Sima Mo’s smell speech was silent for half a ring before the new mouth said, "Let the younger generation kneel on the spot for the old man and knock 999 times to show his sincerity, so I will let him live. Otherwise, the old man will take his life today."
The words turned pale.
White long hate face slightly ugly just want to mouth was interrupted by the simamo mouth.
You need to say more about this. If you want to live here.
The scene fell into silence and the atmosphere was dignified.
Several people’s eyes fell on Meng Fei, but at the moment, more is gloating.
This minor repair is really tough and carrying a skeleton, but it’s really a way to die.
Hey, hey, let’s get down on our knees and knock on our heads. It’s better to be humiliated than to lose your life.
Is this Sima family easy to provoke you? It’s really eyes that dare to force their heads on such occasions.
Although all the people are gloating.
However, Bai Xiaotong’s eyes are complicated and worried. Although Meng Fei gets along very short, she can feel that Meng Fei seems to be arrogant with the surface, which makes him beg for mercy different from wishful thinking
But what should I do if I don’t kneel and my life is in danger?
For a moment, Bai Xiaotong’s eyes flashed across the charming body in the light and went straight to the battlefield.
She came to Meng Fei’s side to pay homage to the Sima Mo Ying Ying, saying that Sima’s old-timer Meng Dage’s sexual arrogance made him kneel more uncomfortable than killing him. Xiaotong knew that your Sima family had a finger amputation. I heard that if someone in the Sima family collided with you in words, it would be a crime for him to break his five fingers.
Today, I, Xiao Tong, broke my fingers and asked you to accompany me to plead for leniency and spare my life. Meng Fei, the head of her Bai family, fell into danger. Bai Xiaotong was anxious to think of such a way.
Now it’s said that Yingying has taken a sword from her sleeve, gently closed her beautiful eyes, bitten her malicious teeth and suddenly cut off her fingers.
But the imaginary pain didn’t happen. Now the sword in her hand was blocked by a white palm a few inches away from her palm to stop her from breaking her finger.
Bai Xiaotong looked up and saw the beautiful eyes of the white palm owner. Meng Dage, you are quick to let go.
Meng Fei’s calm eyes are filled with faint warmth, but Bai Xiaotong is so ill that he is extremely warm in his heart
It’s a good feeling that he’s a good man again in this world.
Don’t let Meng Fei chuckle and shake his head. You little girl are so naive. Can you save my life by breaking your five fingers for Meng Fei’s eldest brother?
To tell you the truth, this Sima Laoer has faced me with a murder in his heart. You have nothing to do with it. Besides, you Meng Dage, I am a seven-foot man. Don’t you have to be a little girl to get into trouble?
Say, "Look up and look straight at Sima Mo, a black robe." You’d better keep in mind what happened to Sima Lao ‘er today. If you dare to force Xiao Ye today, you will pay a price you can’t imagine in the future.
As soon as the voice falls, the breath becomes majestic and the momentum soars into the sky.
The general trend of coercion is not weaker than Sima Mobai’s long hate for the general trend of coercion. Three imposing manners are inserted into the sky to stir up the wind and cloud, and Fiona Fang’s hundreds of miles of wind and cloud are discolored. The earth is more than coercion, which leads to the cultivation of Zhongzhou number, and the eyes are discolored. Looking here with horror,
Although it is not strong in life and death, he Meng Fei’s skill is not in life and death, especially God knows war, and he is even more afraid of this Sima Mo and Meng Fei
Mutation life mansion blood egg Wei Gong earth star 20 section and cooperate with many means. Although Meng Fei has not reached the realm of life and death, his combat power is already the initial cultivation of the enemy’s life and death realm, and he can still keep up with the wind.
This change completely shocked everyone. This Meng Fei is also a strong life and death situation
Sima Mo’s pupil-shrinking face was shocked. Just now, Meng Fei gathered interest and disguised himself as a strong earth star. He didn’t even notice it.
At the moment, God knows that Meng Fei’s momentum is magnificent, but it is a strong suspicion of life and death
Xiao Tianyi was instantly pale, and Meng Fei Xiu Yuan was beyond his expectation.
This small family is strong in life and death, and the Bai family has two strong in life and death. I’m afraid that Sima Mo also solved my danger of teaching flowers.
If Feng Dong’s stiff robe has been wet with cold sweat, if Meng Fei didn’t scruple to show it just now, I’m afraid he had already been nullified. If Feng Dong thought of this, his heart would be more’ re.
Bai Chang hates being extremely shocked, but after the shock, he is crazy from the bottom of his heart. Meng Fei’s life and death situation is strong. At this moment, he is the son-in-law in the name of his Bai family. So the Bai family has two strong life and death situations. Even the Sima family can’t be wanton and
Bai Bufan eyes swept in Bai Xiaotong body at the moment in the heart is better than satisfaction.
This world is strong in life and death, and how much this little girl brought home one.
Moreover, it seems that if the two people are close, it may be possible to make a good plan. Now it is really great to be a son-in-law
The man thought of here in the heart more comfortable repeatedly brushed must not chapter two hundred and ninety-four to accompany you to the end.
Bai Xiaotong stood pretty at Meng Fei’s side, sheltered by him, and didn’t suffer any momentum and coercion, otherwise how could this little girl be so relaxed now?
Beautiful eyes stare, big mouth is cute, and Zhang Lou’s teeth are charming and cute.
Strong life and death
Bai Xiaotong, a member of the Bai family, clearly knows that this kind of character can split the mountain and break the sea with one foot, which can even split the mountain.
But at the moment, this famous waste in Shuijiang, that is to say, at the grassroots level, has actually reached this level.
Bai Xiaotong’s head turned to Meng Fei with some dizzy beautiful eyes. He looked at the calm and elegant face a little more than that in the past. In just ten years, he had to wait for something before he could repair the peak of talent.
Presumably, his rough experience over the years is unusual, and I don’t know how many bloody battles he has experienced today.
Meng Fei’s face was calm and dark, his eyes were calm and collected, but at the moment, his body temperament changed suddenly, and his hands were not strong and his demeanor made people feel all kinds of awe in the depths of his soul.
Sima Laoer doesn’t want to expose Xiu today, but Ni Ma is really cruel. If you still want to rely on self-cultivation to persecute me, Xiao Ye Qu of the Bai family will play with you today, which is quite threatening.
Bai Chang hates his eyes flashing slightly and his face is gloomy. Although the Bai family of Sima Mo Dao is not the power of Dongzhou Huangzhou, this old-fashioned son-in-law must not be bullied by others.