One generation will never forget the scene, and another generation will never forget the complex emotions.
A moment ago, everyone was pessimistic and desperate to die; A moment ago, everyone didn’t know when they would encounter the difficult situation of family destruction; A moment ago, the fairy city was surrounded by a blade …
A moment ago, the mother nest of Zerg was still a piano shooting at every monk in Xiancheng, which shook people’s desperate nightmares.
But now it’s like a dream to see those Abel war stars rushing from the mouth of the second ancestor of the huge strange ball and the legion of terror.
Qinshe Xiancheng was saved.
Here comes the savior, the teenage friar, the second ancestor of Terran, the friar of Dapeng Golden-winged Bird, who is floating on the air, is the savior of Terran.
His clothes are flying slightly on the back of Dapeng goldfinch; He wears a blue handsome face with a faint smile, giving people a kind of confidence, and a kind of sunshine is like a nine-day sun.
Bring hope to people and bring poverty to people
Many years later, many years later, there were bards who kept singing about this magical battle.
It is also recognized that the adult people rose from the disaster, straightened up from the ruins, and saw hope again from despair.
Later generations called the harp shooting the dawn.
Just as the rising sun brings poverty and darkness to the CD-ROM drive on the earth, the dawn of the piano illuminates the haze in the heart of the Terran Godsworn and saves the Terran Godsworn from the darkness.
The second ancestor, Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, controls the gods. The general Abel war star descended from the sky and stepped on the Dapeng Golden Winged Bird to drive the tens of millions of violent armies to truly climb the stage of Terran history for the first time.
The second grandchild, the great grandchild, the agarwood, has an incomparable domineering spirit, showing its strength to the extreme.
Terrans are full of hope.
Qinshe Xiancheng had the honor of witnessing the second ancestor of Terran, the Friar of Friends, and became the most staunch ally of Terran from then on.
Terran Second Ancestor Brilliant Elves Tree Terran One-horned Bards have a wide range of words.
Silent night, it’s too dark to close your eyes, and the moonlight is lost to acid water, counting the stars and tears in your eyes.
Knock it over to a certain time and see that day. Who is there with me to comfort the bard?
I kept wandering to different places and playing a thousand words, but I couldn’t describe the glory of my two ancestors.
You said that there are many wonderful things in the world, but it is easy to pass by. It is the stars that shine bravely to express their vision.
The war star frightened the mother nest like a boulder hitting a bird; Dapeng’s golden wings sparkled and overwhelmed the fire all over the sky.
It’s an eternal story, and bards of all ethnic groups are scrambling to say that it’s a magical story, which is said to be an eternal myth.
Mother nest poisonous insect represents fear and despair represents destruction and disaster.
However, agarwood, the second grandchild of Terran, is even more horrible and overbearing, which brings hope and light to people.
Abel wars star into the history books.
Dapeng goldfinch goes down in history.
The ancient terror corps has also entered the history books. After a long time, it seems that people can feel the dawn of the piano shooting and bloom with poor charm through the infinite time.
What kind of brilliant, magnificent and thrilling battlefield is it?
At that time, what kind of grand miracle did the monks experience to become so pious and passionate? When it comes to that time, they are full of ways to hide their passion.
Abel war star? What on earth came from that era? The monk was not very white, and no one could accurately describe his shape.
A big ball seems to be not much smaller than a harp shooting at the whole continent. It is covered in fire and burned with colored glass. I don’t know how high it is. I don’t know how big it is. It is a terrible and ferocious huge war barrier.
Some people say that the Abel war star is a huge war machine forged by the second ancestor, which is the ultimate means of war of the Terran. It is called Abel war star because the second ancestor once defended Abel continent and the war star was forged by Abel continent.
However, some people say that Abel’s war star is really the second ancestor of Abel’s mainland, who refined the whole mainland into a huge war star by means of his own elite troops to drive the heavens and the earth.
Abel War Star has become the ultimate secret that is truly full of magic and makes people know the face and keep their mouths shut than they yearn for Terran high-level people.
Full of mystery and charm
That’s Abel War Star.
Qin shot at Huangling, the mainland, and was lucky enough to witness the true face of Abel’s war star. When he witnessed the true state of the war star from a distance, his heart was shocked or shocked
Abel’s war star is slightly bigger than his own piano shooting at the mainland. The second ancestor really refined Abel’s mainland as a whole and became the ultimate weapon of war for Terrans.
In front of this huge war star, the Terran once had the largest virtual flying ship, even though it was an ant about the size of an elephant.