Jade Sea Palace Shura Gate is second only to Yuhua Palace, and Loujiang, the palace owner of Jade Sea Palace, is a seven-attribute quasi-statue. At this time, the jade sea palace owner bowed his head respectfully at the left of the main hall, but in that palace, he was a black-faced and black-robed old man. Looking at the middle-aged man who just came in, his brother, his right hand and a golden robe, his middle-aged face became more and more ugly.
These two men are the second elders of the Shura Gate, and the ram is floating in the clouds. The core of the Shura Gate in Huangfuyuan Mountain was destroyed by Yuan Ye three years ago. The most central place was still in the law, and the Yuhua Palace, the first branch, was completely destroyed by Yuan Ye. Today, these two rulers of the Shura Gate can temporarily live in the Yuhai Palace, the second largest branch.
At this time, I heard my brother report that the ram was floating in the clouds and Huangfu Yuanshan was constantly smoking.
Destroy my Yulin Palace, they still started work. Huangfu Yuanshan squeezed these three words through his teeth. If he didn’t start work for three years, Science Tianzong would stop attacking Shura Gate and wanted to talk about things again, but now Science Tianzong finally started work.
At this time, a younger brother flew in in in panic and saw that the younger brother decorated the ram with clouds and other people’s hearts were tight.
Yuquan gongdishi
Elder Tai finished Yuquan Palace, and the younger brother threw himself on the floor and burst into tears.
Not much to say, even Yulin Palace is the same. If there are more branches, we will seize the station and occupy the territory of Shuramen.
Yuan Yeshi was cruel enough to destroy my two branches, Huangfu Yuanshan, and couldn’t help roaring.
I’m afraid it’s not just these two places where the ram roars and growls. It’s revenge, that is, destroying Zongmen and killing his brother. But now Yuan Ye is occupying Zongmen without destroying Zongmen and occupying the divisional headquarters. This is to rob our territory and take it all for himself. I’m afraid he will rob me without stopping. The Shuramen branch must prepare early.
Ram floating clouds than sad to say that the science of uniting sects don’t have three levels of their headquarters, branches, and headquarters in the ordinary people’s world. Now Yuan Ye has occupied all the branches and headquarters of the Shura Gate. Ram floating clouds know that from now on, Yulin Palace Yuquan Palace will rule a house, and the other five houses will not be lost. There will be no other forces of Shura Gate and Haotian Sect in the future.
Then we’ll go to the Jade Sea Palace at once. I’m afraid one of them is there. Loujiang couldn’t help but interject.
Hum, when this brother came to report, he had already gone to Yuhai Palace. Now the array of gods must have finished. What are we going to do to die? The ram suddenly roared, but he was angry and didn’t know where to go.
Loujiang was so scared that he didn’t dare to chew, trying to calm down. The ram was floating in the clouds and added, but after he attacked the division, he had to attack the headquarters. This will give us time to prepare. Hum Yuan Ye, if you don’t give it to you, there will be no dragon in the array. They will help you. Before you were my opponent, I begged you to come. You didn’t come today, but you have already come.
Ram was wearing a rage when he said this, but having said that, Ram was still guilty in his heart. After all, Yuan Ye killed too many elders and too many elders, and dzogchen Huyanxian died. How can he not be guilty if he is allowed to face him alone?
Seeing this, the messenger brother couldn’t help saying, "Elder Tai, we escaped many brothers this time, but on the way back, we were ambushed by the imperial secretary in the empty night, causing heavy casualties."
Ah, the ram in the empty night palace is floating in the clouds, and the face of Loujiang is instantly changed.
What’s the movement of Qingqiong AU Huangfu Yuanshan hurriedly asked.
Qing Qiong Meng people haven’t attacked our brother yet, but I’m afraid there will be some big moves when people from the Qing Qiong Meng branch get together in the virtual night.
Ram floating clouds Huangfuyuanshan look at each other with worried eyes.
The Big Six of Flames is more than just a giant sect of Shura Gate. These sects are more than just a family of Shura Gate in the local area. Among them, the Virtual Night Palace, Qingqiong League and Shura Gate are known as the Big Six of Flames. Among these three giant sects, the virtual night palace of Shura Gate is similar in strength, but it is much weaker than Qingqiong League.
Today, the Shura Gate has been hit hard in a row, and its strength has been greatly reduced. In this case, those small sects and local sects still dare not do anything, but the ram is floating in the clouds and Huangfu Mountain has been worried about the virtual night palace of Qingqiong League. After all, the three of them have been fighting for so many years, and the strength of Shura Gate has been greatly reduced, but Shura Gate still occupies such a large territory. If these two families take this opportunity to unite, it will be unimaginable.
Grandfather Shi suggested that people should be sent to the Palace, Qingqiong League and test it at once. We can send them to conclude a flat contract to send some sacred objects, natural materials and treasures, and cut some areas for them to accept. We must not let them attack us together with Haotianzong, otherwise we will not be able to stop Huangfuyuan Mountain immediately.
