Otherwise, no matter how much the previous bedding is, it is also a means.
Then it’s up to the dreamer team!
Although the other 9 team competitions are equally wonderful, 90% of the venues are focused on the elite team.
This year’s Jingwu Tianshen League is more exciting than everyone imagined, and the gold content is even higher than that of the previous Jingwu Tianshen League, which was won by the old urk.
It can be said that this time it has the highest gold content since the dream westward journey Jingwu Tianshen League and competing for the championship.
And at the moment,
Li Qi, Lao Wei, Feng Shao and others are also sitting in the first row of the audience.
"What happened to the information survey of the flu team over there? Where did this team come from? "
Li Qili smiled when he heard Lao Wei’s question.
"Look at this."
Said Li Qi and handed the two documents to Lao Wei and Feng Shao respectively.
And two people look after the face is instantaneous y sink.
"Is this flu team an official team?"
"That is to say, what parts of their hardware are planned by themselves?"
"Isn’t this cheating?"
"So how can we win if we want to go there? And if it is really the official team, will the official do anything in this game? "
A few questions in a row from old Wei and Feng Shao asked Li Qi and shook his head.
"There shouldn’t be any hands and feet in the game. After all, there are so many pairs of eyes watching."
"And this flu team, in my opinion, should also be the official side to create a touchstone for Fang Xiang."
"After all, if you look at the situation before the start of Jingwu God, the dreamer team is absolutely sweeping the elite world, so the final is not so big. If there is not an extra flu team, I think-"
Speaking of which, Li Qi looked around.
"It is estimated that half of this venue will come out because everyone doesn’t like to see the rolling situation happen. It is really cruel for the authorities to create a team that is comparable to or even stronger than the dreamer team to stimulate the potential of the dreamer team."
Speaking of which, Li Qi suddenly fell silent.
And the old Wei and the wind looked at each other less, and there was a saying that both of them didn’t ask out.
This sentence is
"What if Fang thinks that their dreamer team really doesn’t match the flu team and then let the flu team win this time?"
This problem of three people suddenly waking up is also a problem for Netease executives at this time.
A lot of people are looking at Ding Sanshi.
"Boss, I really can’t figure out what you mean by this arrangement."
"If the dreamer team lost this time, didn’t our previous arrangements be overthrown?"
"Is it necessary to push the flu team to the altar?"
Looking at a room full of people who don’t understand their own arrangements, Ding Sanshi’s face is very cool.
When no one spoke, he took a sip of water, put the glass down, looked up and said
"I think you are a little too worried."
"I’m more concerned about the situation on Fantasy Westward Journey than anyone else."
"Journey to the West is a game that makes Netease rise."
"I am proud to develop this game. I am proud."
"But I am very chilling when I watch this game gradually decline."
"So what’s the problem?"