Mo Xie eyebrows asked.
Report, wash your side and go back to the couch. You have to get cold. Korea is too lazy to be angry. If you win or lose seriously, you won’t stop waiting on him. By the way, you can finish Phoenix. She is easy.
You hate the king so much and you’re afraid I’ll catch cold.
Afraid of catching cold is not a cold doctor. I hope that the world will get rid of the handmaiden. I hope that the Lord can be healthy and repent that she deliberately left out two other words in her bones. She still hopes that Mo Xie can be so beautiful in heart and appearance.
You should curse me for dying of cold so that you can escape.
Handmaiden never thought
Besides, he is also deathless, and the body of the Uber is generally not easy to die, and he suffers from many cases of pain than ordinary people. Chu case is not old and lonely. It is difficult to meet a confidant and melancholy. He raised his hand and wiped his back, glancing at Mo Xie’s lonely side. He thought that this man was also pitiful, and his eyebrows puckered and aimed at his wrist. She suddenly gasped, and her family name was Han. Let’s have a pity first. That depiction of the palace sand was bitterly soaked and it was discovered without half a ring. This is good.
If this guy Mo Xie catches her, she’ll be dead, and at this moment, she’ll dig her heart to make a mark.
what’s up
See her stop Mo Xie dial a few hair asked.
Nothing. I think this water is cold. Why don’t the handmaiden help the sovereign to carry another bucket of hot water to mend his makeup and give it a palace sand?
Somebody pour another half bucket of hot water.
Glancing at the bodyguard, darling, pick it into the bucket and pour it into the water. Her lips are white and her limbs are beating faster as if she expected the scene to be terrible. The picture stops. Mo Xie seems to be a little impatient. She provokes slender fingers to hold the wet hair on the bucket wall, and her eyes are full of coquettish and beautiful cheeks, but it is dangerous to fold and sublimate. The melon sac is broken and the handmaiden takes another word for the report. She wants to escape, but Mo Xie grabs her wrist and presses the return position to say that it is not necessary.
Don’t you understand? He warned Korea with a cold voice. She suddenly realized that she was finished, especially when Mo Xie turned to glance at him and caught the wrist. She was completely in the dark, and her heart was pounding and she was horrified.
Wang wangye
Give her a break. The heart really can’t go on like this. She must die. Mo Xie’s enchanting heart almost crosses her body. Mo Xie’s consciousness leans her head to her chest and listens to the strange heartbeat. He said, Did you derail the king’s heart?
Will your heart beat faster if I do this? Mo Xie suddenly steals a kiss on her pale lips, raises a smile, half jokes, half seriousness, truth and falsehood, and it’s hard to argue early. Seeing that Mo Xie wants to lift her wrist and stick it on his cheek every day, my God, this makes that evil face turn red and hold her breath and kiss Mo Xie cruelly. It doesn’t matter if you avoid a kiss, but it surprises Mo Xie. absolute beauty’s face turns rosy in an instant, and the dangerous light fades away. Instead, it’s evil, shock and confusion, and those who can’t cut it clearly and confuse emotions while
Ah, she screamed, so Gu raised her wrist, and it was bloody and rushing, so she ignored a cut artery, hateful and painful eyebrows, wrinkled her face, and her mouth was pale, and she couldn’t stop convulsing. The little girl Mo Xie flew from the bath bucket and wrapped herself in a thin shirt to hold Korea’s charming body. The palm of her hand carefully held off the bloody wrist and her eyes turned purple.
Damn the vase, he drove the vase into pieces with his bare soles. The blood overflowed from the soles of his feet, and the sound disappeared. The cold fingers trembled. Pick a piece of debris and stroke it with the palm of your hand to stop the gurgling blood. The color of love showed itself through his nervousness without words.
Thank you, your highness
Korea dropping quickly thanked by tearing a piece of white cloth and wrapping it up. Looking up, it was a clever smile, but when it succeeded, it also paid the price of blood. Mo Xie turned around silently and seemed to ignore her. He saw that the lavender pupil was never afraid of alluding to it.
That’s right. I’m afraid that my heart will stop and my fingers will tremble. I’m afraid that his face will fall into the ice cave, and the cold is better than the frost
Little girl
He mumbled, put on a thin shirt, stepped on the screen, barefoot, and drove out the place with blood. He looked at the back of the mess that was different from usual, and a touch of shame appeared in Korea’s forehead. She always felt that Mo Xie was hateful but even more pitiful. Is it true that she was sympathetic?
A flash is half an hour.
The screen is heavy and vertical, and there is not much silence outside the screen. Mo Xie’s clothes are not inclined to lie in a pool of muddy water in the eyes of the rose-colored bed. It seems that Han Yan carefully walked away from the words that I didn’t know whether to speak well or shut up. Suddenly, a cold wind blew into a choking smell, and the bedroom door was slammed. Shura pinched her head to the end so that she could see that her nine brothers were not dressed, and the ugly scene of the handmaiden’s bedside service was gathered in her mind.
A slap came and shura was furious. I picked up Korea’s crooked sleeves and narrowed my seductive angry eyes. I slapped her three or four times and pushed her to the bed like a Japanese. You bitch told you not to seduce Mo Xie. Don’t you dare to intensify.