"Let’s finish this time with trucks pushing supplies!"
"Ebisu said yes, let’s start cross-country!"
Nodded with a smile, Ebisu don’t know the fire Xuan soon put the war supplies box on the truck surface and pushed the truck forward a little bit and gradually disappeared in front of the off-road.
But when I don’t know the fire Xuan Ebisu figure gradually disappeared, off-road just looked at the truck in front of me, and then directly carried a war material box in the way of Matt Dai Akai.
And almost in the cross-country shoulder that put war supplies box instantaneous before eyes still have a little doubt cross-country eyes inside doubt color suddenly disappeared, don’t say when silently calculating the weight of the box cross-country is can’t help but slightly narrowed his eyes secretly heart way.
"This box containing war materials has at least 1KG, right?"
"It’s at least a few kilometers from our camp to the first line of defense of the original fog tolerance. Matt Dai Akai is carrying five 1KG boxes and carrying a full 5KG load. Does it make chakra complete?"
"It’s just a monster!"
"Now I’m carrying a KG load to speed up the Konoha Rigid Fist Fluid Technique. If I carry five boxes at the same time like Matt Dai Akai, I’m carrying a full 7KG!"
“7KG! Full 14 kg! It’s all my personal weight several times! "
"What’s more, Matt Dai Akai must have more weight than me, no less than me!"
"According to the method of Matt Dai, it is really a kind of practice! It is very likely that it is to complete some foundations for door armor cultivation! "
"In that case"
Secretly heart way a cross-country eyes is flashing up a little bit off and then in the teeth to carry five war supplies box is step by step slowly with the front I don’t know the fire xuan Ebisu steps!
"Since this is the case, I have to bite my teeth to complete the special cultivation mentioned by Matt Dai!"
"Isn’t it just a hard job?"
"gained strength"
Chapter 141 The devil instructor (in)
Is there any effect in Matt Dai Akai’s weight-bearing practice?
The answer is yes!
At the beginning, when cross-country followed Akai’s practice, it relied on the weight-bearing practice to obtain the APP body cultivation acceleration BUFF, and besides the APP for cross-country to accelerate the body cultivation BUFF, cross-country can adhere to the weight-bearing practice, except for taking off the weight when taking a bath, and keep the weight-bearing practice the rest of the time. It is because cross-country has discovered many benefits of weight-bearing practice.
What is the basis of body art?
To put it bluntly, there are two points: one is strength and the other is speed!
Without strength and speed, even if there is a high perception in the understanding of body art, it is still possible to exert the real power of body art.
As you persist in practicing cross-country with heavy load, you can feel your own strength and speed increase.
Only by cross-country can we insist on weight-bearing training, and now we can carry out the handling in Konoha camp according to what Matt Dai said was "stupid"
However, off-road weight-bearing training on weekdays is somewhat different from Matt Dai’s "stupid" method.
In terms of load-bearing, cross-country choice is its own limit. After all, if the load is too heavy, it will also have negative effects
Among those negative effects, it is only one aspect to suppress the growth of cross-country body. The rest, such as the fact that when the load is too heavy, the body may have a hidden disease or the body will never be able to repair the injury, and many other negative effects are the reasons why cross-country insists on reasonable load-bearing practice.
But what about Matt’s "stupid" method?
Not only is it far beyond its own limits in terms of weight bearing, but it is simply crazy to practice weight bearing without making chakra’s situation!
Even before cross-country training, it is necessary for chakra to assist.
Otherwise, don’t say that KG bears a load. It’s unbearable to put a 1KG load on the current cross-country body for a little longer.
However, watching Matt Dai Akai is carrying off-road in front of his eyes in a crazy way. On the one hand, I feel that Matt Dai’s practice is really effective, and it is more likely to be the basic practice of the door. On the other hand, the off-road is to choose to believe that Matt Dai, who can create the forbidden door, can bite his teeth and insist on practicing.
It is a difficult step not to make chakra cross-country in the case of carrying 5 KG of war materials with its own weight.
I just went to the entrance of Konoha camp from the place where the war materials were put. To be honest, I gave up my mind when I was off-road
It’s not that he didn’t persist in cross-country. It’s that his front foot just stepped out of Konoha camp and his back foot felt that his muscles were strained in many places!
"Damn it, it is too much damage to the body to exceed the physical limit!"
"If the practice works, but it doesn’t, I’m afraid there will be more and more dark diseases in my body, which may affect my own strength sooner or later!"
"Now, do you choose to trust Mattel or make chakra?"
"Even if chakra dialect is practiced like this madness, it can still be easier than it is now, and the physical illness can be increased less."
"But if practicing like crazy eyes is really the basis of practicing armor."
"Wouldn’t it be a waste of time to give up on me?"
"door escape armor"
"That’s a trick!"
I almost gave up on cross-country and recalled that in the original story, the door dodged armor and the great power clenched my lips and tasted the sweet smell of the lips slowly flowing out. Cross-country took a deep breath and continued to practice like crazy!
I don’t care about those konoha ninjas around me. They look like monsters.
But also didn’t care about how many hidden diseases there are in the body because of overload and weight-bearing cultivation.
Cross-country is really sticking to its teeth one step at a time. Generally, many sweat stains flow out, chasing Matt Dai Akai and others in the footsteps and walking in front of the first line of defense in the original fog.
In this way, a kilometer has passed, and the cross-country dark decoration has been soaked for a long time, which is almost like being fished out of the water.
Two kilometers have passed, and both hands and feet are trembling. If you are not careful, you may be unable to resist the weight of those war materials and cause accidents!
Three kilometers later, the cross-country mind has gradually become awakened, which is a sign that the body has reached the limit!
However, just before the cross-country, the eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, and the war materials are getting heavier and heavier. When you may faint in one second, you suddenly don’t know the fire. Xuan Ebisu pushes the truck forward and the figure is reflected in the cross-country eyes.
Then cross-country is like a dead light. Tired, it disappears in a flash. Take a few quick steps and chase the footsteps of Ebisu!
"Xuan Ebisu talk to me!"
"I’m afraid I’m afraid I really can’t hold on!"
"If you can’t hold on to cross-country, put the load! There is no need to listen to Captain Adai’s orders! "
"I’ll help you off-road!"
There was a time when I didn’t know that Ebisu had seen cross-country so weak.
Seeing the special practice of cross-country in Maitedai is like the evil spirits from Hell and Back. I don’t know the fire. Xuan and Ebisu are distressed and want to help cross-country before.
Who would have thought that not letting two people help cross-country is to distract themselves when they are talking silently? They are still biting their teeth one step at a time to support their body weight. They really came to the first line of defense of the original fog tolerance with five boxes of war materials according to all orders of Matt Dai!
"I am so tired!"
The front foot arrived at the original fog and endured the first line of defense, and then the back foot crossed the country. I didn’t know the fire and Xuan Ebisu helped to gently release the war materials