These monsters should really come from the underworld. The biggest difference between them and demonized sea beasts is that they all have very rare spirituality.
According to the description in the small chapter, it has a strong sense of discipline and a very sharp perception.
The horse will be stared at by many magical things because the small chapter in the sea will surface slightly, but these magical things are not clear. The strange shape perception of the small chapter is also a strange sea, but the small chapter is not recognized
Half a day later, the second batch of monsters arrived.
It looks like a terran, but it has a bull’s head and a pair of curved horns. The most prominent thing is a big nose with a bronze nose ring in it.
To be precise, these should already be the intelligent races of the ancient demon world, because they came by boat.
Different from the mainland or Nanyang, the ancient underworld boats are not big, and they are all closed and emerge from the sea like dark fish.
A kind of submarine boat
After getting the information from Xiaozhang, Sun Hao was surprised.
The appearance of diving seagoing boats is a little less. One, the monks in the ancient underworld have wisdom no less than that of the terrans in the mainland, which is a bit different from saying that the creatures in the underworld are violent and cruel and know how to kill. Second, the ancient underworld naval warfare technology is not weak, and this diving boat vaguely restrained the Terran ships.
At present, when terrans fight against sea animals, the bottom of the ship is usually guarded by two kinds of tactics: sculling and pressing the sea. This tactic is very good for dealing with flesh and blood sea animals.
However, once the diving boat refined from ancient underworld is estimated, the effect will not be so good.
When the time comes, whether the sculling is sharper or the diving boat is stronger, we won’t know until we hit it
Even if the oars are worse, it is estimated that the driving oars will increase rapidly and the abrasion of the oars will be greatly accelerated. Terran ships are likely to face the bottom loss.
Xiaozhang lurks quietly in the sea and counts carefully. In this way, there are more than 300 diving boats, half of which are floating on the sea. All the boats are the deepest in the sea, and it is really hard to find if it is not Xiaozhang.
Diving boat, the magical battle of the bull’s head, still failed to find the Fengyun fleet to patrol the sea for a while, and then the diving boat waited on the spot.
In the past half a day, Xiao Zhang once again sounded, "Boss, the real inferno is here. The shape is similar to Luo Er’s. Kurome has six strong arms. They have mastered the sea ship. I am not strong enough. I have been discovered …"
Corleone heart quickly said a sentence "small chapter be careful"
At the same time, the lights on the easy road are arched with both hands. "Brother Jianjun’s ship array is given to you to be careful about those diving boats, but the speed of inferno diving boats and ships should not be bad. If you want to try to get rid of those owls, brother Jianjun will have a lot of maneuverability."
With that, I patted my shoulder and shook the bag with a small fire, shaking out the deep blue, and said in my mouth, "Brother Xiao Huo is weak, leaving you and Deep Blue to help defend the enemy."
Small fire Sun Hao called a sentence "elder brother …" Then he said, "I don’t know elder brother, be careful yourself."
Corleone’s body Teng said, "I don’t want to, I’m stupid, and I’m full of elders. Xiao Zhang is being chased by an inferno master. Let’s go to the rescue before it’s too late …"
Say that finish and rise.
A few named Yuan Ying Zhen Jun flew up in the direction of Xiaozhang and left rapidly.
We can find Xiao Zhang’s hidden state. The strength of the inferno newcomers is very important. Sun Hao feels a little uneasy. I hope Xiao Zhang will not have an accident.
Chapter DiYiErWuSan The Lord is in two places at once
It is difficult for Sun Haodu to find the chapter of the Transformers hidden in the sea water before the Heavenly Stick strengthened his knowledge of gods.
However, Xiao Zhang, the arrival of the inferno warship, has just found out a little information and has already exposed the inferno.
Sun Hao, a ship flying away from the wind and cloud, waved his sleeve and said that he didn’t want to be put into Sumeru Condensation Tower with Man Sheng Fox, and Chi Chi automatically returned to the tower.
Sun Haozu appeared agarwood sword speeding generalization a time Sun Hao quickly flew in the direction of Xiaozhang.
In a short distance, Yuan Ying Zhen Jun’s instantaneous movement is the fastest, but after a little distance, Sun Hao’s agarwood sword is the fastest way to travel.
