Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Control the place
It’s getting late, and the charcoal fire in the wooden house is burning more vigorously. They are all tied up with their hands and then Li Chongjiu is depressed.
The Su Dingfang man bowed three times to the patriarch Zhao’s nephew to see his elders, and the patriarch Zhao received this bow and a bow. Niang said intentionally, "My brother is brave and brave in the three armies. Anyone who fights in an official war must first fall into the trap."
Chief Zhao must say with smile, "It’s really Zhao Wuyang."
The man surnamed Gao smiled happily when he saw this. "When you two enter, don’t flatter me." Speaking of this, the man surnamed Gao turned to Li Chongjiu and said to them, "Brother Zhao will kill them first, and then you will have a drink."
Listening to Gao’s man’s plain tone, doing kung fu, etc. is all trembling. Kung fu said first, "Don’t kill me. I’m Cao from the west of the county. If you kill me, you will be in big trouble."
All the big men in the house looked at each other and then looked up at each other and laughed. The man surnamed Gao said simply, "There are no ten corrupt officials killed by Gao, and there are only one hundred. What is an old man who thinks your position is too low?"
"Dead, dead" is a secret call. Many people secretly look at Li Chongjiu, hoping that he can win the game.
"Wait a minute, Uncle Gao." Dou Xian Niang looked at Li Chongjiu and pulled out a horizontal knife to say, "This page just caught me unprepared and must first cut the evil spirit in the entrance and exit."
Li Chongjiu’s eyes narrowed, and the other party didn’t fall into a pit and gain wisdom. It wasn’t his opponent who came to die. He took the opportunity to capture her alive and rushed out the door again. Li Chongjiu entered deus ex several times, but it was not easy to take such a burden as doing kung fu with one side.
"Line Niang, you are not the opponent" was waiting for Dou Xian Niang to jump over the sample, but the man surnamed Gao stopped Dou Xian Niang behind him.
Dou Xian Niang couldn’t help saying, "Uncle Gao, how can you grow up and destroy yourself? The other party is just a page."
"page? Line niang out walking recruit also want to lighten up a bit "the high male smell speech smiled.
“?” Sinus line Niang should not be angry.
The man surnamed Gao took a look at Li Chongjiu and laughed. "You forgot what Uncle Gao had in advance. The iron mouth was broken to make a living." Speaking of this, he paused and pointed to Li Chongjiu. "When I just entered the house, all these people gathered around this small side. This is normal for associates, but it happened that they all entered here and kept three feet away from you. What is this?"
Li Chongjiu’s heart suddenly felt that this high-ranking man really had a bad eye for Se.
“?” Sinus line niang asked with puzzle.
"It’s different to say that this position is very high, otherwise the public won’t keep him at a distance. You see, the man who claims to be a meritorious man is respectful, but it’s much better to say that this position is still a meritorious man."
Speaking of which, it is an epiphany for everyone to enter the house and press the knife at the same time. Niang is even more angry from embarrassment and says, "Well, you are playing the fool and deceiving me so hard."
The man surnamed Gao said to Li Chongjiu with a fist, "Elegant and virtuous are brothers who are in charge of life and death. I wonder what this is called?"
It turned out to be this entry. No wonder Su Dingfang adoptive father Li Chongjiu heard that this entry was a fellow villager in Dou Jiande. When Sun Anzu started an uprising, he took refuge in Gaojibo. Elegant Xian asked Li Chongjiu to see that there was a bow around each other and asked, "Can you take this bow?"
Elegant and wise, I threw this bow to Li Chongjiu. Li Chongjiu touched the bow and said with a smile, "A good bow is a three-stone bow made by the imperial court."
Say Li Chong-jiu’s long arm and Shu Duan’s three-stone archer stretched his bow to the full moon. Generally, all the people in the room were surprised and took a step back. I don’t know what Li Chong-jiu was going to do. Li Chong-jiu’s arms pulled the bow string in tandem and rattled. At last, a bow string was pulled into two pieces, and all the pieces were broken. You should know that the three-stone bow can be regarded as a warrior, but it’s no surprise. I’m afraid few of them can pull the whole three-stone bow off.
