Su Li is not greedy for work, and he let his guard down because the bully broke his legs. He is still alert and counts the distance in his heart.
Wait until the bully crab is about to rush in front of him, then dodge sideways as far as possible away from the iron bars in the hands of the powerful poor claws. Once again, the target is still the side legs of the bully crab.
This time, the bully crab quickly turned its body at a 90-degree angle and its claws extended.
"Zheng" to a Su Li swing out the iron bar and split it. This outstretched claw-footed crab will claw its feet and wield a huge force to play the iron bar. Big Su Li’s right arm was shocked and five fingers were numb, so he couldn’t hold the iron bar.
Su Li didn’t carry it hard, but let go directly. The iron bar was chelated from his hand and swung backwards, while he seized the opportunity to approach the bully crab with his left hand clenched into a fist and stretched out four "gluttony teeth" to hit a thin leg joint on his side.
The thin leg joint of the bully crab is a fascia structure. When the "gluttony tooth" is cut in, the fascia at this part will be cut off immediately.
After Su Li didn’t succeed in fighting, he quickly rushed away from the place where the iron bar flew out. He wanted to pick up the iron bar.
The crab’s mouth keeps squeaking and screaming, and another leg is abandoned. It is even more excited. It has four legs on each side, and now there are two legs on one side and three legs on the other. It is still very strange to paddle with five legs.
However, it did not continue to rush to Suli, but swayed towards the edge of the building.
It finally realized something was wrong and wanted to escape from here.
Su Li just picked up the iron bar and rushed at once when he saw the bully crab trying to escape.
It’s hard to disable its three legs, and it will be solved soon, such as letting it escape?
Because three legs were abolished, the moving speed of the bully crab slowed down, and Su Li soon caught up with it. He stopped it one step before it was about to escape. This time, he couldn’t retreat, but he could swing an iron bar and attack it actively.
A pair of pincers came over to bully the crab. This is really hard work. The muscles of Su Li’s arms at the tip of the flower swell up slightly and have enough strength.
"Zheng" issued a symphony of gold and iron. Su Li felt a twinge of numbness in his arms and his hands were shaken back like he was going to lose his feeling.
He already has a thousand pounds of strength, but this bully crab has not been able to take advantage of it at all, but the bully crab has not been able to finish the earthquake. It is to block the iron bar in his hand and stretch it to clamp his body.
However, Su Li was faster than it, and in an instant, he was ready to jump obliquely on his left hand. The "gluttonous tooth" once again crossed along a thin leg joint and cut off the fascia of the middle leg.
The fourth leg of the bully crab was cut off, and the other four legs were able to move. After a meal, it tilted up and could not stabilize itself.
Su Li kept moving, followed by going around to the right hand iron bar behind it and throwing it out again and again.
The bully crab realized that it was not good and struggled desperately. A pair of claws waved wildly around, which made its huge body stay in place and it was difficult to move easily.
I can still move three thin legs, which can’t support the huge body of the crab.
On the other side, Xu Xuehui was nervous and stood on the ground. Ding Longyun shook his head and was about to wake up from that brief dizziness. He was about to sit up and feel the pain in his chest, so he gasped and knew that his ribs were broken in his chest.
"Damn …" Ding Longyun whispered some chagrin. He just didn’t listen to Su Li’s words and looked up and saw the other side. Su Li was fighting the bully crab alone. He was very flexible and constantly moved around the bully crab. Occasionally, he could break the crab leg with a blow. As the crab leg was broken one by one, its moving speed became more and more clumsy, and Su Li became more and more relaxed.
"This guy is a talent …" Ding Longyun will see all this in his eyes and muttered to himself, suddenly feeling that Su Li monster seems to be born with a certain talent in the struggle.
"Damn it, if I hadn’t been careless, I could have killed this smelly crab by myself." Ding Longyun was unwilling to clench his fist, and then he looked up as if he thought of something. "Girl just thanks to you, or I will die."
Although his brain was dizzy just now, his heart was actually white and his body was out of control. When the bully crab rushed over, his heart was desperate. I didn’t expect Xu Xuehui to rush over and drag himself away or he would be dead.
Xu Xuehui heard Ding Longyun say thank you for opening your beautiful eyes and then held his left hand to him.
Ding Longyun was puzzled when she saw a handful of melons in her little hands.
"Eat?" Xu Xuehui spoke very seriously.
Ding Longyun is in distress situation. Who is in the mood to eat melons? This girl’s brain circuit is really different.
Involved in the wound Ding Longyun took a deep breath in pain and reluctantly said, "I won’t eat you."
"Oh," Xu Xuehui shrank her hand back and put a melon in her mouth. She watched Su Li and the bully crab fight and slowly ate the melon.
