Listen to the fat that confused mumbling LeiPi complexion is becoming ugly.
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When Lin Dong sat on horseback and looked at the end of the line of sight, Zhuang couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Although bandits in Qingyang Town to Yancheng were not extremely rampant, there were also a lot of passers-by businessmen and caravans robbed when they were occupied, but fortunately, there was nothing wrong with the Lins’ selection.
Man and the team slowly entered the forest in the numerous drinks in the village, jumped from horseback and looked at the red shadow not far away with a smile.
Rushing towards the red shadow, however, it is a little inflammation. It is intimate, holding a big head and arching the forest, making a deep voice.
Lin Dong smiled and rubbed his little inflammation, and then looked at it, which also came in small steps. Qingtan took a crystal-clear bracelet from her arms and gave it to you.
Thank you, brother Lin, for seeing a small gift girl. She also sent an alarm and took it quickly, and then cried sweetly
Hehe, it’s getting late. Let’s go back to rest first. Lin Zhentian disbanded the team and then waved his hand at them and laughed.
Lin smiled and then turned around and went back to the house all the way to the girl beside him, saying that different places in the burning city attracted girls to send some crisp light calls.
The faint light illuminates the clean room, sitting on the bed with eyes closed, and with the movement of the body and the body, the force of the heaven and the earth is also fluctuating, and a little bit of force permeates, and finally it is inhaled along all the meridians that have been opened.
This quiet practice lasted for a full hour or so. Lin moved his eyes tightly and then slowly opened them. Then he took a jade bottle from his arms and there were five pink pills in it, Yang Yuandan.
This time, we successfully sold 300 pieces of Yangyuan Shilin’s family and got 32 pieces of Yangyuan Dan, five of which were given to Lin Dong with a wave of his hand in Lin Zhentian’s hand. After all, almost all the credit for the discovery of vein was given to him by Lin Dong, but no one objected.
While the remaining Yang Yuandan is divided by four people, namely Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao, Lincoln and Lin Python. They are all in Tianyuan territory. If this Yang Yuandan works better for them, it will definitely make the cultivation speed rise a lot.
Of course, some young players in the Lins’ family got a Yang Yuandan each than Lin Xia Lin Hong and others. Now the Lins’ vein of Yang Yuan is getting thicker and thicker. It is absolutely impossible to give Yang Yuandan to the young players if you put it in the future.
This Yang Yuan Dan quality seems to be better than that of stone smelting.
Lin moved to play with a Yang Yuandan, but his brow was slightly wrinkled, and then he took a stone fu Lian to compare the last Yang Yuandan, and the color and gloss were immediately dwarfed.
It is said that it is necessary to refine Yangyuan Dan from Yangyuan Stone. However, some big forces can do it to lower this requirement, but this will also lead to a slight decline in the quality of Yangyuan Dan. This is how Yangyuan Dan should be. Come on, Lin moved and pinched the Yangyuan Dan thoughtfully murmured.
Think of "operator array" Lin move heart is a move from the dry bag will today the old man in gray gave him a book to take.
Divine action
The name of the book is very popular, but Lin Dong flipped through it and found that it is a secret book of uniting the spirit, but it seems that there are three layers of uniting the formula in front of it, but even this small book is of great value. I didn’t expect the old man to send this valuable thing as soon as they met.
In the final analysis, it is just another way of exerting force. The only difference is that this way still needs the spirit to drive it.
Obviously, this means that God should be practicing spirit.
After a long time, Lin moved carefully and turned out to be slightly nodded. In fact, the secret formula is very obscure, but I don’t know that Lin moved quickly. It feels like he really has such a special talent.
This discovery also surprised Lin, who was able to perceive that this talent might have been born to him rather than given to him by something foreign.
A gift that belong to him but has never been excavate.
Carefully put your hands into the dry bag, Lin hesitated for a moment, then slowly closed his eyes and looked at the sky with five hearts.
God is divided into yin and yang.
The obscure and inexplicable formula rose slowly in Lin’s mind, and his mind gradually became condensed. After nearly half an hour or so, Lin’s spirit suddenly appeared a trance and a little bit of spirit penetrated from his mind and finally spread slowly.
With the spread of the spirit, Lin moved in the eye closure, but he clearly saw the scene of the house again, and then the line of sight expanded again. Finally, the spirit floated in the sky, and almost half of the manor’s every move was reflected back to Lin’s mind
The spread of spirit can stop the wall from breaking through the ground, and many people are unaware of this kind of spirit, unaware that their actions have been peeped at.
This strange scene makes Lin feel very novel. Compared with the spirit, the force seems to be more ethereal, but this force is real.
In a room in the manor, Lin Chen-tian sits in peace with a little bit of force from heaven and earth pouring into his body, but his practice didn’t last long. His eyes suddenly opened sharply and he looked at the front of him and shouted, "I don’t know if it’s Fang Gao Ren, so I spy on my Lins."
Accompanied by Lin Chen-tian’s drinking, a vigorous force fluctuation is also a violent surge of his body and he slammed into the front.
Shape collided with a tiny rumbling and then disappeared again, while Lin Chen-tian was somberly. Previously, that kind of power should be the spirit of the operator, but he Lin family sometimes provoked the operator. Is it Leijialai?
When Lin Chen-tian was somberly, Lin moved suddenly in the distant room with his eyes open and pale, but his eyes were filled with surprise and excitement.
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The first successful sale of Yangyuanshi also made the Lins taste the benefits, and the huge profit was enough to make people jealous. After all, even if their large number of ironwood was converted after all sales, it was only just more than 20 pieces of Yangyuanshi. However, it was only a profit from vein mining in the past few months.
These two are simply incomparable.
Therefore, from the successful sale of the first batch of Yangyuanshi, Lin Zhentian almost transferred the Lins’ seventeen people to Tiemuzhuang, which looked like he was going to run Tiemuzhuang as a camp.
And the Lins’ strange behavior has also attracted a lot of strange eyes. Although Tiemuzhuang is rich in Tiemuzhuang, after these days, most of them know that the Lei family tampered with it, so the value of that village in some people’s eyes has also decreased a lot. But now the Lins have not ignored Tiemuzhuang because of this, but they are being treated harshly. This is really a taste of putting the cart before the horse.
However, for the outside world, the Lins kept silent and did not explain it to the outside world. Moreover, because of the strict secrecy, outsiders also knew what the Lins wanted
Of course, there are some exceptions.
Qingyang town leijia
In a hall in the depths of the Lei family, more than a dozen core members of the Lei family are sitting in it. The first one is Lei Bao, the owner of the Lei family. But at the moment, his face S is yn, which is as heavy as the prelude to the storm, and people are too careful to provoke it.
Father, I got the news absolutely accurately. The Lins went to Yan City this time to sell ironwood, but the real purpose was to sell hundreds of pieces of Yangyuan Shilin. Although it is also a development in recent years, this kind of handwriting is easy for me to make a Lins with a thin bottom. Why is it that in the left hand position of Leopards?