Now the speed of the agarwood sword is extremely fast, but it is slightly different from the past. Sun Hao’s imperial envoy felt a little light from the extreme weight.
This is a sign of ease of weight.
It is also a sign that the sword feather is about to be practiced or has already started.
But at this moment, Sun Haozheng was in an emergency, but he didn’t have the heart to understand the secret of agarwood sword.
Like a rapid streamer, the fleet galloped for a whole day, and Sun Hao quickly approached the imperial sword.
Just more than half an hour, Sun Hao has rushed out of the distance and felt that Xiao Zhang is running in his own direction not far away, and his heart is a little relieved.
If Shao Xiaozhang can escape without falling into the enemy, then it means that the situation is not so bad as to be out of control.
However, Xiao Zhang’s situation should not be very good. I didn’t feel my arrival at such a close distance. I should also be in a state of high tension and running for my life
The foot urged the agarwood sword Sun Hao to cross an arc and cling to the sea. It was difficult for the naked eye to see it quickly and in the direction of Xiaozhang.
Xiao Zhang was nervous, but he didn’t run in a desperate way. The direction of escape was also the direction of Fengyun’s departure. He also knew that the boss would come to save himself for the first time when he had an accident. The farther he ran, the shorter he would meet the boss.
Therefore, the high-speed forward distance of both sides is shortened rapidly.
Another half an hour passed, and Sun Hao’s knowledge sensed that there was a floating magic cultivation in the distant sea. From time to time, he raised his hand and pointed out a finger in the sea, but the speed of moving forward was not slow at all
As soon as Sun Hao discovered the magic repair, the magic repair also perceived that Sun Hao looked up at Sun Hao.
A streamline on the sea surface of the agarwood sword climbed and took off to the half, which was far opposite to the magic repair.
In the magic repair, I stopped attacking the small chapter in the sea and looked at Corleone with my rest.
Xiao Zhangyin came from the heart. "Boss, you’re finally here. You’re exhausted. This guy is so horrible. Boss, be careful."
Sun Hao’s knowledge has swept away, and the general situation has fallen into the knowledge.
At this time, Xiaozhang hid more than 500 feet deep in the sea and fled close to the bottom of the sea, but even then, his body was still pierced by the magic finger force in the deep sea, and scarlet blood still came out from the holes in tears.
Small chapter magic chapter body can’t heal itself, which shows how strong the finger damage ability will be.
Eyes to the opposite magic repair heart quickly said, "Xiao Zhang, you go to Fengyun first to find a guy to ask for a few chapters of healing spells, and then fight with the fleet to me here."
Xiao Zhang quickly said a sentence in his heart, "I’m white, boss. Be careful. I’ll go first."
With that, Xiao Zhang has rushed in the direction of Fengyun along the sea floor.
While Corleone has looked at the opposite magic repair.
Who knows that the opposite magic repair actually laughed before saying anything? "Sun Haosun’s agarwood is waiting for you."
Sun Hao was slightly surprised that the other party actually knew himself.
And it seems that there is something wrong with waiting for your situation.
Can’t help but look at the magic repair opposite Sun Hao’s aloes sword.
To tell the truth, the most striking feature of magic meditation for Sun Hao is that Kurome with purple hair is burly and has six arms, and their faces tell the truth, which makes Sun Hao feel as if they all look alike.
At present, this magic repair head is wrapped in a hero towel, and the six arms are holding or holding the dharma tactic, ready to go.
After seeing the shape of the magic face, Sun Hao was shocked and arched his hands at a distance. "Taoist friends are familiar. I don’t know where I have seen them?"
Magic repair a head hero towel laughed "agarwood is really forgetful and even destroyed several incarnations, but I haven’t been able to recognize the ancient magic black water Luo Pengfei along the way. agarwood has really taken care of me …"
Luo Pengfei! The bloody handprint of Fengyun Imperial Envoy Luo Pengfei
Luo Fei, Luo Peng, and other monks even really have some connections with the immediate demon king. At present, Luo Pengfei is 90% similar to the previous incarnation of the demon king destroyed by Sun Hao, but the only difference is that this Luo Pengfei has a huge nose with a fleshy toot.
Is Luo Pengfei with a big nose