It’s good for the ram to nod again and again. It’s a good warning to talk about the sneak attack on us by the virtual night palace. Don’t pretend that you have never been born. Let’s lower our body. Now we must endure it.
Looking at my brothers’ worries, I suddenly feel an old man. Once, the momentum of sitting on the sky was gone, but the ram was just floating. The empty night Gongqing Qiongmeng was going to be bad for us. They still have room for discussion, but we, Heaven Sect of Science, even lost the chance to talk at all. This time, we have to kill Yuan Ye at all costs. There is nothing to be afraid of. Then, we will pester me in the empty night Gongqing Qiongmeng, and we will experience seven million years of ups and downs. This time will be quite good.
Elder Tai, all the disciples of Shura knelt down and said that there was not much change in the situation.
At the same time, Yuan Ye has robbed the Jade Palace, the third branch of the Shura Gate, for three wars, and fourteen quasi-revered departments of these three branches were killed, including four attributes, two people, five attributes, one person and six attributes, and one other murdered brother’s palace. The rest of them fled, and Yuan Ye gave these soul-strength departments to the exclusion of four people, ten soul fighters and elders, all of whom were promoted to three attributes. The world was also awakened by the night shot, and the soul fighters could be directly promoted by sucking the soul force. It is more important to suck these forces that are not their own,
There are ten stations in the Jade Palace, three houses, but when Yuan Ye came to the ninth station, it was already a mess, full of signs of fighting and killing, and the owner of this station had obviously changed
Seeing this, Yuan Ye’s eyebrows could not help but wrinkle up. It seems that people have seen enough of our two families and want to take advantage of it.
At this moment, a middle-aged man with a blue robe flew in with three quasi-statue masters. This middle-aged man is a six-attribute quasi-statue with strong strength. He is a big shot everywhere.
In a policy of virtual night palace magic wanted to part of the Lord met Yuan Yezong, the middle-aged Lord, and his expression was very polite.
With giant sects, these extremely critical areas, Shura Gate Branch, are also virtual night palace branch, and the magical city is virtual night palace branch here. Now Yuan Ye Haotianzong is a giant sect, and Yuan Ye’s status is even higher than that of the general giant sect patriarch. A giant sect branch owner will humble himself when he sees Yuan Yeran.
What’s going on? Let’s talk about it. Yuan Ye looks at each other coldly, but he doesn’t like this real guy who robbed himself of victory.
This middle-aged policy immediately said, Lord Yuan Ye, I have been confronting the Shura Gate in the virtual night palace. This time, I have always advocated that your clan alliance destroy the Shura Gate together, and the Qingqiong League also agreed to join the Shura Gate forces. My three families will share the power of Yuan Ye and join hands with my patriarch, the Qingqiong League leader, to discuss the specific details together.
I’m afraid your two families have already discussed the details. Well, since you want to form an alliance, you should take some sincerity. I’ve been fighting for shura gate for eleven years, and the shura gate died in our hands. My loss is not small. Since you want me to share the shura gate power, less than half of the shura gate is left for you two to solve, and the three of us will share the remaining territory of shura gate, so I’ll solve more than half of the masters, and the two of you will not suffer.
This strategy looks ugly, my Lord. I live in the patriarch of Qingqiong League. It means that from now on, our three families will be wiped out at the same time, and the shura gate will be divided equally between them. That’s all in the past, and I’m a sub-owner. It’s just the patriarch’s meaning. It’s also you and I who live in the patriarch of Qingqiong League. Which is my turn to discuss what to say?
What I mean is very clear. There is no room for negotiation. Go back and tell Zhou Chun, but if he agrees, he will form an alliance. If he doesn’t agree, don’t wave everyone. Yuan Ye waved his hand and left directly.
The virtual night palace is full of flames, and the three giant sects-the virtual night palace owner Zhou Chun and Yuan Yeran have heard of it.
Ready and send an adult item policy with a smirk at the corner of his mouth. By the way, another resident of the adult Shura Gate has been taken away by the Qingqiong Union people. You can drop by and ask whether Qingqiong Union agrees with your alliance conditions.
From Yuan Ye suddenly stopped the cold eyes staring at a policy staring at his whole body.
Adults want to let you know that this matter is absolutely offensive. Adults pardon me and say that the policy here has been shaken with fear. In my heart, I secretly scold myself. An idiot dares to provoke this person. This is to defeat Yuan Zun and kill Shura Gate. The master of God Array is the patriarch. When he sees it, he has to be polite and give him a small share. It’s really a bit overreaching.
Hum, tell Zhou Chunshi that I must meet him. Yuan Ye turned away again.
Yes, yes, this time, I dare not provoke Yuan Ye at all.
Patriarch just forget it. Lu Zhang and others look ugly, too