Su Wei said, "A beautiful woman who is content with a luxurious residence will kill her ambition, arrogance and pride. Going to see him in person and accompanying her with some kind words will make the prince of Zhao feel better. Not only can your father be released, but he may also get heavy weight. I think nothing will happen."
Du Jing couldn’t help but look gratified. "Fang Gong’s statement is so reasonable that his father’s survival depends on Fang Gong."
The next day, Su Wei personally took an ox cart, except for a coachman, who was escorted to the imperial city. Su Wei went out of Shangshanfang, but he was surprised to see the soldiers of the Zhao army in a neat way along the street. Su Wei’s ox cart only took a while, and Zhao Jun immediately toured the city and rode.
Dozens of armored war horses and armored cavalry stopped Su Wei and his party from a cavalry general and shouted, "The quiet street is not over yet. Where are you going with guns?"
Su Wei, a deputy prime minister, closed his eyes with a car, and ignored the general. Su Wei’s housekeeper said, "We are Su Fu people, and the car is in the Gregorian calendar …"
"I don’t know what Fang Guogong is!" The general replied rudely
Su Wei closed her eyes and said, "I wish Su Ping had said what she had come for."
The housekeeper saluted Su Wei and then said to the general, "Our master is going to visit you. It’s a self-defense place to carry some weapons!"
The general heard that he was going to visit Li Chongjiu. He looked a little slow and said, "It turned out to be to see the positions, but you can’t take weapons to the street."
"One thousand have bad guys …"
Haha, the housekeeper’s words were interrupted by the general, who said, "With our army, Luoyang City is absolutely chaotic. If you don’t trust me, I’ll send a team of cavalry to escort you to the imperial city, but the military orders are like a mountain. You must not carry weapons and never negotiate."
Su Su opened his eyes and said, "It’s good to know that Zhao Jun’s strict military discipline is really good. Su Ping will follow the general’s meaning."
When most Su’s family songs are returned, several servants of Su Wei, Zhao Jun, and a team of cavalry guards go straight to the imperial city.
Before we arrived in Tianjin Bridge, it was already a noisy city, but when we saw that the soldiers of the Zhao army were guarding the bridge, the passers-by were unblocked. There were several notices posted on the four-storey building at the bridge head, and a group of people surrounded the notice, but they heard a student chanting about Julian Waghann’s entry into the country.
Su Wei’s ox cart crossed Tianjin Bridge and then passed the ecliptic bridge and came to the outer gate of the imperial city. General Zhao heard that someone asked for an impatient tunnel, "Do you want to see everything?"
When the housekeeper heard this, she gave up her usual money and said, "Please bend the rules for one person and invite the brothers to tea!"
The general not only refused to accept the money, but also angered, "I still need your stinking money to tell you about it, but I have to listen to heaven if I don’t let it go."
Su Wei couldn’t help listening to Daqi’s heart, but he still didn’t want money. So Su Wei waited in front of the door and waited for the heart. He was an old man. If he was rejected, I’m afraid he would go out and become a laughing stock.
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Chapter five hundred and seventy-nine Smooth (third)
Su Wei waited for a while in an ox cart.
After a while, a robe-wearing Zhao official came to the front of the ox cart and asked, "Is this Fang Gong?"? Please meet me at Geganyang Hall! "
Solvay nodded and said, "Please."
After that, Su Wei entered the city from the end door. After watching the palace, Su Wei couldn’t help feeling that in just a few years, the hall had changed its fourth owner.
Temple Su Wei met Li Chongjiu, and the other party was unexpectedly young. It was not even thirty years old, which surprised Su Wei. However, Su Wei immediately remembered that Yang Guang was also a young Junjie. At the age of thirty-six, he became emperor, but that ruined the young people of the Sui Dynasty. I am afraid that this young man will be no exception.
"Old Su Wei, please forgive me for being too old to worship!"
Li Chongjiu laughed. "You are the prime minister of Sui Dynasty, but you were willing to bow down when you met Yu Wenhua, Li Mi and Wang Shichong. But when you met me today, you said that you can’t bow down when you are old. Isn’t that deceiving me?"
Su Wei’s face turned red, knowing that Li Chongjiu satirized him for his rich experience in official career.
However, Su Wei is still a well-experienced official. He replied, "In the past, when the country was in danger, the country died; When Qin was in the state of Qin, Qin Guoba was old and devoted to the country, but the sky couldn’t listen, so how can you blame the old man? "
Li Chongjiu heard the words and laughed. "Give me a seat and say that I am not generous to the elderly!"
