He couldn’t help thinking of the famous story of three monks who had no water to drink.
When I got to him, I didn’t become three women … Cough! Eriocheir sinensis
"oh! Yingbao blames you! " Ya ya jiao Chen said, "I still have a third of my thoughts, but now I don’t even have any thoughts."
"I … I don’t know … he was unintelligent …" Yingbao said guiltily.
Gao Yuanyuan laughed and joked, "Are we now equivalent to three monks without water?"
Yingbao and Yaya looked at each other and laughed in succession.
Three monks have become three new stalks.
I have to say that women, especially those with good personalities, are not vicious women, and friendship is still established very quickly.
Of course, there is a former
That is, they have no conflict of interest.
Actually, in general, three people belong to that type of competition.
This is especially when Fang Siyi appears around three people.
The strongest of the three people should be Gao Yuanyuan, who is the last to join, but his personality is the most atmospheric.
Jisi Yaya
Although Ya Ya is a Xibo nationality, she has a "baby doll" who claims that Ya Ya can come to Beijing from Xinjiang to work hard alone and obviously has her own tough side in her personality today.
Yu Ying Bao is the weakest.
On the one hand, the protection of Siyi in front is too good. Although Yingbao has taken a lot of detours, it also leads to Yingbao’s lack of experience.
Compared with him, there are some big differences between them.
Among the three people, Gao Yuanyuan was the highest in cooking, and Yingbao was the last.
On Yan value, Gao Yuanyuan and Ya Ya are not equal, but Yingbao is slightly inferior.
It’s not that Yingbao is not good-looking, but compared with the facial features, it is more stereoscopic and atmospheric, and there are some shortcomings between Gao Yuanyuan Yingbao and Yingbao.
This also leads to Yingbao being Fang Siyi’s real girlfriend, but she is often the one who suffers the most in the process of getting along.
Especially when her personality is still so honest and frank.
Chapter 27 Questioned "The Tip of the Tongue"
Forgot who once said a word.
It is not that we deliberately change it, but because of the surrounding environment and society that we have to change it.
We will pick up every penny we saw in our childhood and give it to the police uncle.
But I’m afraid no one will be willing to pick up a dollar today, let alone give it to the police uncle.
Is it that society has changed us?
Or has growth changed us?
It is estimated that only those philosophers are willing to think about this kind of problem.
For ordinary people, this just means one thing.
Then you are stupid!
God knows how honesty and kindness become "stupid"!
Honest and frank’s personality means that this society is too vulnerable.
Yingbao’s personality is a little too honest and frank.
This also makes her often offend people without knowing it.
This is especially the case when Yingbao entered his crew.
Of course, Gao Yuanyuan and Yaya, the two "predecessors", point out that Yingbao is studying hard and living in the right circle.
For the time being, it was a worry. Fang Siyi began to shoot a new film.
This is also a film that ex-Britney Spears has been thinking about.
That is, Fang Siyi left her a gift.
What’s the name of the youth film? It’s called My Girlhood.
Yes, it’s the same as a famous Korean female group.
This is also the last youth film in Fang Siyi’s plan.
Different from the BE ending in Those Years, My Girlhood can be regarded as the HE ending.
Although the ending is a little rotten, it is exactly what the audience likes best.
Although many people clamored for the ugly ending of HE, actually, after the broadcast of "Those Years", Siyi Weibo’s comment area was completely scolded.
Don’t comment too much on the end of all kinds of spit and abuse Fang Siyi.
Fang Siyi didn’t change his mind though he spoke.
It’s very simple. The story structure and plot of "Those Years" means that the final BE ending is the best. If you force the HE ending, it will give people an anticlimactic feeling, and the BE ending is normal.
In "My Girlhood", the heroine naturally shaved her short hair, but Fang Siyi, the leading actor, originally intended to find Dou Xiao. However, it was later considered that this role and Dou Xiao’s temperament were too mismatched, and forced casting would make people jump, just like Uncle Ge’s acting and chanting were all selected in circles. However, it was precisely because there were too many comedies that the audience would laugh when he opened his mouth.
For example, Zhou Xun is not inferior to Zhang Yi among the four Hua Dan and the first one among the four Hua Dan to win the Best Actress Grand Slam!
However, due to the limitation of sound, many people dislike the drake’s voice. Even though Zhou Xun’s fame and popularity are not small, it has always lost a little audience.
Since this play is a purely commercial film, Fang Siyi will naturally not let the audience dance.
And the most important thing is that Dou Xiaori has had a hard time this year with the outbreak of the double war.
The little yellow duck is a female artist, to say the least. She was escorted by a Buddhist in this war, but she didn’t suffer much damage. Although she has stopped working for a year now, she still has time to settle down.
But Dou Xiaonan’s artist is not so lucky.
Limited by the contract, although Shawn Dou still has filming, it is the fate of some large supporting roles such as male No.2 or the hero’s youth, which makes Shawn Dou depressed because of the popularity of Those Years.
Let Fang siyi talk things happen.
Shawn Dou actually went out for a tour!
Oh, my god You are an actor at least, ok?
And the key is that I can’t connect him at the moment!
Forced by Naifang Siyi to change people.
But who is it?
Xu Taiyu, the leading actor, is a school villain.
This means that this person should have a mass at the right hypochondrium.
Throughout today’s circle, young male artists have such a snob …
It’s really not much
This is another youth film, and the age limit is dead.
Wanted to think Fang Siyi searched the dream and finally found a candidate.
"Li Jie" Fang Siyi said to the agent Li Jie, "Call Zray and let him audition."
Zray?’ Li Jie naturally knows that the company is preparing a new film recently, but she is puzzled about this candidate.
"Is there a problem?"
"Zray popularity …"
"Li Jie" Fang Siyi said seriously, "I choose people not because of his popularity, but because of his suitability."
"Well …" Li Jie hesitated at Fang Siyi and said softly, "You also know that someone found someone who wanted to play this role when you broke the news that a new film was about to be made, and …"