Exhausted by the essence, qR1 was absorbed by all his hands.
After all this, Xiao Yuhu immediately stared at him, and more than a dozen big people’s eyes flashed with a strong breath.
These dozens of big shots are all surprised. I didn’t expect that the old man in terms of terms was really killed by Xiao Yu.
A monk in the mysterious realm of the cave actually went beyond his level and killed a monk in the awakening realm!
This is simply a fantasy.
All he wanted was to contain Xiao Yu off the coast. When he saw this scene, he gasped and retreated wildly, giving up the idea of containing Xiao Yu.
Even the awakening monks were killed by Xiao Yugan. They didn’t deliver food before!
Xiao Yu coldly swept the ring for a week and dared to sneer at anyone. "Since you have nothing to do, please leave!"
He turned and left.
There are so many masters here that he can’t be an opponent. If everyone is besieged together, even if he has heaven’s hands, he will definitely die.
He killed the big shot in Qijia just to shock people. If he can shock people and make them dare not make a move, then his chances of getting out of here will be much better.
Xiao Yu extremely fast into a light moment rushed into the distance.
Those dozens of great men are all changing their faces, and their eyes become cloudy and rainy from time to time.
Suddenly, an elder in the real magic temple laughed and ran after him. "Xiao Yu, how dare you be so arrogant when you kill so many brothers in the real magic temple?"
As soon as he rushed out of Xiao Yu, he suddenly turned around and waved his hand without saying anything. A group of fierce bombardments were all forced to crack and flash, and a terrible Tianwei swept everywhere.
The elder of the real magic temple suddenly fell into a passive position, and was suppressed by the hands of heaven everywhere, so I was surprised and angry and hurriedly put my vision to use.
Once his vision monty field is put to use, all sides are full of magic, dark clouds are rolling and murderous, and the whole world is suddenly dark, like the reappearance of the underworld, amityville horror’s ghosts are flying and the ghosts are killing everywhere.
However, these ghosts Xiao Yucang’s hands are vulnerable, and they turn into dust in a face-to-face manner.
Heaven’s palm war force aggregates the rules of heaven to control thunder, which is the bane of evil spirits and evil things. It’s really fierce for Xiao Yu to swing and fight in this monty field.
"Bang bang!"
This side of heaven and earth exploded, all the magic gas was shattered, and the monty field was blasted
Combined with the real magic temple, the great elder was also seriously injured and vomited blood and flew back.
His hair stood on end and shouted, "Come out, Zhenshi copper coffin!"
A huge bronze coffin fell from the sky and quickly enlarged like a mountain. The surface was branded with all the lines, and Guanghua was blazing and directly hit Xiao Yu.
Xiao Yu waved the hand of heaven and severely split the copper coffin. Suddenly, the coffin was violently shaken, and the surface Guanghua was extinguished, and a wave of terror swept around.
And at this time!
Aotian Long, this precious medicine, suddenly emerged from Xiao Yutian’s oven to look at the coffin eyebrow eye and smiled. "Sir, my coffin is broken. You said you would compensate me for a bite. I will take a bite."
Xiao Yu laughed in his heart. "I’ll give you this coffin!"
He reached out and grabbed the coffin and stuffed it directly into the oven of heaven and earth.
The elder of the real magic temple was shocked and angry, and quickly printed his hands and shouted, "Xiao Yu, if you want to die, that’s my real magic temple treasure. If you take this coffin, you will die for me!"
Then he finished his last French seal, and the coffin shook violently. The surface was full of brilliance, as if there was an unimaginable one coming out of it, and there was a wild and threatening atmosphere.
Xiao Yu eyebrows a wrinkly word grabbed the coffin directly to the real magic temple that too old man smashed the past huge coffin like a mountain pressure will he firmly locked.
And Xiao Yu hit faster than fast and hardly gave him a response when the coffin came to the head of the old man.
The great elder couldn’t help but die without making any response, and then he screamed and was smashed into a blood fog by the coffin, together with the Yuan God.
Chapter two hundred and ten Lock the tripod
Aotian Long high-fived and laughed. "Good kill! Tell him to grab the coffin with me. Master, give me that coffin quickly!"
Xiao Yu directly threw the coffin into the oven of heaven and earth after shooting the old man.
A proud dragon day embrace the coffin suddenly face big.
The remaining big people are even more chilling.
Another man died!
Fan Zhen, the real magic temple, was also killed! This is simply unimaginable.
They are all too senior figures, who have gone beyond the mundane world to come to Ssangyong Island. I didn’t expect that a young player was killed by two people.
This is simply a great shame
"What a hero!"
The chubby old man looked at Gongsun Wulong with admiration. "Brother Gongsun, can you still look?"
Gongsun Wulong a full face of gloomy eyes, fade away flashing intensely staring at Xiao Yu suddenly he took a step forward.
When I saw Gongsun Wulong coming out, all his big shots saw the past with a flash of eyes. This malicious person finally came out to ask Gongsun Wulong to make moves, so this Xiao Yu would have a dead end.
Others don’t know that Gongsun Wulong is terrible, but they have a deep understanding.
It is said that this vicious man has awakened three visions!
Generally, monks have enough resources and talents, and they can awaken a vision all their lives. To cultivate this vision to the extreme, it is possible to achieve greatness.
And a few more abnormal people can awaken several visions!
This monk can’t make sense.
With the awakening situation, this monk is almost the enemy, and even if he becomes a great power in the future, he will become the best among the great powers.
This Gongsun Wulong is said to have fully awakened three visions!
If he hadn’t awakened three visions, I’m afraid he would have become a great power.
See Gongsun Wulong come out at the moment that a dozen big shots are relieved in the heart, eyes flashing all staring at Gongsun Wulong to see how strong his power is.
"I asked for this man’s ring, you can take it, but his body must belong to me!"
Gongsun Wulong Shen said.
A dozen big shots nodded their heads at each other.
Previously, the chubby old man laughed. "Brother Gongsun can rest assured that this man is wanted by your Legalists and we won’t touch him."
Zhongzhou legalist school has great power and deep prestige all over the mainland. No one dares to offend the field. Many forces want to win over and make friends.
See Gongsun Wulong come out Xiao Yu suddenly raised a cautious qR1 in my heart.
Gongsun Wulong reveals a sneer at the virtual hand and grasps the palm of his hand. It is mysterious that a white jade tripod tripod Guanghua flashes and engraves several characters.
Behind him, Sun Yang’s face changed and he lost his way. "Lock the tripod!"
"Not good!"