Two Taoist friends, it’s a pity that nothing can be given to you here. I temple has a golden bowl. Let’s divide it up. Then Shang Xiao is kind and ready to talk to her mouth, but it’s another story.
No, absolutely not.
Daoyou, my body is a wisp of residual thoughts, and there is nothing to give you. Then Shang said this with a pure and clear smile.
I’m not bargaining, I just don’t want it. What can you do to me?
Then Shang laughs. How can you go without me?
Leitian leng Ji entered this Buddhist country through a whirlpool, but did the Buddha’s thoughts bring him in?
That monty is coming, but Shang Xiao is still cute and leitian, but he feels very hateful. I heard that I bought and sold things, but I didn’t hear that I sent things.
Then I’ll listen to what you want.
Bai Qidao, I want to rob the brand of Era. Tell me how you died.
As soon as you change your face, you will die suddenly if you get it.
I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead
Don’t you dare scold me
What dare not?
I was a beggar before my hometown.
Van disease was dumbfounded when listening to two people’s words
Before my monasticism, I was a nobleman. When I met with self-protection, I sent it directly to the government to beat the board.
Nai sighed after hearing this from Leitian. Well, I’m afraid of you, but you mustn’t touch this brand before you become a fairy.
It is said that the body is gradually becoming empty, leaving a bodhi in his futon. This bodhi Yan S is gray and has no breath. lu is not a ru. It is simply a thing to see Leitian go to sweep the futon.
What’s the matter with Bai Tianqi’s criticism of Fan’s illness? Tear down the temple quickly.
This temple is 3,000 I cosmopolitan, and you and I want a golden bowl. I said with my mouth open, I swallowed the gray S Pu and hid it among the golden people.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Practice thunder method at the beginning
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Practice thunder method at the beginning
On the theory that the Buddha wants himself to help the Buddha n What this brand of epoch robbery is enough to repay the temple or the golden bowl, or it is a foreign object after all.
What if you are a natural enemy if you are free from immortality and can’t survive the doom?
Van disease at this time is calm to take somebody else’s hand short.
You just know, ah, it’s already like this. Let’s do it quickly. Leitian said, picking up the golden bowl in front of the futon and turning to the I Temple.
What are you going to do? Fanbing is called leitian behind your back.
Dig the well and answer it in vain. The golden well has been fighting for half a month, but it has not collapsed. No matter what it is made or taken away, it will not be contaminated.
It will be very troublesome for Fan Bing to tear down the temple and dig wells in vain, but the Qinglong sword wheel was cut in vain, and even the lamella gun was not removed. The golden well was dug by his sword wheel like cutting tofu.
Mom was calculated by Shang Leitian again, knowing that this is Buddhism, otherwise she wanted to tear down this golden well and didn’t know how much it would take.
Heart movement leitian suddenly realized that it was the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace who brought himself to the Bodh old zu of Biyou Palace because of hu Fan’s illness.
No one can hide from the catastrophe of heaven and earth, but it will harm the road if you retreat blindly.
Then be brave, jing. Go in.
After thinking about this, leitian is easy to say, but the biggest contradiction is that heaven has no foundation, and if it rises, it will be cannon fodder.
Night Emperor N took two blessed places of Yunmengzong, but it was also dead for Leitian to inquire all the way. One Li Xinling’s remaining people fled one after another. Although the N faction lost its foundation, people were still there.
The night emperor n robbed the blessed land, which was tantamount to attracting the eyes of heaven to the past.
Fan was ill, and two people in this temple suddenly collapsed to turn into a black dng and sent them to the Buddha country, and the monty didn’t show up at last.
Leitian is very suspicious that the magic way nv Xiu is also the Buddha’s residual thoughts that lead yu to come over.