At this moment, when there was a deafening roar in the prison, cracks appeared in the prison department and the first-class alarm suddenly sounded.
"Impossible, impossible, isn’t the evil dragon clan dead in that war? What? I feel the power of their descendants ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
"Do you want to die?"
As soon as the deep voice let the dragon knock on the iron prison, it stopped roaring. It seems that this sound has any magic. The roaring dragon actually trembled and crawled slowly.
"Yes, I’m sorry to disturb you …"
"General things shouldn’t let you do this. What happened outside?"
"The evil dragon teeth are broken and the extinct evil dragon clan is back …"
"Evil dragon gens? That’ll be the day! ! !”
"Come on, it’s this demon dragon who sent it to the pavilion."
"Kuai ~ ~"
The harsh dragons knocked down a group of guards. Pimu Feilong saw a large number of tougher guards coming one after another outside the door and looked at the dark cage next door
It’s a pity that Pimu Feilong has been overwhelmed by the guards. The cage next door is still dark and there is no response at all …
Looking at Pimu Feilong being taken away in a dark cage, he uttered a sigh, "Evil dragons are also dragons …
What’s wrong with the dragon? Will it really fall like the orcs? … "
On this side, Wu Zhe felt something rushing into his arms with his eyes open and kept shaking. It seemed that he was afraid of everything around him.
"Boo hoo"
The little white tiger also rushed to Wu Zhe to chase the living creature in Wu Zhe’s arms.
"Ah, it hurts. It hurts to death. I don’t want to make trouble."
Perhaps it was when I saw Wu Zhe’s painful expression, the little white tiger growled and walked back to his sleeping brother and sister, Wu Zhe, that I had a chance to check my chest.
A palm-sized bat with black paint and ink!
I don’t know if it’s a little bat. Anyway, this little guy is like a bat. Now he’s wronged in his arms and pouting, and it’s sprouting to the extreme
Wu Zhe held him in the palm of his hand and sensed that this little bat was his own soul-bound beast as soon as he was in his mind.
Looking at the little bat, its skin is black and radiant with light, and it is very smooth and strong. There are six raised gray-white packets on its slender head.
Eyes are very evil. I don’t know where it looks so aura.
Is Wu Zhe now clearly see little bat eyes combined with crescent bending mouth a grievance expression.
It may be very comfortable to stretch out your thumb and touch the little bat’s head. A pair of huge bat wings suddenly appeared behind him.
So the bat flew up and hung its limbs comfortably in front of Wu Zhehuang, sticking out its tongue, as if it had just been wronged and not it.
The loveliest thing is that its wings are long and its tail is flapping around. The tail is triangular at the end, which is very strange.
"mmm ~"
The little white tiger saw the little bat fly again and roared angrily at him-but he saw with his own eyes that the bat flew out from the egg that knocked out his mother.
With Wu Zhe as the backer, the little bat is not afraid to spit on the white tiger, and its tongue stinks and turns around a few times …
"well! !”
Maybe it’s that all the fantastic monsters have been blocked by the whining after the death of the black bear. Since the male tiger left, the White Tiger Cave has never been so calm as it is today.
After a few hours, the sky gradually lit up, and the little black and the little white have been playing together now. The monster beast thinking is so simple and simple.
Little black and white are little bats and little white tigers, so it’s convenient to shout. Wu Zhe gave them a nickname.
At first, no one of the two monster beasts was willing to make a big fight. Later, after communication and consultation in Wu Zhe, Xiaobai knew that all the culprits were the black fog and slowly accepted Xiaohe.
I don’t know what happened to that black fog, but Blackie hasn’t been born for so long and has been in the egg because of that black fog.
Wu Zhe also asked Xiaohe how the black fog came about, but Xiaohe’s memory was limited. He was familiar with and unfamiliar with the black fog and could not tell why.
"Okay, okay, don’t argue. Your mother has rested for so long, so it’s probably time to wake up. I have some things to leave the game and come back later."
Although I don’t know where the game is, Wu Zhe said that Xiaobai ran over and bit his bloody underwear and didn’t move Wu Zhe.
"Silly little white, I’m away from the game, that is, well, according to your side, it means practicing. You see, I’m bruised all over. Where can I go? Just like before, I’m not going anywhere in meditation, but I can’t continue to play with you. "
Small white some understanding eyes look at the black sitting on his back.