And Li Chongjiu seems to show off, but if you don’t show a means to deter a night and a little while, you will really be in trouble.
Elegant and virtuous when Se fuels, saying, "I heard that the champion Hou Liushi’s strong bow hurt her, and Khan Gaomou didn’t believe it today." The audience heard that the champion Hou’s name was all revealed, and at the same time, the handle was pressed tightly in his hand, but he didn’t dare to relax. Even Su Dingfang saw the broken bow and looked at Li Chongjiu, showing her Se.
Soon the wind was blowing outside, and a Zhao Guzhuang Ding ran into the house and said, "The chief of the clan burned a lot of torches outside, and the officers and men must have killed them by night."
Elegant xian dou xian Niang’s two-in-one look is still leaked, but Li Chongjiu’s two-in-one work here reveals Se together.
"Fight!" The leaders of the group said so loudly that the head of the Zhao clan had a heavy face, and his family brothers were free and easy to let go here.
Li Chongjiu said, "Zhao, if you are willing to pay the autumn grain Zhuang Ding and merge into Xiangyong, can I let bygones be bygones?"
When Li Chongjiu looked at the elegant Xiandou line again, she said, "In addition, Li has always admired Dou’s being in charge, and it is really unbearable to see you as a thief. If a Li Dou’s being in charge can accept me, Li will recommend him to ride a surname in his county. You can go back and tell Dou to be in charge."
Chief Zhao’s elegant Xiandou line Niang San Jin exchanged a glance at Se Dou line Niang Dangyan. "You said that you would not pursue the Zhao family and recommend my father to ride a surname. Can you be true and dare to swear?"
Li Chongjiu laughed. "I’m Li’s word, but I never swear that you believe it. If you don’t believe it, I’ll see if you can win and deal with the officers and men in the periphery."
Zhao patriarch nodded to each other, elegant and virtuous, and said, "Champion Hou narain Gao naturally trusts us to go back and leave Dou to take charge."
Say elegant virtuous three into together with the sinus home more than a dozen into the leave Zhao patriarch saw Li Chongjiu said, "Zhao three thousand sin to say this plainly please forgive the duke."
Li Chongjiu lifted the other side up and said, "I am the shepherd of Li’s court, and I think that the people are looking for happiness and talents. The county is short of a master, so I ask Chief Zhao to take care of it?"
Zhao Wansan listened to Li Chongjiu’s words, and was immediately shocked by J and jīng. The official system of a county in a county was orderly, and the official department decided to make it in six Cao cities. The catching heads were all made by the county itself, and Li Chongjiu’s eyes were kept in one county. Although the life law of the county was finalized, it was absolutely certain to get a master book.
Zhao Wansan has another idea. Although Zhao’s local power is quite large, it is a strongman, but his head is always looked down upon by petty officials and petty officials. Even if a modest protector is in the hands of the post-Zhao family, it is not something that petty officials can provoke.
Of course, for Li Chongjiu, it is important for him to win over local tycoons. Dou, who is in charge of flying fox county, has come a long way to join the partnership. Obviously, he attaches great importance to the other party in the future, but it is a pity that he has recruited his own hands or has no historical talents
Zhao Wansan said generously, "Thank you, Duke Zhao, for your dedication."
Aside, Gong Cao’s office is full of envy. It can be said that Gong Cao has been in power for a long time. He is a county magistrate’s confidant. He is expected to be promoted to the position of the Lord for several years, but his eyes have lost the opportunity.
Zhao Wansan, however, cried out to the door, "Will Daimon Masaru welcome officers and men to come in and everyone will slaughter pigs and sheep?"
