Du Yuesheng felt that he was taking the biggest and most dangerous gamble in his life. If he lost, he would lose, and if he won, he would become a treasure of the beach generation. He would bet on Chiang Kai-shek.
Chiang Kai-shek also bet on Du Yuesheng Bao.
The situation in the sea made Chiang Kai-shek feel that it was impossible for the army to accomplish itself by itself. The most important thing was that he didn’t dare to bear the blame of destroying the Republic of China. Therefore, another force must be used to muddy the water first and then cut the gordian knot in the chaos. Before the public opinion from all walks of life in the country reacted, the workers’ picket was solved. Such a force is obviously not a local gang in the sea. Chiang Kai-shek knew that all forces in Huang Jinrong, Du Yuesheng, Zhang Xiaolin and Shanghai would spare no effort to help him in common interests.
Du Yuesheng decided to seize this opportunity, but he never expected to meet with resistance in Huang Jinrong.
Huang Jinrong did not agree with Du Yuesheng’s efforts for Chiang Kai-shek. Although Chiang Kai-shek was born in Huang Jinrong, Huang Jinrong had to consider his own future retreat. Now Huang Jinrong is not sure that Chiang Kai-shek will be able to sit still. On the contrary, he feels that his strength is very strong and a little stronger. If you listen to it and watch it again, it will be delicious. Moreover, Huang Jinrong’s judgment in the Kuomintang propaganda is obviously that it is more attractive and appealing. Five workers can drive away the Bi Shucheng Sea. Hundreds of thousands of workers may play a role. Never underestimate it.
Du Yuesheng was so worried that even Huang Jinrong couldn’t explain it. Then everything started with Master except his brother’s name, which made him stay with Chiang Kai-shek in the future.
In the end, Du Yuesheng kept talking about advocating that Huang Jinrong should fall into the fog, but Huang Jinrong finally understood that Taiwan’s wealth, furniture and prestige would vanish in an instant, and even his life would be mercilessly ruined, and the French would be gone because he would definitely return to the concession owner.
The Huang Jinrong in front listened with a grain of salt, but he also got wind of the cancellation of foreign concessions, but once the concession was cancelled, where could he find a job?
Master, if you make up your mind as soon as possible in this matter, you will certainly be able to protect a rain farmer. Commander Jiang said that this time he swore that he would die if he didn’t succeed. Of course, you will benefit from Yuan’s sitting in the sky, and he will not give you some benefits as soon as possible. We will enjoy the glory without helping Yuan to make this big thing happen.
Speaking of this, Huang Jinrong agreed to come.
I got Huang Jinrong and Du Yuesheng to plan the action for Chiang Kai-shek. At this time, a large number of key personnel of Chiang Kai-shek’s hand also gathered together to advise Chiang Kai-shek. Here, yang hu, the director of Chen Qunte, the political department of Chiang Kai-shek, accompanied Chiang Kai-shek every day, and a large number of successful men, Chen Bulei, all of whom were with the same goal. Du Yuesheng decided to sell more strength at this head to show his difference.
Before the infamous counter-revolutionary coup of April 12, 1997, Bai Chongxi did, and in the event a few days later, Huang Jinrong, Du Yuesheng and Zhang Xiaolin might also have played a role.
The sea gangs are very powerful. They organize and arm all classes. Huang Jinrong, Du Yuesheng and Zhang Xiaolin are the backbone.
On April 5, the green gang team Chinese Progressive Association was announced in Shanghai, which later became a reactionary new force in the hands of Du Yuesheng in No.412 Middle School.
One of the things that Du Yuesheng did most to satisfy Chiang Kai-shek in the 412 Middle School was to trap and kill Wang Shouhua, chairman of the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions.
Just two days ago, Barré, commander-in-chief of the French army in the French Concession, made a special trip to Du Mansion to find Du Yuesheng and asked him to do his duty to protect the people and defend the land in the French Concession. Because the maritime business community had extensive contact with Du Yuesheng for many years, they could feel panic in front of the armed workers. On the other hand, Chiang Kai-shek also felt sorry for the workers. This information was also sent to Du Yuesheng through Dai Li.
These people’s anxiety centers are now in Wang Shouhua.
Chiang Kai-shek insisted on Wang Shouhua’s life.
This matter naturally fell on Du Yuesheng.
Yang hu called. Although the other party didn’t say that Du Yuesheng should take Wang Shouhua’s hand, Du Yuesheng had already got the message, and this doubt was meant by Commander-in-Chief Jiang. Since he was determined to follow Chiang Kai-shek, he had to take it or not.
Du Yuesheng drove everyone around him out of the big room, leaving him sitting on the sofa alone, staring blankly out of the window, his thin body embedded in a huge European sheepskin sofa looked small
Killing a Wang Shouhua doesn’t need to make him spend so much energy.
