"Dead fat, your ya eats so much and is not afraid of dying." It was Zhao Man who first criticised it.
Zhai Ling shook his head and smiled at the two men, then pushed the door and went out.
Today is Tang Pang and Zhao Man’s discharge day, and their injuries are also helped by Zhai Ling to recover extremely quickly.
So they called Liucheng Xuan, and all four of them got together for dinner in the 34th dormitory.
Zhai Ling?’
Suddenly a indecision Zhai Ling sounded behind him.
This sound still sounds very familiar
Zhai Ling suddenly looked back at the past only to find that …
"Good you ZhaiLing are so long not see me! Are you hiding from girls? " Sakura saw that Zhai Ling immediately came over and stretched out his hand and pinched Zhai Ling’s waist. If Zhai Ling explained it, she would be a "killer."
"Hiding from you? How could it be that I’m too busy these days and I didn’t pull myself out to find you when I was fat and pretty a few days ago? "Zhai Ling bowed his head and saw the waist and the talons suddenly gave a wry smile.
"They are injured? Is it serious? " Sakura is really surprised.
"I just left the hospital today and I’ll take you there."
Pushing the door, Tang Fan and Zhao Man were still frolicking, and they all saw the cherry blossoms beside Zhailing while sitting and watching "jokes".
"Aunt, why are you here?"
Tang fat suddenly this sentence like lit the cherry powder keg.
"You fat aunt can’t even come to see you. I just heard that you were hurt, and I’m still sad. Am I being sentimental?"
Tang Fan is most afraid of looking at himself with sakura Gherardini, but he is most afraid of this aunt, and he doesn’t know why he hit the nemesis.
"How did that happen? That what ….. I this is not impatient to say the wrong thing? Aunt, you look so absolute beauty … You are like the brightest star in the night, the coolest sun and the freshest wind, just like … "Tang Fan smiled and winked at Zhai Ling while wiping his forehead and asked him to help himself. But this guy Zhai Ling actually walked over to see himself next to the aunt.
I can’t help crying in my heart-"Holy shit, boss, when will you defect?"
"Tang Fan, that’s enough. Can’t you see that we have already tried to kill people?" Liucheng Xuan pushed Tang Fan with a smile, which is also a little nai. This Tang Fan is not serious.
"Hum!" Sakura looked at Tang Fan "maliciously" and then sat beside Zhai Ling.
Tang Fan was relieved, but his eyes still looked at the opposite Zhai Ling with bitterness.
Zhai Ling naturally felt Tang Fan’s bitterness, turned his head and blinked at him, then looked like I could do nothing.
Tang Fan almost spit out an old blood this time.
"Boss, you are so poisonous!"
The arrival of sakura didn’t make the party disperse quickly. Everyone is also a skyscraper island, and it is quite close to get together often.
But it’s ready to leave after the meal. Tang Fan, the thief, took Liuchengxuan and Zhao Man and made an excuse to directly stay away from Zhai Ling and Sakura.
Sakura smiled in her heart. This Tang Pang really knows how to do things. After the aunt, she will definitely introduce her sisters to you.
Zhai Ling is some language to look at the three guys smile, especially LiuChengXuan this cargo just now also a calm water stop appearance in an instant is Tang Fan them so obscene.
"Give him the green elegant … did I make a wrong decision …"
Resistant to grind teeth and fall cherry blossoms, just gather together and hug Zhai Ling’s arm.
"Let’s walk around with the girl."
"Is this good?" Zhai Ling Gherardini to cherry blossoms.
But Sakura is braver than Zhai Ling’s thought. Instead of giving up, he sneers, "What’s wrong? It’s not like we haven’t hugged each other. Besides, you’re not willing to let the girl take advantage of you, are you? "
"I surrender, I surrender your honor, please." Zhai Ling also discovered that his eloquence is better than falling cherry blossoms and repeatedly raised his hand to surrender Naidao.
Sakura’s head held high with a charming hum, and a touch of victory was outlined at the corner of her mouth. She happily held Zhai Ling’s arm and walked toward the outside.
64, shopping storm (2 more)
"Welcome," a tall and beautiful woman wearing a palace cheongsam said with a sweet smile to the two people coming face to face, and her eyes also quietly looked at the couple in front of her.
Seeing the girl hugging the boy’s arm, the shopkeeper and clerk of the store said with a smile, "You two are really perfect."
"Is that my man?" Hear beauty shopkeeper praise sakura immediately grin defiantly at Zhai Ling made a face.
Zhai Ling didn’t see some nai to look at other places.
It’s not that Zhai Ling doesn’t want to explain that when Zhai Ling’s mouth moved, he felt a small hand around his waist, and then he saw that pure and evil smiling face. Zhai Ling also fell cherry and honestly became dumb.
"Go over there and have a look." Sakura tugged at Zhai Ling’s arm and walked to the wardrobe on the left. Zhai Ling can also resist going. It seems that he has never accompanied any girl to buy clothes, and it seems that there are only a handful of girls around him.
And the beauty shopkeeper also had to look at the couple in her eyes.
"Zhai Ling, do you think this cheongsam looks good?"
"… ok"
"That is not good-looking, and so on. What about this one? I like blue best. Isn’t this a good blue dress? "
"… ok"
"Why do you always say ok? No, you have to tell me which one looks good. This one on the left or this one on the right? "
"Er … don’t want to choose? Okay, okay, don’t come here. I get it. Um … I think … everything suits you. "
"No, you have to choose one?"
"… left … side … no, no, this blue dress on the right, well, this one looks better."