If you want to get back to normal by yourself, I don’t know when you will come up with this strategy, hoping to help her recover with the powerful forces of two factions.
Jade Qing master saw that Zheng Gu was a little ashamed and resentful because of Qi Lingyun’s attitude. She knew that it was difficult for Zheng Gu to let her ask for help with such a high heart, and it was even more difficult to bear others’ faces.
She smiled and said, "If pure Yang Dibao can be used as an elixir, it will take three yuan to solidify the soul and refine the elixir. I wonder who can have it?"
The seventeenth volume to green snail Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Hostage.
"Wide into three yuan condensate soul solid spirit refined into Dan? Are you kidding? Do you know how rare this thing is? " JiLingYun listened to the jade qing master unknowingly pitch up.
Many younger brothers of Qingcheng Mountain and Emei, who are wandering around, have looked here. Although they are eager to know what happened here, it is difficult for them to come and inquire about it because they are not the master.
Song Chang Gung, on the other hand, is still a facial expression. He thinks something is wrong after repeated calculations. It seems that it is too easy for him to know. How can a wonderful real person, Qi Shuming, leave Jade Qing, a tendency to receive himself here? Wouldn’t that be easier to leak? If it’s his own daughter, Qi Lingyun, it’s good to say that if it’s Master Jade Qing, unless …
Jade Qing master ignored JiLingyun’s words but said to Song Chang Gung, "Although we know that this thing is a bit too much, now my sister’s body has no possibility of recovery."
Then, in addition to letting her cultivate the Yuan God, she should cultivate the Yuan God. Of course, she chooses to cultivate the Yuan God. If not, she can think of other ways, such as? "
Seeing Master Yu Qing looking forward to her eyes, Song Changgeng suddenly understood what Master Yu Qing meant. She didn’t want her friends to have an accident. That was an excuse. She knew the real intention of Miao Yi, a real person, Qi Shuming.
So she didn’t care to tell me that Emei Sect wanted to deal with its own intentions, and now she wants to get more things because she knows that she has many treasures. Anyway, if she leaves here, she will be finished.
Song Chang-geng understood that Qi Shuming, a real person, originally meant to let Master Yu Qing reveal secrets to himself and let him panic and escape alone, so that they could intercept themselves outside and finally force themselves into the array.
Otherwise, I will always be with my ordinary brother, so when I deal with myself, I will sink my ordinary brother into it, and the Emei Sect will face the anger of the blissful reality.
When he absconded alone because he knew the news, he naturally ambushed them. He felt that if he didn’t guess wrong, he would have set up an array waiting for him outside after he came in.
Since I understand the cause and effect of things before and after, Song Changgeng tried to find a way to solve this game and asked Master Jade Qing because he was upset. He replied casually.
"I have everything you want, but I don’t have it with me. If you have anything, I will go to the East China Sea to get it, but not later. Now I have to deal with my own affairs first."
Jade Qing master listened to his words, his eyes flashed and he didn’t know what to think, while Zheng Gu’s eyes lit up, obviously because he had treasures and medicines, and he was hopeful of being robbed.
JiLingYun is curiously asked "brother and what is up? There are so many brothers here. If there is anything you need to help, just say it. "
Song Changgeng stared at her eyes and said, "Well, hehe, thank you very much for your kindness. Wouldn’t it be a pity if I refused?"
"Brother, what do you mean?" Qi Lingyun was puzzled by his strange expression and tone, but as soon as she spoke, she saw Song Chang-geng waving a red light, and then she couldn’t move.
"What do you want?" Jade Qing master low drink asked her to see Song Chang Gung moved JiLingYun can’t help but surprised with Zheng Gu warily looked at him.
Song Chang Gung gave her a sexy smile and said, "I know what you mean, Jade Qing beauty, but I won’t be trapped. I’m afraid I didn’t even count that I’ll be here. Emei brother will be the hostage."
What he said in this tone was that he was angry with Master Jade Qing for knowing that he was in trouble and calculating how to ask for something from him. Second, he wanted to ease his nervousness and said that he was not afraid, which was a lie.
"Bah, who is your little beauty? How could you? This will completely tear the face of the Emei Sect. What will these Qingcheng brothers do then? " Jade Qing master spat his face blushing lightly.
However, I still asked nervously that in her opinion, Song Chang Gung was a powerful help. Although it is already difficult to protect itself, she can still tolerate his frivolous words. After all, no one can say what will happen to anyone until the end.
However, the consequences of his doing so are likely to lead to the struggle between Emei School and Qingcheng School, and I am afraid it will be the consequences of both sides. This is something that Master Jade Qing does not want to see.
"Hum! The somebody else all out of the master for the first time two instrument dust array to deal with me, they all regardless of the two factions to face what I care about?
For these Qingcheng brothers, hehe, like those Emei brothers, they are all lucky people in the future. If Emei didn’t care about them, they would have attacked me on the way.