Du Yuesheng and Wang Shouhua fought as early as May 30, when Hua Dong, the French Concession, negotiated the most suitable candidate on behalf of the French workers. Du Yuesheng met Wang Shouhua, the representative of the workers who had negotiated with him.
I don’t know if it is because of this factor that Du Yuesheng actually mediated between employers and employees several times in the last few strikes in Wang Shouhua, which really benefited the workers. Of course, Du Yuesheng is never vague. First, Du Yuesheng always benefits these incidents in the eyes of employers and workers. Second, he is good at double-dealing and has never let go of those workers’ leaders. This employer is still willing to meet him.
In several times, Wang Shouhua showed many qualities than loyalty and courage, and Du Yuesheng, a figure in green gang, admired and admired most. In troubled times, he needed a lot of things to do a career in it.
Now it’s up to Du Yuesheng to solve Wang Shouhua, and Wang Shouhua has never been sorry for his place or even given himself a face. In this case, he started to kill Wang Wang and was notorious for not being prepared for killing people.
Chiang Kai-shek Chiang Kai-shek’s rules are political rules, and he Du Yuesheng has his own rules. This is the rule of several generations in the rivers and lakes that green gang killed Wang Shouhua. This is unjust. How can he mix with Wang Shouhua in the rivers and lakes? He is also a hero in this respect. Such a hero is respected by Du Yuesheng in the rivers and lakes. I can’t imagine what his brothers will think of killing Wang Shouhua. What’s worse, hundreds of thousands of workers will be immediately angered behind Wang.
Du Yuesheng shivered in the sofa.
But how can you not kill Wang Shouhua?
Yang hu, Chen Qun and Chiang Kai-shek are almost sitting high in the clouds behind them. At this moment, they can laugh and turn into a pair of ferocious faces. The glare of King Kong in the temple is just a piece of paper.
Du Yuesheng suddenly bounced from the sofa and was soaked with cold sweat. He sat down again and collapsed to win weak strength. He covered his eyes with his hands and said with a determined effort
Name is Gu Jiatang, Gao Xinbao, Ye Zhuoshan, Rui Qingrong.
One minute later, four people together in front of Du Yuesheng, five people filed into the chamber of secrets, and the street lights were dim outside.
Wang Shouhua, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions in Hubei Guild Hall, and several key workers anxiously discussed the situation around the map of Shanghai these days. Several people shook their heads and could not make people believe in the analysis.
Wang Shouhua, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, was also in a mess. He had to calm down in the anxious and eager eyes of the workers.
To be honest, he is not sure about the situation in recent days. After armed workers seized the sea market, Chiang Kai-shek sent Bai Chongxi and his troops who had been watching the sea suddenly to take over the coastal defense, which made Wang Shouhua feel vaguely worried about Chiang Kai-shek’s next move.
Especially in the past two days, the workers’ pickets have been suddenly attacked by unidentified armed thugs, and there are also many casualties among the workers. Wang Shouhua can clearly conclude that there is a complete and meticulous conspiracy behind these star attacks, which is the most worrying thing for him.
Just now, a worker came in and told him that when a small group of workers’ pickets came to Baoshan intersection, a mob clashed, but the military patrol was fought by both sides and several workers were taken away by them.
It’s the mob that provokes me. I really wonder if those soldiers are the mob.
This worker’s angry words touched Wang Shouhua’s heart. He always suspected these frictions against Chiang Kai-shek, but discipline did not allow him to do so. In particular, Wang Jingwei of Chen Duxiu just released a joint that will be popular in the friction between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party recently, and Chiang Kai-shek also sent a banner of common struggle to the workers’ picket department. The Shanghai Municipal Committee also praised the workers’ picket as the people’s armed forces. The general official attitude has repeatedly expressed the great prospect of the closeness between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, but this is not enough to dispel Wang Shouhua’s concerns, because he must first believe that he has seen the facts with his own eyes
Wang Shouhua decided to ask Du Yuesheng Beach, which straddles two powerful figures, black and white, and Du Yuesheng, where such a great event happened. He could not be unaware of it.
Du Yuesheng is also looking for Wang Shouhua.
He’s not that stupid. Although yang hu found him, he had to pull Huang Jinrong and Zhang Xiaolin together. This is because if he gets blamed, all three of them will come together.
Huang Jinrong and Zhang Xiaolin almost promised. For Huang Jinrong, Yuan spared no effort to do things in Zhang Xiaolin. He never took killing several people seriously, but Du Yuesheng seemed reluctant. But as soon as he returned to Du Mansion, he immediately informed all parties of his actions.