After a few days, the new abbot Zhao Wansan collected the autumn grain and autumn taxes from all villages and castles. When Li Chongjiu had money and grain in his hand, he recruited soldiers. He raised a total of 600 troops from all villages and made the first two regiments of county soldiers into five regiments, and handed them over to Gao Chu for training.
Li Chongjiu also recommended Gao Chufei’s county commandant to be responsible for the military affairs of Feihu County, while Zhao Wansan, the chief secretary, was temporarily responsible for handling the large and small affairs of Liucao. Whether Li Chongjiu intervened in this law by the court itself, Li Chongjiu believed that even if the court suddenly dropped a county, it would temporarily shake his control over Feihu County.
And the winter snow has come, not to mention that Huaihuang Town is Feihu County, so the traffic was interrupted, and this situation lasted at least until February of 2008, when Li Chongjiu did nothing in the city.
Li Chongjiu immediately called more than a dozen armorers in Jincao County to face the crossbow seized from the rogue and asked if they had any way to copy it.
Several artisans in Jin Cao shook their heads and said that it is not easy to copy this winch crossbow, except for the craftsman’s workshop directly under the Ministry of Industry of the imperial court. I’m afraid it is copied by law. Even if it is copied, it will be poor for five or six years with the progress of the process. Li Chongjiu can’t help but smell this. It’s a pity that two winch crossbows will be destroyed outside Ri.
When Li Chongjiu asked Jin Cao again, he learned that there were two large iron mines in Feihu County that had been idle for lack of government input, so Li Chongjiu was delighted to have iron mines, which meant that he would no longer let Li Hu and Li Jia escort agencies transport iron to grass from far away, so the price of iron turned five or six times as high as that.
Li Chongjiu can directly mine iron ore in Feihu County and then continuously export ironware to Yuyi Town, Huaihuang Town. It seems that this achievement in Feihu County is really worth it.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Iron smelting ten
Li Chongjiu was quite satisfied with the fact that there was an iron mine in the county, but he couldn’t help but ask, "What does Li Shifu have to say?"
This craftsman is over 50 years old, and his face has long been worn out because he has been smoked with black brows for years while the iron is hot, and his clothes are covered with small holes. This is when the iron is hot, Li Jiang was splashed by Mars. When he heard Li Chongjiu call him Li Shifu, he burst into a kneeling position and buried his head in the mud of the craftsman’s workshop. "The duke dare not. This is a broken villain."
Li Chongjiu remembered that he had brought modern social habits to ancient times. In this era, the position of the craftsmen of agriculture, industry and commerce was a little better than that of the businessmen, and calling the master was obviously the other teacher. Not to mention this, Li Jiang, Chen Jin Cao and several craftsmen were all stunned
Li Chongjiu lifted the other side up and said, "I made a slip of the tongue for a while, but Li Jiang has something to say, but I will rely heavily on you in the future."
This is also the truth. Although Cao Shi, a literary official in Chen Jin, is in charge of the mine workshop, he can’t understand the foundry. Most of the more than 20 people in the government workshop are firemen and handymen to buy strength. There are Li Jiang and two of them who took out their apprentices with one hand, which is the real technical personnel.
Li Jiang saw that Li Chongjiu was so flattering that he was scared for half a day before saying, "The Duke didn’t know that smelting iron and cast iron are two different things. Although there are two iron mines in the land, the iron smelting method is a general iron mine furnace. If you plow the land, it will be ok, but if you have a lance, it will be too brittle."
Li Chongjiu listened and asked, "So? Is there a lot of iron ore in the county that can smelt iron so bad that Chen Jin Cao is negligent? "
Before Li Jiang explained, "It’s not the neglect of the county to report back to the Duke that you were wrong about Jin Cao. If you want to produce good iron, you must use blast furnace. The temperature of the molten iron in our county is insufficient, so the iron is brittle. Our craftsmen all say that the continuous iron can be used as a hoe to plow the land at most."
"Then don’t set up a blast furnace?" Li Chongjiu can’t help but ask again