You’d better sit here honestly and stay out of our business, Zheng Gu. I have what you want. Why don’t you think about helping over there? "
Song Changgeng said that he ignored the expressions of the two men and walked out slowly as if nothing had happened, but every time he was close to Emei, he would sneak up on others and wait for the other party to react. It was too late.
There are eleven Emei brothers here, namely Qi Lingyun, the daughter of Miao Yi, Qi Shuming, and Huang Xuanji, the son of Qi Jinchan who is ascetic, Buddhist monk and Xuanzhen brother.
Three female brothers, Bai Xia Sun Nan Dining Xia, three female brothers, Wu Wenqi and Zhu Wenzhou Qingyun, as well as three female brothers, Wan Zhen and Yu Fangheng Li Wenyan, the Baiyun master of Yunling Mountain in Sichuan. Among these people, Wan Zhen and the laughing monk Wu Wenqi are almost the same as Qi Lingyun, but they are also restrained like other brothers when they are unprepared.
Seeing his hand, other Qingcheng brothers were amazed. Everyone got together one after another, and Song Changgeng also stopped here. Li Yingqiong, the younger brother of Emei, couldn’t help but ask curiously, "Brother, what are you doing? What is this? "
Glancing at everyone, Song Changgeng calmly said, "The Emei Sect has been dispatched, including their palm teaching, and they have laid people together with the master to deal with me for the first time."
So I want these Emei brothers to be hostages and let them let us leave here. Don’t stay here and watch the fun. Help me move them all to Taiyi Jinlin boat. "
The seventeenth volume to green snail Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Doomed
"What? How can the Emei Sect do this? " Qin Han calyx asked indignantly that she was angry with the Emei Sect for repeatedly dealing with her husband. She was really angry that the other side had dispatched such a big battle this time.
Yu Yingnan eyebrows a pick powder face with an evil spirit said, "brother, what are we going to do? Fight them? I’m south of the fire sword, and I’m not afraid of them. I’m with you. "
See everyone a pair of aggrieved Song Chang Gung smiled. "How does the so-called cosmopolitanism change? It’s all the same. The law of the jungle is the most basic thing."
Don’t be like that. We are weak now, and the time is very tight now. We should help ourselves. Let’s start together and get all these people together and move to our Taiyi Golden Scale boat quickly. "
Then he walked to the jade qing master and Zheng Gu came to two people Song Changgeng asked "how do you decide? Are you coming with us or staying here? "
Zheng Gu’s dry face and wrinkles twisted into a ball. She tentatively asked, "Do you really have Guang Cheng Sanyuan to solidify your soul and refine your spirit into Dan and pure Yang Bao? If there is, I will join your Qingcheng School. "
Master Yu Qing seems to have nothing to give birth to, but still smiles charmingly. "I mean, if you can help my sister get out of the robbery, you can go there. Are you really sure to get out?"
After a look at the two men, Song Chang-geng took it out of Baoyu’s belt and made it into a nine-day square foot. Then he took out a thumb jade bottle from Gankun’s bag and put it on the stone stage together. ? Don? ? =
Feel nine days yuan Yang feet spread out lightly scorching force both of them froze Zheng Gu dry face in twisted eyes burst out strange brilliance kept staring at the stone stage two things.
It was Master Yu Qing who recovered first. She looked complicated and said, "Sometimes I really doubt that you don’t have a cornucopia. Why do you have everything?"
Just as they delayed for such a while, nine people from Qingcheng School had moved eleven people to Taiyi Jinlin boat outside the valley and stayed inside. Qin Ziling was amazed to see so many Emei brothers.
After the relocation of Renji, I saw Song Changgeng. Qin Ziling didn’t come for a long time, so she called Li Yingqiong and ran back to ask her. After seeing Song Changgeng, she asked, "Brother, are we leaving now?"
Song Chang Gung looked at the hesitant Jade Qing master and Zheng Gu smiled and said nothing. He put away the nine-day Yuanyang ruler and the three-yuan jade bottle with Li Yingqiong turned away.
See him go Zheng Gu high way "wait, I’ll go with you, wait for me to get something? ? ? ? Don? ?” After that, her body suddenly disappeared and she didn’t know where she went.
Master Yu Qing got up and sighed, "That’s really cruel of you. Emei’s brother is a hostage. It’s okay to seduce my sister. It seems that I have to go with you."
See Song Chang Gung smiled and didn’t answer master jade qing Li Yingqiong asked curiously, "where did she go to get something? There are no caves here, either? "
Four looked at the jade Qing master reluctantly said, "The flowers and trees here are still arranged with my sister. I don’t know if I can protect them here."
Although the surface here is not big, there is a huge ice cave that my sister came out to look for the snow soul beads, and later it was built into an ice palace, where everything was hidden. "