Suk like suddenly thought of something to Han Xuanxuan asked.
"Brother Murk, you should know a little bit about the command ability of Xu Yun. Even LK and others are slightly worse than him."
Hear Han Xuanxuan so highly of our party want to hurriedly with the wave.
"No, no, compared with LK and Xu Yun, I am still far behind."
Looking at Fang Xiang’s attitude, Suk smiled.
"It is good for young people to be modest, but it is not a good thing to be too modest."
"You PK I have seen a battle against lazy Xiaotian if I remember correctly."
"Lazy Xiaotian has always been called the first person in the world of Shenwei, and their lazy family hardware is indeed the strongest in the world of Shenwei in history. Even if we had discussed the overall comprehensive strength, it was not as good as them, and lazy Xiaotian’s command was aimed at the world of Shenwei. It can be said that the world of Shenwei is the strongest in other fields, but"
"Such a lazy Xiaotian, such a lazy family, was defeated by you in the end. You really don’t need to be too modest."
Suk smiled at each other and wanted to say.
"Suk predecessors …"
Han Xuanxuan praised himself, but now I hear that Suk is so reserved to praise himself. I want to feel that my face is already hot!
This ….. How not bashful?
"I am also more supportive of Han Xuanxuan entering your dreamer team."
Speaking of which, Sukton’s eyes seemed to evoke some memories.
"Fantasy Westward Journey has too many memories for me."
"I now find love and friendship in this game."
At this point, Suk grabbed Ah Wan’s hand, and Ah Wan was melody nowadays. It was Suk who grabbed his hand.
And sook eyes this time also fell to the party to the body.
"When I was abroad, the official side of Fantasy Westward Journey called me more than once. Because the players in Fantasy Westward Journey are lost now, they want me to lead old Murk into Fantasy Westward Journey again to wake up those players who once entered the game because of us. I also thought about it for a long time, but in the end, I think that what Dreamy Westward Journey urgently needs is fresh blood, not us old guys. Your previous performance in Fantasy Westward Journey has proved this."
"Every player of Fantasy Westward Journey should be full of the name Dreamer Team, but I also believe that with this Dreamer Team leading Fantasy Westward Journey, it will once again shine brilliantly."
"Although we haven’t finished quitting Fantasy Westward Journey, at most we will occasionally do something to brag about Kan Kan Mountain together."
"The dream westward journey after that depends on you."
These words came from Suk’s mouth to Fang Xiang’s ear.
Fang Xiang couldn’t help but stretch straight and stand up in awe.
What do these words mean?
This is a player who once dreamed of the best journey to the West and handed over his banner to the latter.
This is also a kind of commitment.
Suk hopes that Fang Xiang will see the dream westward journey in his hands and once again send out the light it should.
"On the official side, I will also suggest to them that games that are too commercial will not have a long life after all."
Watching sook’s words end.
Tone slightly trembling, take a deep breath.
Party want to serious way
"Suk, don’t worry, I will fulfill your entrustment."
"If I want to dream of traveling westward for one day, I will definitely not watch it decline."
"I will take this dream road with 100% enthusiasm, and I will make the dream westward journey once again reproduce the glory of the old Murk."
Fang Xiang’s words are full of his love for the dream westward journey and his reverence for the old Murk.
Suk nodded with a smile.
This time, when he returned to China, he didn’t expect to get such gains. After leaving Fantasy Westward Journey, he was full of apologies to his former dream friends who had fallen into the pit because of himself. Now he really didn’t have time to play Fantasy Westward Journey again. When he saw it, he had already made a certain decision vaguely.
After all, the old Murk era is over …
When Fang wanted to communicate with Suk, no one in the whole box made a sound, whether Ah Wan ended or Han Xuanxuan. They all knew how much decision Suk made when he said such a thing! No matter what Suk’s achievements in Fantasy Westward Journey are, in the final analysis, he is a fantasy Westward Journey player. How much love does it take to make this move? It is no wonder that it is only at this time that we understand the true meaning of these four words.
"By the way, Han Xuanxuan, you just said that you are now participating in a 9-university league?"
Sook seems to feel the atmosphere in the box is too heavy, change the subject and say
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Suk idea
Han Xuanxuan nodded his head.
"9 college leagues are jointly organized by some colleges and universities with fantasy westward journey societies. From the situation I saw after attending this time, it should be slightly stronger than holding some post-it leagues in fantasy westward journey."
"I remember before, Wan, you should also have a dream westward journey club at NB University, right? However, at that time, it seems that there was no 9 college league? "
Hear Han Xuanxuan suke asked 1 to one side of the beautiful image.
"Without me, the fantasy westward journey club of NB University was organized by some students who loved the fantasy westward journey. I have also heard that it should be started after the former Murk participated in the meteorite war."
"oh oh"
Suk nodded and then asked Han Xuanxuan.
"So what’s your performance at Fudan University this time?"
Hear suk Han Xuanxuan hey hey smile.
"Brother Suk, you know that my trumpet hardware is just the previous Murk and Han Xuanxuan, including the summoner BB and the spirit ornaments. It’s definitely no problem to just have a 9-university league. It’s nothing to say that it’s a 9-university league if you want to command it well, not to mention sweeping this session of Jingwu God."