Since it’s a defeat, it’s a defeat. There’s nothing to say.
It is also because of this calm face of his own failure that the skunk god smiled casually and turned into silence, suspecting that he had gained something when thinking about the previous fight.
Besides, stop water
After watching the ferret god cross-country confrontation to stop water, you know that he can’t beat cross-country
Or forbearance, but anyone who makes the secret of Yin dun can’t overcome cross-country. Even if he awakens the kaleidoscope, sharingan has already understood the strongest illusion. The method of casting other gods to stop water is not confident that other gods can control cross-country because of the high number of condensation segments of cross-country Yin dun. If you cast other gods, it is likely that they will be controlled by cross-country instead of being controlled by other gods.
Then it’s time to get down to business after the discussion.
Cross-country informing Shuishui to come to see himself naturally can’t be as simple as talking casually. They must say something important soon. When they see cross-country and have something to stop talking about the ferret god, they are ready to leave first to avoid suspicion. Who would have thought that cross-country actually stopped the ferret god when the ferret god was ready to leave?
Then in skunk god slightly surprised eyes cross-country is said with a smile
"Skunk, actually, I’m happier that you can come, because I have something to say about your father when I come back."
"Father’s adult?"
Listening to the cross-country Uchiha Fugaku ferret god’s eyes twitching violently is a bad feeling, because it is like stopping water. The ferret god is a three-sided spy who is loyal to Uchibo’s three generations of Huoying and Shimura Danzou, but in the loyal object, the real loyalty of the ferret god is always himself. He knows how terrible the war is and how many lives Konohara can shelter.
Anything that is harmful to Muye Village, the ferret god hopes to stop the fire shadow. In the original work, the ferret god holds the idea that the surface is completely loyal to the three generations of fire shadow, but when Uchihiro and his family want to rebel, the ferret god can not hesitate to point at the hands of the same people, and can save a war.
Now that I know that cross-country has something to talk about with my father, the ferret god can’t help secretly sighing and thinking that it will always come.
But since cross-country is to see Uchiha Fugaku, even if you don’t go through the ferret god, you can see what you know, but you believe in yourself. The ferret god can’t let cross-country down, and immediately returned to the clan with cross-country in disguise and water stop. The ferret god came to Uchiha Fugaku with cross-country and met the heads of Uchibo clan now.
Uchiha Fugaku is still the same.
Usually very serious in front of others, but smiling in front of cross-country is a look of human and animal harm.
Especially when he saw that cross-country was brought by the water stop of the ferret god, Uchiha Fugaku felt that cross-country could stop water with the ferret god very well, which meant that he could still believe the Uchibo family. Then Uchiha Fugaku waved at the water stop of the ferret god, which meant that he wanted the ferret god to stop water and avoid such a three-faced spy and talk about something with cross-country first.
If you don’t want to cross-country and want to say something, you don’t mean to avoid the ferret god to stop water.
Because he feels that what he wants to say can help the water-stopping ferret god out of his misery!
"Fu Yuejun doesn’t need to let the weasel leave. What I want to say is actually very simple. Even if they know, they can’t tell others."
Seeing cross-country confidence, Uchiha Fugaku slightly provoked his eyebrows and smiled. "Cross-country, since you said so, you can stay aside."
"Cross-country, please say."
Nodded cross-country finishing a train of thought suddenly sighed and said, "When I came back, I found that the benefits of your Uchihiro clan have been greatly reduced. Presumably, they are all three generations of Huo Ying Shimura Danzou. In this way, the dissatisfaction of Fu Yuejun’s clan is definitely increasing, but it is three generations of Huo Ying and Shimura Danzou. They can force you to get tighter and tighter, and there can be no sense of relaxation."
"The skunk stops water. You are the secret department. In fact, you must have a little guess about the three generations of Huo Ying and Shimura Danzou’s tricks?"
"Then can I ask you what are the three generations of Huo Ying and Shimura Danzou’s plot?"
"Please tell me!"
The cross-country voice just fell, and the ferret god was silent there. Obviously, even if he guessed something, it was impossible for him to say anything about the head of the Uchibo clan.
Instead, stop the water and he won’t have so many concerns.
See Uchiha Fugaku silently nodded and agreed to stop water and tell his thoughts to cross-country
Stopping water means sighing faintly and saying, "They are forcing us to force the Uchihiro clan to rebel and give them a reason to eliminate it!"
"That’s right. Stop water. That’s right."
Nodded cross-country sneer at a way: "The Uchihiro clan has long threatened the Muye Village of Hokage Lisuo. There is either a weak Uchihiro clan or no Uchihiro clan. In this case, they will squeeze you as much as possible. If you rebel, give them a reason to eliminate it. If you endure it."
"When will it last?"
"Fu Yuejun, the purpose of my coming to you this time is to give you another way to go. You don’t need to rebel, and there is no need to be oppressed by three generations of Huoying Shimura Danzou. Are you going to be relegated to Muye Village? Can’t you develop your power outside? The so-called three caves of cunning rabbits are you going to take root and die tragically in Muye Village? Are you Uchihiro? "
"since the uchiha clan is a" giant ",let’s say that the uchiha clan theory is a giant there!"
"What I want to say this time is"
Said the cross-country suddenly paused and immediately found that the skunk god stopped water because Uchiha Fugaku was looking forward to looking at himself. Cross-country just smiled and said directly.
"What I want to say this time is that Fu Yuejun doesn’t stay in Konoha Village and watch the police force."
"Follow me to our country!"
"Will you change from a patriarch to a country name?"
Chapter 64 Just busy ()
Endure the world is indeed a strong respect.
But everyone’s "strength" is different. People like cross-country orochimaru just feel that only their own strength is the real strength. In the road of pursuing strength, cross-country and orochimaru often think about strengthening their own strength, but some people are different. Like Shimura Danzou and Uchiha Fugaku before cross-country, they don’t think about strengthening their hegemony and forbearance, but they feel that only by strengthening their own potential can they become stronger.
It is also because of this that the two most famous heads of the Uchibo clan went to two extreme roads respectively.
The first one is definitely uchiha madara!
Just like cross-country orochimaru, Master Ban strengthens his own way to become stronger, and judging from the plot in the original book of Huo Ying, Master Ban is suspected to be the most horrible person in the forbearing world-even if Master Ban has fought several times, he still remembers the figure of Master Ban when he fought against Gokage in the original book of Huo Ying.
Simple is a word!
It’s a little complicated, and it’s only two words at most!
However, the road to Uchiha Fugaku’s strength is not smooth sailing. He began to lead the Uchibo clan, which is actually a declining Uchibo clan.
But to be honest, Uchiha Fugaku can turn the tide when the family is facing a crisis, which means that he is good enough.
At least Uchiha Fugaku is much better than Hyuga Hiashi in the cross-country impression.
When I just took over the Uchibo clan, the clan chief of Uchibo clan was actually a frame, just like the future Konoha village may be controlled by the elders’ group. Generally, after Banye defected from the Uchibo clan, the benefits of Uchibo clan were in the hands of some old deathlessly. Those people euphemistically called it replacing the clan chief to take charge of the family, but they were actually elders. They had already put the clan chief on the frame.
It’s Uchiha Fugaku
When the Elders’ Group was playing with power, it was Uchiha Fugaku who abruptly stopped the Elders’ Group from holding the footsteps of the Uchihiro clan, and let the patriarchs recover the benefits. It can be said that Uchiha Fugaku can do this, which is the best patriarch in the Uchihiro clan. After all, the Elders’ Group is decentralized, and Uchiha Fugaku can get benefits from every Uchihiro clan elders, which is equivalent to reunifying the Uchihiro clan.