Su Wei sat down and said, "Today, I have been buried for more than 15 years, saying that things are already profitable, but I came here today to see the weather of Zhao and the real dragon today."
Li Chongjiu smiled. "What do you think?"
"It’s really fortunate that I can see someone who can unify the sky a hundred years ago."
Li Chongjiu was suddenly happy and laughed when he heard the words. Su Wei was really young and successful, or was he missing a few minutes? Qualitative, this person must be soft and hard, so it is easy to deal with.
I didn’t know that Li Chongjiu’s face sank after laughing. "Fang Gong, if you have something to say, you might as well just say that I like frank people and don’t like others going around."
Sue suddenly one leng few teeth mouth almost doesn’t close properly.
Su Wei counted himself on Zaifu and sold Li Chongjiu with great weight, but he didn’t expect the other party to be rude and didn’t give himself any face. Su Wei knew that Li Chongjiu was definitely a British host. You can’t take the service of Yang Guang Li Miyu culture and Wang Shichong to deal with Li Chongjiu.
Su Wei hesitated a way: "Luoyang is the fourth battlefield. Although Zhao’s power is strong, it is still inferior to Li Tang. Li Tangxi Zhao Guodong, whenever things compete for the top position, which one is the central axis of Hedong Luoyang, will occupy the first hand. Guess which one is the old man. Luoyang City is to block Li Tangxi’s exit from the middle, and Li Tang has to fight against Luoyang, so Luoyang City gains and losses. This is to help stabilize Luoyang."
Li Chongjiu just listened to Su Wei for a long time, somewhat underestimating this old man, Sui Mingxiang, who felt that the other party was an old hand. When Li Chongjiu said these words, he immediately made Li Chongjiu sit up and take notice. Li Chongjiu captured Luoyang’s heart and revealed his interests. White thinking is by no means like a ten-year-old man
In this way, Emperor Yangdi can’t be a minister. Instead, the ruling and opposition parties are notorious for Su Wei, saying that this person never dared to speak out when he served Emperor Yangdi. He knew all day that he was a vegetarian prime minister.
In those days, when Yang Jian started Su Wei’s speech, he once said that those who have a big boat value Ma Jun, and those who have several talents are far away from you. Li Chongjiu’s evaluation of Su Wei is also the same.
Li Chongjiu most appreciated talented people and asked, "What should I be taught in that room?"
Su Wei said, "First, calm the people’s hearts, appease the officials and then stabilize the counties around Luoyang. Otherwise, the prince of Zhao can make the same mistake as Wang Shichong even if he hits Luoyang. In terms of the old man, it is a matter of time before Luoyang’s people are restored."
When Li Chongjiu heard Su Wei say this, he showed that great minds think alike. These are exactly what Zhang Xuansu Jichuan Wei Zheng negotiated and decided to do step by step. Su Wei casually said that it was not that he was resourceful, but that he had been in the position of big Sui Zaifu for more than ten years and had too much experience in dealing with similar facts.
"In the next step to appease or so entreat positions can be released, such as Du Yan’s grandson An Shi to serve the old minister of Zheng. They are all koo people. Wang Shichong, according to Luoyang, lost his life and had to follow positions. If they are driven to kill them, they will inevitably force these Luoyang or officials to invest in Li Tang. Isn’t it selfish? Not only do you have to forgive me, but you have to pay attention to the old man. You are old and have a good life in a few years. You don’t want to do anything, but the only thing you can do is to hope that you can be awarded a honorary title, so Luoyang officials will inevitably rush to vote. "
Li Chongjiu nodded. He didn’t blame Su Wei’s words for being so straightforward. Li Chongjiu said, "I have already drafted a letter to attack Luoyang this time. In addition to the pseudo-Zheng, Wang Shichong and Wang Xuan, the father and the father Zhu Can beheaded wang xing’s imperial clan and exiled, more than one official changed his mind and returned to Du Yan’s grandson An Shi. I have already forgiven the existing officials and hosted a banquet for them in Dongcheng."
When Su Wei heard this, he couldn’t help but get up and kowtow to Li Chong-jiu-yi, saying, "Li Ying is an old man who talks too much."
Li Chongjiu smiled.
Speaking of this, Su Wei paused and immediately went on, "I am an old woman who has a granddaughter with a pair of piano and chess paintings. I am proficient in Luoyang’s aristocratic brothers, but I have always regarded her as a treasure and refused to marry my little girl. My heart is also very high. If you don’t marry a hero, you will know what the real dragon is. Now I want to marry my little girl. Please accept it!"
Li Chongjiu almost spit out a mouthful of tea when he heard Su Wei start, but when he heard my daughter say that she was not a hero and didn’t marry, she vaguely felt that this was a bit deja vu, as if she had said this when she said Li Zhiwan to Li Shimin.
