in the water for seven kilometers. It is definitely not a person to see them here.
What makes Xiao Yan’s back even colder is that he vaguely feels that the face is familiar.
When he was in a trance, Ao Yan pulled him up. "The only way to escape suddenly was to abandon the boat."
Aoyan didn’t leave Xiao Yan for diving, and when the dragon’s breath wrapped him, he swam out.
There is no diving heating effect. The biting deep sea water penetrates the dragon’s breath and pierces the coolness into the bone seam, so that Xiao Yan shivers all over and unconsciously wants to shrink into a ball and can’t hold Aoyan’s whiskers.
There is a warmth in the chest, which is the second time that Xiao Yan was accidentally trapped in the branch for two hours and did not meet with Shuang Li. Shuang Li Xiao Yan disappeared and was in a hurry.
After finding someone, put this locatable tail feather into Xiao Yan’s pocket.
Later, I was afraid that feathers would stick to my clothes without insurance spells.
I didn’t expect this tail hair to send a show here.
Xiao Yan covered his tail feathers with cloth, and the warmth spread from his palm, but he grabbed Aoyanlong’s whiskers and his hands were so cold that he was numb.
The dragon swam very fast, and the strong impact of the current made Xiao Yan dizzy. When he tried to change hands, he was hit by a current and rolled off the dragon’s back.
The hard stone hurt his back. He quickly got up and touched the token to summon Aoyan. Suddenly he heard a cold hum.
Xiao Yan froze.
Does this sound familiar? It’s that the medium changes from gas to water, so it’s hard to hear
"It’s disgusting that you are still timid before you can sit in this world for 5 thousand years."
Chaos? Where?
Xiao Yan turned around and found that he was near an undersea crater. The smell of sulfur and hot air came from the depths of the volcano.
In an instant, the volcano was ignited, the explosive barrel was flooded with magma, and the whole sea water boiled instantly. After passing by, the small fish burned and the smell of blood mixed together and choked into the nasal cavity.
Without the protection of Ao Yan’s dragon’s breath, Xiao Yan’s field must be the same as the fish around him, but his situation is not very good either. Watching the volcanic eruption at close range has left his brain blank for a long time and he can’t recover.
The magma in the sky cools and solidifies into stones, which roll and float along the boiling sea water, such as bones ejected from hell, lingering around with resentment.
When Xiao Yan came to his senses, there was a man in front of him.
Xiao Yan looked at him with mixed feelings. "Heavy Lebanon?"