In the prosperous period of growth, it can form a poetic beauty of "connecting the lotus leaves with the sky". In the past, Xiao Yan liked to raise them in his own artificial pond.
The only drawback is that the leaves in Wang Lian are too overbearing to cover the vast waters, and the aquatic plants will grow worse if they do not receive sunlight.
Therefore, in a lake, you can’t plant too many Wang Lian, so you have to save other plants. Xiao Yan bought six Wang Lian seedlings.
Because the giant squid eats too much, almost all the creatures in the lake are eaten by him, and there is little organic matter in the environment.
There is no silt at the bottom of the lake pond, and the microbial content is scarce. You need to buy nutrient soil before planting flowers.
The finger of the fallen awn points to a compound nutrient sludge in the shopping mall. "This kind of bar is rich in aura in the soil and looks good when it grows flowers."
Xiao Yan saw that the price was covered with a thin layer in 100 square meters of water, which needed more than four million yuan.
He touched the bar and shook his head
"If you don’t buy nutrient soil and rely on the natural deposition of silt in black lake, you will have to wait for more than ten years."
Xiao Yan said, "We have ready-made soil."
"What’s left of the fat burning spaceship?"
After listening to this, Luomang mused, "It is true that those ashes contain magic to grow flowers. It is a good choice, but I am afraid it is not satisfactory to grow flowers."
It’s probably barbaric and cruel to grow plants from magic soil, but it’s just what Xiao Yan wants.
Because the scenery around the black lake is gloomy, it is highly adaptable to primitive wild plants.
Since we want to run scenic spots, we have to do something different. There are hundreds of thousands of blue stars in the landscape of small bridges and flowing water, but there are only gloomy, fierce and rough lakes.
Because of its uniqueness, it can satisfy tourists’ curiosity, and the ticket price can be set higher.
Just do it. Sanqing is responsible for carrying ashes. Their skill is to transport them. They have a ton of heavy dust with them, and they are not strong enough to transport them.
Dumping ashes into the lake one step at a time is to plant flowers, which is undertaken by Luomang.
The flowers are also planted elegantly. He manipulated the proud dodder to roll up Wang Lian seedlings and send them into the water. He had to wave his flowers and behave like a medieval aristocratic magician.
Xiao Yan chatted idly, "Are all the demons in Luomang difficult to get along with?"
There is a saying in the fairy world that one mountain can’t have two demons.
It is no wonder that Zhong Li and Ji Jian are fighting with each other.
"Unless it’s a magic couple," said Mang.
"Magic couple?"
"Yes, but the inferno is violent, even the magic couple will quarrel endlessly. It is a small fight to fight and fight with other demons."
Luomang actively integrates into modern life and learns many popular words "a bit like tell it to the judge".
Arguing is in line with the two energy. conan the destroyer Magic has smashed several bowls until now, and so is tinkering around the edges.
Xiao Yan got up from the ground with a skid and was enlightened!
Zhong Li is an old bird in the nest, and Qi Jiantong is a hot-blooded demon. They are all rare in the human world. Meeting each other is just like meeting an old friend in a foreign country.
What’s more, Qi Jian and the corrupt squid have just merged, and the moon is his breeding season. He must be eager to make a move, and there is a very suitable demon around him.
Moreover, Xiao Yan and Qi Jian have a deep relationship. If we can find the love of his life for Qi Jiantong, it will be the benefactor in his life! The fate is naturally deep.
After the explanation! Suddenly Xiao Yan was "white" and he couldn’t wait to drive back.
Unexpectedly, I was surrounded by tourists first.
A group of people leaned in to congratulate each other noisily.
"Boss, you are in the news!"
"Look at the picture of Lingshan for a minute."
"The official push! ! !”
Xiao Yan one leng also opened the bracelet and saw Lingshan video in the official blog of the ball.
The tourists are so excited that "boss, you are going to have a fire!" "Billion World" puts the Lingshan video on top, and the picture is so beautiful that it explodes. Go and have a look! "