When Lei Pi cast his rush to kill the thunder, the fist of the thunder punishment also broke out with bright luster. Soon, the fists of the two men simultaneously slammed the same two beams of light and slammed Lin’s head.
At this moment, even if Lin was tempted, there was a strong sense of crisis. His eyes flashed rapidly and his body stagnated for a moment. Then he suddenly turned to a jing divine power impact. B directly slammed into the thunder punishment head.
The sudden impact of jing’s divine power is directly to prepare for the thunder punishment, and there is a sharp pain in my mind, and the sharp strong breeze of my fist is also instantaneous.
And when the thunder punishment condition is big luan, Lin’s body is really extremely sensitive and rushes into his arms. Another jing God B moves fast, and a black mountain suddenly comes from not far away. Poof, it is hard to ha in the back of the head of the thunder punishment.
This change is simply in the flint was just in a state of crisis, but Lin moved in an instant to lift the crisis, and also killed Lei by strange means.
Thunder punishment
See the thunder punishment corners of the mouth gushing blood foam thunder fog eye pupil is also a shrink immediately face s horribly ferocious hands that force light group mercilessly beat to Lin vest.
However, just as the force light group entered the forest, a physical force was suddenly turned out to be blocking the thunder attack.
With the help of jing divine power, stop Lin from moving the palm of his hand, suck a broken yuan shuttle in the back of his head, and then his body drifted back dozens of steps. With a wave of his hand, his sleeve robe was swept into his sleeve by several black mans.
After doing this, he just looked coldly at the S ferocious thunder that slowly collapsed on the surface of the mine.
You killed Lei Xing.
Lei Pi’s face was fierce and hu Chu looked at the thunder punishment with his eyes wide open as if he were dying unsatisfied. He also felt a little chilling in his rage. He joined hands with the two of them and Lin Dong was not killed quickly, but he also found the opportunity to kill one of them. Even the master in Tianyuan’s later period could do it easily.
But Lin did it.
Lin’s face caught a broken shuttle indifferently and shook his palm gently. It was the first time in his history that he really killed someone, but he didn’t seem to have much fear.
One is your turn.
Lin move slowly raised his hand that a broken yuan shuttle sound hoarse, but also with a let a person bone chills indifference.
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Ray Pi eyes looked at Lin’s palm, and the broken yuan shuttle with sharp luster was covered with skin as if it were tightened at the moment.
He didn’t expect Lin to move, although he was still a young boy, but his hand was this biting. He had previously faced two people and surrounded them, but he was not flustered. Instead, he killed one person at the end. Even Lei Pi couldn’t help but tremble.
I was careless this time
This thought flashed through Lei Pi’s heart, but then his heart was also bitter. In fact, it was not their carelessness, but Lin Dong’s strength was too strong. No one would have thought that he could barely defeat Lei Li’s teenager a year ago, and a year later he had reached this horrible level.
Moving children
In the distance, when Lei Pi’s eyes flashed rapidly, Lin Xiao suddenly had a short drink, followed by a large number of footsteps, which also rushed toward this side.
Although the Lei family’s background is not weak, the Lins also have some status in Qingyang Town, and the eyes and ears are envious. There is also a lot of noise happening here, and it will soon enter Lin Xiaoer’s ears.
See Lin Xiao they unexpectedly this fast is to detect the thunder Pi complexion is also a gloomy, glanced at the nearby hand broken yuan shuttle eyes cold Lin, he finally is white this action is not a complete failure, and let the thunder home lost a Tianyuan master, which is a heavy loss.
Little beast, this won’t end like this. Just wait.
Ray Pi picked up the body of Ray’s punishment and looked bitterly at Lin Dong. After a pile of malicious words, he jumped into the house and wanted to scurry off.
Want to go.
Seeing Lei Pi’s desire to escape from the forest is also a sneer. Since this has been completely torn out, he will no longer leave any feelings. Tianyuan’s master is an important wealth for Lei Jia to kill one. It is a bone ache for them.
make a din
Lin move arm suddenly a broken yuan shuttle of cutting is a black mans fast if flash toward the thunder Pi critical shot away.
The thunder Pi is obviously on the alert to the forest movement early, so at the sight of his powerful hands, the force is surging in the whole body, and one side of his body is to take that road to the black mountain to avoid it.
To avoid the forest attack, Lei Pi just wanted to sneer at the back, and once again, a broken wind made him turn around and see the black mountain that he had previously avoided, which was incredible. He turned around and shot at his head again.
How is that possible?
Lei Pi was so frightened by this scene that the only thing he could do at this time was to quickly block his arms behind his head.
The black awn was heavily shot at Lei Pi’s arm, and its defense was covered with force, but it was directly penetrated, and the sharp short shuttle almost inserted its tail end into Lei Pi’s arm with blood madness.
A blow hit the enemy’s forest. Once again, there was a wave of fluctuation in the mud pill palace. I wanted to control the broken shuttle, but at the moment, Lei Pi seemed to know that Lin could remotely control the black shuttle. When he bit his teeth, his arm muscles suddenly tightened, and it turned out that he caught the broken shuttle in the muscle, and then his body movement was a mess.
Little beast, once, I will crush your bones and raise your ashes
Ray Pi’s figure quickly went away, but the growl of hatred was far away.