The general said, "Khan captured the fort and there are more than 300 prisoners. Are they all old and weak?"
Valerie Khan thought, "Don’t leave 30 young people. After killing all the remaining prisoners in front of them, let them escape and let them tell the Zhao people that this is the Turkic iron riding ground to resist me. You must know that it is not enough to defeat the Zhao people. We must destroy their courage and make them feel weak when they hear our Turkic horseshoes."
One side of the generals praised "Khan Gao"
Valerian said, "Well, tell the warriors scattered around and let them gather together in the quiet capital. There will be a big war soon."
Zhao Deyan said, "Khan, Zhao Youjing’s troops are empty. This battle is our chance to avenge our shame."
Jie Li laughed. "Yes, this time I will leave a profound lesson for Zhao people!"
The north gate of Youjing fled from the north, and the people were congested. The soldiers of Zhao Junjun, the former city of the city gate, tried their best to maintain the order of entering the city. At this time, the people were in a hurry, but most of them still followed the instructions and went into the city one after another.
Li Zhiwan Jianxue took a carriage and more than ten court guards were moving slowly with the people.
"Miss has been waiting for two hours and hasn’t entered the city yet. You see, it’s getting dark this day. What shall we do if the Turks come?" Sword snow pouting said
Sword snow said Li Zhiwan shook his head, but suddenly his eyes were still.
Li Zhiwan took the carriage, but went to the front of the car and looked at the north at a distance. "No, the Turks are already here."
As soon as the voice fell, I heard hooves coming from far away, and then hundreds of people came from the north. The people shouted, "Turks are coming, Turks are killing, run!"
As soon as the news came out of the city, there were still 20,000 or 30,000 people who had not yet entered the city, and all the people were in a panic. No matter what the order was, they all rushed to the gate, and the people’s guards, Li Zhiwan, rushed to the top of the carriage and looked north. But when they saw that it was already dark, they could not see how many people came from Turkey.
You can see a faint number of torches shaking the mountain plain.
Sword snow covered his mouth as if blaming himself for the crow’s mouth, which attracted the Turks but guarded Li Zhiwan. The general of the guard jumped into the carriage and fuels Li Zhiwan. "The imperial concubine Turks have already been killed, and we can’t come if we slowly enter the city like this. You will follow them later."
Speaking of this, the general shouted to the left and right, "We will protect the princess into the city together."
The left and right guards drew their swords at the same time. Obviously, they were going to drive the crowd into the city gate. Li Zhiwan shook his head and said, "If not, he didn’t trample on his people and hurt them because of his own life. The people called Gongru peace of mind."
The general said, "At the end, I will protect the empress, but I won’t care so much."
Li Zhiwan said, "No, we don’t have to go to Youjing, but we can ride directly to the south. The Turks should be forward scouts to test the reality of Youjing and never pursue it to the south."
Where did the general listen to Ken? But when he saw Li Zhiwan’s resolute look, he dared not talk back.
At this time, the people in front of the gate of the deep and remote capital shouted that the gate of the deep and remote capital had poured into the people against it, but it was forcibly closed and half-fanned.
It was dark and I couldn’t see the actual situation of the Turkish military forces. Obviously, the commander was afraid that the Turks would enter the city gate, so he wanted the front door, but all the people wanted to close the city gate. When they went to the city gate, they were congested, and the soldiers guarding the city clashed.
Li Zhiwan saw this scene and said to the general, "Do you still want to take me into the city gate now?"
The general did not dare to argue when he heard this, but he saw Li Zhiwan make an unexpected move. She drew her sword and cut off the cables of the carriage, pulling out all the two packhorses leading the carriage.
"Empress Guifei, what do you want?"
Li Zhiwei said, "Of course it’s a horse!"
Li Zhiwan jumped on a pack horse and galloped to a nearby place where people gathered to gather men on all sides. "Turks are coming. Are you willing to come back with me to kill Turks and protect your family?"
Listen to Li Zhiwan, the field is crowded into the city gate, and the men stop in succession. Everyone hesitates, but they still rush to the city gate regardless of questions.
At this time, dozens of men rode on horses, and everyone knew that they were all local rangers. Yanzhao’s folk customs were tough since ancient times, and most of them were young men with courage. They got together to emulate Jing Nie’s generosity and chivalry, while others fought. The local government and the people’s eyes were all unstable factors in public security.
One of the dozens of riders turned his eyes to Li Zhiwan and said, "I’m still a big Zhao, and there are only a few of us left. I didn’t expect a woman to stand up and be quite beautiful, my brother."
"Bold ceremony" sword snow see each other look frivolous when nu way
Li Zhiwan stopped Jianxue Road. "Now the enemy is great. Would you like me to repel the Turks together?"
"Empress should not take risks lightly!" I heard that Li Zhiwan was going to attack the generals of the Turkish army and quickly stopped them.
Li Zhiwan turned her head and stared, "Do you dare not listen to me?"
The general of the bodyguard bowed his head and said, "I’m worried about the empress."
Li Zhiwan pointed to the Turkish cavalry in the hazy night. "I have been an empress for less than a year, but the general has been a general for more than ten years. What are you afraid of?"
The last sentence is naturally Li Zhiwan’s question to the frivolous people who have just spoken to the rangers. Seeing that Li Zhiwan’s look is awe-inspiring, he dare not tease the primly fuels and said, "Of course!"
When Li Zhiwan saw this, he rode to the middle road of all the people. "There are hundreds of riding scouts in Turkic. If they don’t resist, they will kill you before the gate. You may die, but it will make your family come alive. I am willing to charge. Would you like to come with me?
When the nearby men saw someone taking the lead, they said, "We are willing to go with you."
"Yes, you see, a delicate woman is not afraid of Turks. What are we afraid of?"
"I’d like to go, too. I’ll die in a big deal, and I’ll still be a Han ten years later."
On the other side, there is a family of four, namely the father-in-law, daughter, son-in-law and a three-year-old boy.
"Son of a bitch, you take your son and my dad to town. I’ll keep it here for you. If we don’t block it, we’ll go to town immediately, so I’ll die in peace."
"You stupid son-in-law, it’s none of your business to come back." The father-in-law scolded the son-in-law for trying to drag him back.
The son-in-law shook his head and said, "I feel like a human being today after I have lived so big."
"Fuck you, what kind of person are you dead?" The father-in-law cursed, but the man didn’t look back.
The soldiers of Zhao, who were scattered by the people nearby, gathered together with weapons and horses to follow Li Zhiwan and other cavalry, and there were thousands of unarmed men behind them.