It can be said that the advantages and disadvantages are very obvious.
This is why the king of Bi Meng took such a fancy to the wild city.
Re-cast alien glory?
I’m sorry, Bi Meng Wang really wants to have himself.
Outside the Great Wall of Great Wilderness
After repelling the alien attack again,
The Great Wall Army in the Great Wilderness is tired of sitting on the wall.
There are mountains of corpses on the Great Wall of the Great Wilderness.
Among these bodies, there are aliens, fierce beasts … and the Great Wall Army.
After the first batch of platinum-level aliens joined the battlefield, the Great Wall Army discovered that this battle was completely different from before.
Everyone has established rules.
But this time, the alien side is not prepared to abide by it.
Actually, several times, the platinum-level strong men were quietly sent to sneak attack the Great Wall Army.
These sneak attacks on the Great Wall Army in the Great Wilderness paid great casualties.
It is also because of these sneak attacks.
Causing the tragic degree of the war to rise to a new level.
Aliens have platinum-level strong people, and there are also many wild Great Wall troops.
And I don’t know why, although I didn’t make a move.
But in the past, I was a senior student at the University of the Wild who had been staying in the Wild Tower.
This time also joined the battle.
This has never happened before.
Because the senior students are protecting the wild tower.
It can be seen how much pressure this battle has brought to the Great Wall Army.
However, senior students have been sent out of the closet by the academy.
Some senior students of Congcong University felt fear instead of excitement when they came out.
Because this time it was the aliens who broke the rules first
You can teach these guys a lesson when you are exhausted.
End this hunting season
But until now, Huang Long has not only failed to make moves, but also sent senior students.
This made them think.
Is it because of the riot in the former abyss that the headmaster went through?
Causing him to get hurt.
If so, it will be very dangerous for that wild city.
Because the diamond-level strong is not a wild city.
There is also an alien who hasn’t appeared a diamond-level strong all the year round.
If the drought-killing method can make moves but the diamond-level strong opponent can make moves.
The result … is miserable.
Booming …
The Great Wall Army in the Great Wilderness was depressed, and thunder suddenly sounded in the sky.
A second of bean rain falls from it.
Rain hit the Great Wall Slate, and a lot of coagulated blood quickly melted away, and the rain began to flow.
The original heavy blood smell was soon diluted a lot.
But the heavy rain didn’t make the soldiers of the Great Wall look relaxed.
Because a monster … is approaching the Great Wall.
Bang, bang, bang …
There are a number of dull steps outside the Great Wall.
The footsteps are dull, although the distance is far away.
But it clearly entered the ears of the Great Wall Army.
Tired soldiers got up and looked out of the Great Wall.
Introducing the eye, thunder and lightning, a figure bigger than a huge one.