Tianyang reported that after she changed her route, the iron lions moved with her and arranged a dreamland in front of Kurome.
At that time, Ms. Shadow herself was far away from the blockade block, otherwise she was influenced by Kurome’s fantasy. She was circling around.
After the dreamland cover iron lion and sword wind launched an attack.
At that time, Tianyang had entered the dreamland, but he didn’t do it. He was instructed to assassinate.
Without his chance, Ms. Shadow climbed over the wall and escaped from the dreamland.
At that time, her body was all black and unlucky, and she went directly to the blockade.
Eventually shot by a recruit gun.
Moreover, the recruit didn’t come to aim because of nervousness, but it was so casual that he shot the shadow lady on the forehead. This fantastic result was not acceptable to these people until now.
"In general, we have finished hunting tonight, and everyone has worked hard."
The streamer clapped his hands and said, "Come on, let’s try not to appear in the urban area. If there is no accident, the gray market should be closed and stay here for a while."
"I will wait for my notice at a time."
From the warehouse back to the apartment in the city, before the sun came to catch my breath, there was a glimmer of light dancing and condensing in front of me, forming a roll.
The background color is white and bright red.
Tianyang took a deep breath.
When fate intervened, it ended, and now it enters the link of payment.
I saw that the dice fell to the ground and kept rolling, which made Tianyang look scared.
When it stops, there are four red dots on that side.
4 o’clock!
Tianyang was slightly relieved.
not bad
It’s a bit unlucky at 5 o’clock and 4 o’clock, but the sun will stay at home for the next six hours.
Sleep, to be exact.
Luck is a bit close, and nothing should happen.
Teenagers rest assured to undress, take a shower and go to bed.
Come and sleep till dawn. Who knows that Tianyang feels a slight cramp in his lower abdomen at midnight?
It seems that it is not clean to eat fast food in the city tonight.
I have diarrhea …
The next day, when Yang woke up, he heard the doorbell ring.
Knocking on the door is a bird.
She pointed to the building. "Will you come for breakfast later?"
Tianyang smiled. "That would be great."
He simply freshened up, changed clothes and left the apartment.
Six hours have passed, and Tianyang is glad that nothing bad happened except running to the toilet several times in the middle of the night.
However, for the sublimator, especially if he is already a rank 5 sublimator, he can still eat bad belly.
This is a bad thing.
Of course not compared with miss shadow
After all, at that time, the silk thread of her destiny was black.
Shadow hunting has achieved this goal and completed the first step of infiltrating Qingtianbao. For Tianyang, his plan has also taken a big step forward.
Light joy, juvenile heart spread, his happy mood, bird apartment and two girls have breakfast together.
The bird is holding a cup and drinking milk with moderate temperature, leaving a circle of white stains on its mouth.
She licked it and said casually, "Our Ling Zongcan’s efficiency is high. I heard Erbo say last night that Cui’s family had been severely warned."
"It seems that Cui left the city with his men in a hurry last night."
Tianyang listened quietly and didn’t interrupt as if he had
But yesterday he directly killed Cui Huanren.
His anger is real, but after so much experience, he has learned to hide his emotions more and more.
Just like yesterday, he remained calm even in anger.
Less surface is
After breakfast, Tianyang said that she would go to Tianqing College, and the two girls would go back to Nightcrawler headquarters, so the three of them went their separate ways.
Driving to Tianqing College, the teenager went to Lao Xu for an early strategy class and had a lunch in the college cafeteria.
After eating, Lao Xu took out a thermos cup and poured it out from the inside, then made a cup of tea for Tianyang and himself.
Tianyang sighed in his heart that Lao Xu was enjoying life more and more.
Holding a cup and sipping hot tea, Lao Xu casually said, "A terrible thing happened in the city last night."
I guessed the answer early, but Tianyang still asked, "What is it?"
Lao Xu put a cup and narrowed his eyes slightly. "Large-scale fighting seems to be that several good guys have deployed three-dimensional armed forces and there are sublimation participants."
"My friend complained that he had to stay in the city for a long time recently and didn’t know when to investigate."
Sure enough, the movement has been too loud for too long, and the fortress has to intervene recently, so I’d better not go downtown.