In a short time, the crab leg was abolished by Su Li, and it became very difficult to move three legs. Su Libai’s opportunity finally came.
Knowing his fate, the bully crab frantically waved a pair of claws to protect himself, while the other three legs tried their best to climb to the edge of the building.
Although it is almost difficult to move, these pincers are really terrible. Su Li was stopped by the pincers even after attacking the iron bar three times, and even once the pincers reached out, he was almost clamped.
"This guy is really difficult. It seems that even if all his legs are broken, it is very difficult for the tongs to try to kill him."
Su Li thoughtfully went around it again, and the iron bar swung out and interrupted it with one leg.
In the end, the two-legged crab almost lost its ability to move, and it could stop and wave a pair of claws wildly to let Sulifa approach and attack. It has a soft shell to protect its abdomen.
Chapter 49 Kill
Su Li frowned slightly at the bully crab and kept circling the circle to bully the crab. If he followed him quickly, Su Li arrived behind it. When the iron bar stretched out, he reached into its body. He grasped the iron bar with both hands and gave it enough strength. He gave a low drink and lifted the crab.
"Bang" the giant bully crab was suddenly overturned and struggled towards it, but for a while it turned its body upside down and its soft belly turned into a capable person and slaughtered it like a turtle turned upside down.
Su Li held an iron bar in his hands and then hit the soft belly of the bully crab.
Although the belly of the bully crab is also protected by a shell, the shell is very soft and broke when Su Li hits it, and there is a yellow substance splashed out inside.
The fatal key of this bully crab is not the head, but the belly soft shell organ, which was smashed by Su Li iron bar at the moment, and the shell was smashed along with the important organs inside.
This bully crab is shaking all over and dancing wildly, and a pair of pincers’ feet slow down.
Su Li smashed the belly of the bully crab with several sticks, and saw a lot of yellow and white things flowing out. A pair of claw feet of the bully crab finally straightened out and stopped moving, and soon a spiritual source appeared from the other body and sank into Su Li’s forehead.
"Level 3 Spirit Source Spirit Source /3"
He successfully killed the bully crab and harvested two spiritual sources.
Looking at the body of the bully crab, Su Li heaved a long sigh of relief. Although he succeeded in killing the bully crab, he was not easy. Although his strength reached 1,000 kilograms, the stronger his strength, the faster he lost his physical strength.
He has a faint feeling that although he has exerted a thousand pounds of strength as he gains muscle and strengthens to the second form, his other organs are vaguely out of rhythm.
After all, the human body is like a very delicate machine, and his muscles have been strengthened twice, which is much stronger than other parts of his body, and he can burst into a thousand kilograms of tremendous force, but correspondingly it has brought more and more burdens to his body.
At the moment, this spiritual source is absorbed by him into the body to form a heat flow, which is nourishing his body and making him feel seriously exhausted. He is slowly recovering his original beating and his heart is slowly slowing down.
Su Li stared at the body of the dead bully crab, but found that there was no new change in the body. His heart suddenly welled up a sense of disappointment.
According to the information obtained from the "peep symbol pattern", it is possible to get the special ability "Bajia" by killing this elite crab, but now he has not realized the "Bajia" because of the changes in the body of this crab.
"It’s a pity" Su Li secretly shook his head and turned and walked in the direction of Ding Longyun and Xu Xuehui.
There is a certain probability to kill the elite spirit beast, but not 100% will get the special ability. He has got the special ability to kill the one-eyed frog and the gluttonous dog before, but this time he failed to get it.
"Su Li really has you" slowly sat up from the ground and Ding Longyun still caressed his chest. He just saw Su Li’s killing of this bully crab, and he was very impressed with Su Li.
Su Lixin said, "How is your injury?" See Ding Longyun sit there has been no white he would be injured.
"It’s troublesome to break a few bones." Ding Longyun frowned. Although he is a level 4 spiritual source, he has a strong recovery ability and is several times faster than ordinary people, but it will be difficult for this bone to heal for a while.
Su Li said, "Nothing needs to be learned from a new spiritual source, and it will soon heal."
The spiritual source has a healing ability far beyond that of ordinary people. If we can learn from the new spiritual source, the healing ability of the spiritual source will rise at an alarming rate, and no matter how heavy the injury is, we will be able to recover quickly without being killed on the spot.
At this time, as the bully crab was killed by Su Li, he didn’t see it again. Su Li asked Xu Xuehui to help Ding Longyun, saying, "You follow me" and walked towards the stairs.
Ding Longyun’s right hand held a steel shovel and his left arm took Xu Xuehui and slowly got up and moved a few steps, then his face was cold with pain.
"It’s all my fault. I should have listened to you just now." Ding Longyun felt a little guilty and depressed, but saw that Su Li had entered the stairs and disappeared into the darkness.