The two too long chalk old is also aware of that kind of tearing force terror immediately rushed explosive crazy to resist that kind of tearing force erosion and then turned red and binge drinking is always a breakthrough in the black hole prison.
However, just as they were rushing to the black hole prison, huge thunder resounded through and then the world seemed to become dazzling at this time. A huge thunder beam of thousands of feet fell like a trial light, and finally it was as fast as a flash and severely impacted on the two people’s bodies.
Two black shadows braved black smoke and fell straight from the sky, and finally fell into the dark and wide chalk field in those stunned eyes. It directly smashed the hard and wide chalk field into a huge and deep ravine of thousands of feet.
And in that ravine, two awkward figures barely stood and staggered, and one mouthful blood could not help but gush out.
See this scene, those long chalk old colonel chalk old eyes suddenly can’t help a black a fear crazy chung heart their most powerful card unexpectedly is such a failure Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirty-three Sickle spirit.
A dark and wide chalk field broke out at this time with a huge buzz. The heads of forces from all parties in the North Xuanyu were stunned and looked at this scene with thick horror on their faces.
How long did it take for the two strength to achieve reincarnation? The old alum was defeated.
How is that possible?
Several people are rolling this sentence in their hearts, and they are looking at the sky with shocking eyes. That way, in the sky, thunder sets off Raytheon’s general movement. Is this guy who suddenly comes out sacred to this extent?
Day Lin was indifferent looking at the giant pit two light way now just that sentence I qualified to say it again?
This time, the house was full of birds. Even those old heads with long chalk kept their mouths shut. Except for some foreigners who were most opposed to the long chalk, some people’s eyes were obviously blinking. I don’t know where it came from. Brother Qingtan’s strength is obviously terrible. If he is annoyed, I’m afraid no one here can stop him.
Those dark referees on the altar are strong, but their eyes are exposed. These two long chalk old groups are the ultimate cards. If they can’t even afford them, I’m afraid the long chalk old group will never dare to compete with the temple master again.
In the giant pit, the two people who were too long to chalk and spray their old faces with blood turned pale. Obviously, when facing the fierce offensive of Lin Dong, they also suffered minor injuries.
Those two people who are too long and chalk their teeth, but they look at the altar. This is my dark temple, and you have to pretend to be the master of this temple.
Green sandalwood smell speech is sneering at a pair of old people who are too long to chalk. That’s very kind of you. Why didn’t you remember your identity when you bullied me earlier? You also know that your seniority is higher than my master’s, but what was it before?
Green sandalwood, after all, is no longer that delicate little girl’s sharp words in those years. As soon as they fall, the two long chalk faces turn white. Even the heads of the neutral parties in the wide chalk field secretly nod. Just now, you didn’t feel ashamed when you relied on the old to bully others, but Lima took this as a matter of fact. Are others really blind and stupid?
I’m not in the mood for the dark temple, but Qingtan is my sister first, and then you, the Lord of this dark temple. Since you bullied her, I’m afraid it’s not so easy for my eldest brother to ask her for justice. Today, I’m afraid it’s not so easy for Lin to move my eyes and stare at the two too long chalk, but the old flat voice is full of murder.
Lin’s words are already put. He won’t let it go today. This can’t help but make the two old eyes too long. It’s also a slight change. After Lin moved, they were able to feel that if they were fighting face to face, I’m afraid neither of them would be Lin’s opponents.
Those long chalk heads are also pale. Today, these two long chalk heads are solved, so they will also lose their biggest backer. When the time comes, just thinking about them will make their bodies feel chilly.
You also don’t be too crazy. When I am so easy to bully the dark temple, the two old chalks who are too long can’t drink a way.
Lin looked at the two people indifferently, but they stopped talking. It was the day when Lei Yun slowly condensed and a violent thunder quickly gathered.
It’s too long for you to see Lin move hard and soft and don’t eat it. The eyes are also crossed with a vicious color. Soon they glances at each other and bite their teeth. Well, this is what you want to find. Is it true that the old couple didn’t cure you?
As soon as the voice fell, one of them could see that the palm of his hand was shining and condensed. In the end, it turned out to be a black bead the size of a longan, and the bead was covered with complicated inscriptions.
When Lin saw this, his eyes also flashed a stunned color. On the black bead, he noticed a very strange fluctuation.
Ran Ran rose in the palm of the black pearl, and the vicious color in the old eyes of the two long chalk became more and more rich, and then a bite of the tip of the tongue and a JingXie jet landed on the black pearl.
Gong xian zu ling
Two people qi qi drink the black beads suddenly broke out and then the black mans gradually condensed, and finally turned out to be a light shadow.
The light and shadow body has a long face and jade, but there is not much wisdom in the eyes. Even so, it does not prevent the chalk from other bodies from emitting and fluctuating in terror. Since the fluctuation is that even the two reincarnation are too long, the chalk is always compared with the law.