Cao Yin couldn’t talk to Li Lingyu, so he said, "What would happen if your father died without me?"
Yongkang was choked by her words.
Li Lingyu asked, "What do you want with me?"
When Cao Yin saw Yongkang’s silence, he let go of the post and said, "I’ll take a trip to Zhonghe Temple and tell Lord Lu."
After Cao Yin went out, Yongkang said, "Second brother wants to see you."
Li Lingyu "said anything?"
Yongkang shook his head.
Li Lingyu said, "I know."
Yongkang saw that she was unprepared and added a sentence, "Second Brother is in a hurry."
Li Lingyu smiled angrily and said, "No matter how tight it is, let him wait."
Chen Liuwang, it is impossible for her to let him out of Hualin Garden again.
Seeing that she was blunt, Yongkang carefully asked, "Will you … kill the second brother?"
"Why do you ask?"
Yongkang didn’t answer.
"I don’t even kill you. Why kill me and make friends with Xiao Yun?"
Yongkang’s face turned white.
Seeing Yongkang like this reminds Li Lingyu of Li Shu.
She didn’t see Xiao Liu when he entered the palace that day.
Chapter 91 Winter
Yongkang always felt guilty about her, but he also knew that Yongan appointed her father’s wake, otherwise it would be impossible for the DPRK to let her be a princess’s father’s wake.
Eye second brother can’t get up yet, and the palace people in Hualin Garden are all trembling. No one dares to say more. Grandma is angry with Yong ‘an.
But the second brother said that Yong ‘an is a talented man, and the average man can’t compare with himself. Let her not be afraid that Yong ‘an is a sister, and it won’t be difficult for her sister.
But Yongkang has a guilty conscience. Although she is several years older than Yong ‘an, Yong ‘an doesn’t even blink to kill people. How dare she provoke her?
What’s more, they used to have so much filth.
Yongkang knew what he was saying and asked tentatively, "Can my mother and I move out of Hualin Garden?"
Hualin Garden is like a cold palace. Although there are pavilions and pavilions in Hualin Hall, my great-grandmother orders people to chant sutras at night every day, but Cao Guifei never talks, as if she didn’t see anyone. Now my second brother can’t get up and stay at home.
When she wakes up at night, she always feels that there is a monster outside the window, and she is so flustered that she dare not sleep again all night.
Li Lingyu said, "Naturally, you can choose which palace you want to live in. On that day, the palace was set on fire everywhere, and it will not be repaired until the spring of next year. You can only bear it."
Yongkang heard that she had no difficulty and said, "I live in my former Zhao Xuan Temple, and my mother princess lives with me."
Li Lingyu is not allowed to be buried. The women in Xiao Yong’s harem are all in the Jingyang Hall in the back.
Yongkang got up and said, "Then you are busy. I’m going out."
After Yongkang left, Li Lingyu sighed that it was raining outside and Cai Zhen came back soon.
"I’ve picked three people in the temple, and all the medicines are ready, so I’m off."
Li Lingyu said, "I know."
Cai Zhen saw her staring blankly out of the window and said, "I met Princess Yongkang on my way back and saw that she looked good."
Li Lingyu said, "Go home and take Li Shu in."
Cai Zhen listened to the previous step and said, "I’m going."
It’s already noon when she finished folding the batch. When she looked at the letter from the north, she felt at ease. Yan Bainian personally killed the Turkic king and named him the champion. It’s no big deal.
She even drafted the will of the marquis herself.
Did you hear Cai Zhen reprimanding me outside the door? You don’t even know how to prepare lunch? If you are in poor health, you will be afraid of the cold …
She listened to Cai Zhen faintly reprimanded with anger and smiled slightly.
Xiao Cai Zhen, who dozed off and stole tea in Suzaku Temple, has grown up now.
Li Shu followed Cai Zhen all the way into the majestic palace. As far as the eye can see, it makes people feel afraid. Cai Zhen has an excellent attitude and led her all the way to tell her about the palace scenery. It is very thoughtful to take care of it.
Li Shu went into the temple and saw Li Lingyu sitting in a narrow black sleeve robe at the south window, which was not as luxurious as when she was at home. She was at ease.
Li Lingyu heard the noise and turned to look at her eyes. Li Shu looked at her timidly there.
She smiled and said, "Why is it there? Come and sit. "
Li Shu feels that she is still the same as before, but not the same.
Make her afraid to come any closer.
Li Lingyu saw her timidity and said, "Don’t you know me?"
Li Shu shook her head. "sister said you must be very busy."
Li Lingyu smiled, "Li Dai’s mouth is not very good, but what he said is true."