Li Chongjiu smiled and didn’t promise or refuse.
Chapter five hundred Drinking
Chang ‘an Shiliba Bridge
It is in the spring of March that the willows on both sides of Baqiao Bridge are lush.
When scholars send each other off, they all give each other a willow when they say goodbye to Baqiao, so Baqiao is very famous for folding willow in Chang ‘an.
Now Baqiao Li Tangtai is waiting beside Baiguandu Bridge in Li Tang, Li Jiancheng.
The yellow imperial umbrella covered the sun. Li Jiancheng sat safely in Liu Yin for a long time. In the willows, Li Tang’s crusade army was slowly advancing.
Li Jiancheng, but seeing Li Shimin riding alone in shining armor, and Qi Wang Li Yuanji Qu Tutong and other twenty-five generals from the back, he came to the army with heavy armor, Datang fighters, and the yellow dust was long and gave a taste of a hundred battles.
Although Li Shimin didn’t attack Luoyang, Li Jiancheng was still slightly unhappy. This time, Li Shimin went out to capture Wang Shichong, more than 70 States, and Henan, except Luoyang Tiger Prison, entered Li Tang’s hands.
How can such feats not make Li Jiancheng jealous? Tang gaozu heard that Li Shimin came back and asked him to greet him with a captive ancestral temple, and so on. If Li Shimin attacked Luoyang again and destroyed Zheng Guo’s captive Wang Shichong and offered it to the ancestral temple, then I’m afraid he should have done Li Yuanji’s words long ago. Gao Zhen’s main throne is already in jeopardy.
On the other hand, Li Shimin should not be allowed to take charge of the army again. This Luoyang war sounded the alarm for Li Jiancheng.
"Visit the Taidian!"
Li Jiancheng saw Li Shimin Li Yuanji horse salute him and smiled. "The king of Qin and the king of Qi can’t make a difference this time. I’m really happy for you."
Li Shimin, on the other hand, said, "If you don’t dare to apologize to your father too much, you will fail to attack Luoyang. Instead, Li Chongjiu will let his forces extend to the Central Plains, and I will be worried about Datang in the future!"
Li Yuanji aside, "Li Chongjiu at most suffers from a second brother’s skin, saying it’s too much."
Li Jiancheng listened to Li Shimin’s tone and heart. The fourth brother didn’t understand anything. Li Er meant that he still wanted to continue to attack Luoyang. Li Jiancheng held Li Shimin’s shoulder and said, "Second brother, you attacked Zheng this time. It’s really hard to attack Luoyang. Father means to wait and give it to him in the future!"
Li Shimin listened to Li Jiancheng and said with a smile, "Thank you for your T-shirt."
Li Jiancheng smiled and laughed. "Tell your second brother a piece of good news. My sister-in-law and nephew have all come back safely. It’s a great luck that the king of Qin came back to the house and his family was reunited."
Li Shimin heard that Grandson Dirt and Li Chenggan had come back safely, but he couldn’t help but be surprised that Li Chongjiu let his wife and children go so easily. But on second thought, he immediately understood Li Chongjiu’s meaning that the two of them came back safely. This point made Tang Yuan Li Jiancheng suspect that this was purely a good play written and performed by Li Shimin himself. Li Chongjiu was really good at juggling and scheming.
Looking at Li Jiancheng’s look, Li Shimin didn’t speak. It was said, "This matter will be the most cunning and AWOL policy of Li Chongjiu’s Taidian."
Li Shimin see Li Jiancheng look is obviously not believe say with smile "TaiDian Shimin is a loyal to Datang for you".
Li Yuanji didn’t speak but showed disdain. Li Jiancheng immediately laughed. "How can Erlang orphan trust you? Come into the city! "
With that, Li Jiancheng took Li Shimin Li Yuanji’s hand and the three men went to the front of the officials. Pei Jishou, Li Tang Baiguan, bowed down to the three men to celebrate Li Shimin’s triumphant return this time.
After that, the people on the streets of Chang ‘an, where the three armed forces entered the city, rushed to witness this grand occasion. After the three brothers Li Jiasan presented the ancestral temple, Tang Yuan called all the meritorious soldiers to drink and reward the three armed forces.
When I got to the extreme temple, Li Shimin saw Tang gaozu standing in front of the temple. Before a quick step, he first knelt down and cried to Tang gaozu. "My father is a son. Can you protect Sanmei and ask my father to punish him severely?"
Hearing this, Li Shimin, Tang gaozu’s eyes were red and he was speechless at the moment.