A pure and vast feeling that everything is accepted by the heart but not moved by everything.
Really worthily, there are three scattered souls in Baiyun Tower, a great realm, which are submerged by this mysterious artistic conception.
I don’t know how many times this sword-light hand and sword-heart have been strengthened
The soul of the body is now aware of the Baiyun Tower on the wall of the sea boundary. Before grasping the sword light, I left my thoughts and cut out this sword in vain.
Scattered souls are also worried about what this sword has caused. Although it is far away, it has sealed this place and is ready to meet.
Although the soul was brought into the lofty and mysterious artistic conception by the sword, the idea of cutting out this sword remained.
Raise my hand to raise the sword light, and the virtual shadow body is divided into souls. In my hands, I show my soul’s strength and urge the sword light to turn into a ghosting image and cut it to the boundary wall.
At this time, the distractions in the sea of memory were thrown into the sword light like birds returning home, and the virtual shadow of the sword light immediately solidified a few minutes
The complicated thoughts dissipate with the operation of the sword, and the sharp edge of the sword easily penetrates the wall of the sea boundary and goes to chaos.
Chaos in the virtual air is cut by this sword, and a crack several feet wide and several feet long is made in the depth.
This crack is not to cut chaos, but to divide yin and yang into chaotic qi, which is squeezed by sword light on both sides
However, such results have satisfied Baiyun Tower.
Before letting Baiyun Tower proudly break the sword, it can also cut out dozens of deep cracks, which is still better than this little immortal’s sword.
What surprises Baiyun Tower even more is that as this sword splits out the sea boundary wall, it also follows the extension to the net crack.
When the boundary wall is recovered and the cracks are refilled with chaotic gas, the net permeability of Baiyun Tower is clearly aware of the change of knowing the sea.
Knowing the sea is slightly bigger.
This sword has actually helped to expand the knowledge of the sea a little.
Although there are still many distractions in the sea of memory, Baiyun Building is not going to continue trying.
There are many ways to broaden your knowledge of the sea, but now distractions have become scarce, so there is no need to smooth things over.
Mind-moving, mind-cutting, sword-thinking, escaping from body spirit and hiding in emptiness.
The familiar human touch is back, chaotic but very warm.
Sensing the breath of breathing, Baiyun Tower turned to look, only to see Mei Weng no longer holding his breath but trying to breathe.
Just ponder over Baiyun Tower and ask indifferently, "Is Mei Lao going to return to Kunlun Fairyland?"
"This human world … is really difficult to adapt to the fireworks … let’s go back to the celestial world first." Even so, it reveals the curiosity about the human world
"Well … according to Mei Lao’s wish," Baiyun Tower did not stop to follow Mei Weng’s words.
Kunlun made two people return to Kunlun cave with a wave of his hand. Mei Weng couldn’t help but take a big breath.
Compared with Kunlun cave, it is much more comfortable.
Looking at the top of the head, the Baiyun Tower of Banxian Array raises my hand, and a few clouds float to be slightly condensed and refined by the soul force. A floating ladder leads straight to Xianxian Array.
Please ask Mei Weng to step on the Baiyun Tower of Yunjie and chat with Mei Weng while walking slowly.
I didn’t talk about personnel, but talked about the suspended temple base not far away from the foot cloud stage.
The cloud illusion of Baiyun Tower evolved into a floating ladder similar to the cold light hall, which started from the peak and went straight to the front of the hall.
"There was a fairy knowledge hidden by the Great Elder of Kunlun …" The Baiyun Tower raised its hand to manifest the virtual shadow of the ice crystal lotus, showing a light spot.
Hearing this, Mei Weng couldn’t help but ask, "Is the teacher immortal?"
"It’s the elder who, although he is in the celestial world, has left the Kunlun celestial world with a heart of dust, which is worthy of being immortal," the Baiyun Building replied with a sigh.
Mei Weng looked at the base of the temple and could not help but concentrate on the orientation of the original ice crystal lotus.
Sensing the sinking of the Baiyun Tower in Mei Weng’s shrine, he said, "Perhaps the immortal knowledge read by the elder was completely relieved and finally vanished."
Mei Weng said with a sigh, "The teacher is the Terran Godsworn who ascends to immortality but chooses to stay in the Kunlun cave. Now I want to come back."
Speak two people step cloud steps to send fairy array.
Baiyun Tower waved away the cloud steps, took out the Kunlun Mountain, and sent the fairy array to start running.
At this time, Mei Weng raised his hand to indicate that the Baiyun Tower was temporarily slowed down and asked, "According to Yunlou, the Qingyun Cave is also very similar to this Kunlun Cave Fairy Spirit?"
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-five Mei Weng accepts disciples
Upon hearing this, the Baiyunlou platform Kunlun Lingqi slightly turned and replied, "The fairy aura of Qingyun Cave is a few times different from this cave in Kunlun, and now it has also built a fairy aura that is comparable to Kunlun Fairy …"
"By the way … Qingyun Cave is located in the south of the Yangtze River and can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River. Mei Lao will stay in Qingyun Gate for a few days if she is interested … with this fairy array, it will be there in an instant."
Mei Weng was surprised to hear that his mind was micro-moving. "This fairy array … let it be worthless, just follow the little friends."
It’s really not easy to finally convince this Mei Laoxian Weng that the Baiyun Tower secretly sighed with a slight nod, and the Kunlun Order in his hand started the operation to go to Qingyun Gate and burst into the nucleus.
A fairy light wrapped two people figure from fairy array flash without instant to Qingyun cave.
Walking out of the fairy array and looking at the suspended fairy mountain Mei Weng, I can’t help but praise him.
Flicker to the edge of the cliff and watch the floating clouds, the dusty Jiangnan old place is flourishing.