Meng Fei and others know that this time the worm tide has moved five million golden wings monty, and I’m afraid they have given up long ago.
Because of this, the power has far exceeded their tolerance, not to mention that 5 million is 1 million, which is enough to instantly kill them.
You know, each of these golden-winged monty is quite a statue of a heavenly king. Five million golden-winged monty is equivalent to five million heavenly kings. It takes less than a thousand days to destroy the celestial world. What kind of concept is this?
People will lose the courage to resist when they hear this number.
But they don’t know
In that canyon, I was really in the cave with Meng Fei Han Feng, Hu Wendi, Bai Longma Kewell, and there were about one hundred other golden monsters, all of which were too crowded to attack.
That is, Meng Fei, they are already in a mess to the limit.
Fifteen heavenly kings scurried around the ground at top speed, and the tip of the dragon’s tail in the East was spinning at top speed, making the road easier, which was much faster than the golden monster splitting the boulder in the rear.
We seem to be able to get rid of those golden monsters, and Wendy Hu’s heart has settled slightly.
Bad Meng Fei suddenly looked up, not only Meng Fei Indra, Wendi Hu and others looked up.
The boomed square metal directly collapsed to nearly a hundred golden monsters. At the same time, these golden monsters roared excitedly immediately after discovering a group of strong people in Meng Fei.
This roar actually caused the land to vibrate at a high speed, and the sound was not slower in the land than in the air.
In the underground, a large number of golden monsters are searching for them at top speed.
Killing a large number of golden monsters there almost at the same time, the golden monsters flew to the source and counted the position in front of a group of people flying to Meng Fei to prepare to intercept Meng Fei and them.
Peng black sword split in a golden monster body directly to shatter his body, but his waist is a pain that has been hit by a knife. Meng Fei roared that backhand is a life-and-death thunder, and then the life energy in the abdomen poured into the wound and was cut again and again and recovered.
Meng Fei roared to repel the golden monsters one by one.
At the moment, the fifteen heavenly kings in Meng Fei are constantly surrounded by a large number of golden monsters.
And Meng Fei is alone, that is, everyone is in a mess.
Peng Hu Wen di ke Wei two people have been chopped on the next stone.
Back to the Thousand Planets, this has exceeded the limit that we can bear. This insect tide is no longer that we can resist the pain of Indra. We said that after returning to the Thousand Planes, we will take a group of people away as soon as possible and leave the Thousand Planes to keep a fire.
Hu Wendi, Bei Gong, Yu Feng, Han Feng, including Meng Fei, and others are all strong for thousands of years. Do you want to give up now?
But there are more and more golden monsters, and everyone can’t resist them.
After all, as the battle goes on, more and more golden monsters will be attracted.
The most important thing is that a group of newly promoted Tianjun, except Meng Feike, can recover quickly, and others can rely on Indra Tian, the old brand, to treat it. The speed of treatment is still too slow in this speed battle.
Hu Wendi killed a golden monster with a backhand and roared back in pain.
Back to the dragon wind also said in a low voice.
Although I don’t want to, I don’t want to
But more and more golden monsters, they really can’t resist it. If it wasn’t for Meng Fei alone, they could resist nearly a third of the golden monsters. I’m afraid they would have been finished long ago.
At this moment, they are like a boat in a tsunami.
May capsize at any time
Have no choice
Back to the Thousand Planets, we should also keep a copy of the beast’s blood, and we can’t let the beast’s blood cut off. Then the direction of the Oriental Dragon’s tunnel has changed immediately
Can’t drag on, drag on, the more golden monsters, the more irresistible. Meng Fei felt several knives light up ahead. Meng Fei growled and stabbed dozens of life and death thunder.
But even then, he was still chopped off, and his blood was red again, which was more than revealing Bai Sensen’s bones.
White light around Meng Feishen speed repair
You can’t escape a cold sound, and a black monster suddenly rushes into the passage.
No, Meng Fei knew it was bad when he saw this black monster.
The first death is that your black monster is holding a bloody long knife in his hands and coldly looking at Meng Fei. Other golden monsters respectfully avoid it and turn to crazy siege of Hu Wendong and Han Feng and others.
The battle was fierce.
As if being cut with a bloody knife, a bloody knife mans cut long and instantly appeared in front of Meng Fei.
Black sword in one hand and life and death in the other. Lei Mengfei angrily hummed a black sword and waved it slowly and quickly. Then the bloody long knife slammed together and Meng Fei felt as if he had been stung by a mountain.