By the way, let the star Li Daxiong get married. I hope their lovers will get married.
Mu Ling couldn’t help slightly leng leng. Did that girl talk to you?
Situhao shook his head. She took care of me when I was in Fengyun Jianzong, and she was poisoned because she helped me taste the food. Because she was kind to me, I wouldn’t let her do anything.
Mu Ling’s face flashed a little hard to detect sadness. Well, I’m white
It seems that you are waiting for the funeral. Don’t worry. Master said that I would take you alive and I would never hurt your life. At best, I would just break your limbs. Xuanyuanjie said with a teasing face.
Situhao doesn’t want to talk to Xuanyuan Jie any more nonsense. With a wave of his hand, his feet are slightly curved, and his body flashes towards Xuanyuan Jie.
Blink of an eye Situhao has rushed away from Xuanyuan Jie’s body to gather up force and pour it into his right hand. The most powerful force is chopping at Xuanyuan Jie.
When the lightning blade swept across the sky, I saw a long black shadow flash across the sky and swept away to Xuanyuanjie’s right arm.
Situ Hao’s attack speed is very fast. Xuanyuan Jie dare not be careless. He is rallying himself in an instant, waving his Kunlun claw in his hand to meet Situ Hao’s thunder blade.
As the two men waved their weapons in the sky, there were two sharp battles, and the two goshawks contended, which suddenly gave people a feeling of being annoyed and magnificent.
Instant two handle weapons hit a loud noise together SiTuHao straight back three steps face look number Chapter 41 Inexplicably violent.
Distinguishing the strength of rough hitting
Situhao, after all, is just a fifth-order martial artist. He is far from the strength of Xuanyuan Jie. It is such an attack that his body turned out to be three steps backward and Xuanyuan Jie’s body did not retreat by half a point.
Situhao finally arrived at this time, and the difference between the different strengths of Bai Wu and other ranks is also extremely huge.
Xuanyuanjie heart once again gave birth to a shock.
When he entered the sword Sect of Fengyun, Situhao let him greatly lose his face, but also let him admit his name in front of hundreds of people. After that, he hated Situhao and now he had a chance to directly confront him. He tried his best to seriously hurt Situhao in one move, but Situhao retreated three steps, and his face was painful but showed no signs of injury, which surprised him.
Seeing that Situhao was able to resist his own blow, Xuanyuan Jie’s anger suddenly soared. As Situhao retreated, he suddenly chased his right hand forward, and the most extreme force of Kunlun claw split to Situhao’s left arm.
Jin Ji broke up, and a fright arose in Situhao’s heart
He knows very well that his left arm was really hit by Kunlun claw. Even if he keeps using his animal cultivation techniques to cast illusion, his left arm will probably be damaged for life.
The blow was strong enough to shatter his left arm.
But at this time, facing Xuanyuan Jie, he didn’t stop attacking, and he didn’t even have a chance to escape.
At this instant, Situhao immediately felt a force spread from his right index finger at an instant speed, and his body was immediately filled with all his strength. Damn it, after he was attacked by a powerful attack, his strength soared.
The mixed yuan Tian Jie felt a strong force surge, and Stuart Hao flashed a trace of excitement in his heart. He was steady in his body and split the thunder blade with his right hand, and directly greeted Xuanyuan Jie Kunlun claw.
Regeneration is better than breaking two weapons in a hurry to win again 2.
The other four people in the field couldn’t help changing color at this time. They have heard the mystery from the broken.
The handle in Situhao’s hand looks very strange and ordinary weapons cut the alto. Compared with the previous one, it was a little anxious again.
Didn’t he just attack and didn’t try his best? This is the common thought that flashed through the hearts of the other four people.
In the blink of an eye, two weapons struck together and made a loud noise.
Situhao body jerked back two steps Xuanyuan Jie body also took a step back.
Xuanyuan Jie’s force is strong. Although Situ Hao relies on mixed yuan to quit his force, it has increased several times, but his force is still not Xuanyuan Jie.
The strength gap caused by the difference of military order is really huge.
Mixed Yuan Tian Jie made Situ Hao’s force increase twice less, and with the double attack power of Tian Li Lei’s blade, his force still lags behind Xuanyuan Jie.
Situhao didn’t have these two treasures in his hands. At this time, I’m afraid he has already been broken off by Xuanyuan Jie.
Situhao was hit twice, and his heart surged inexplicably, but he was injured, an impulse to vomit blood.
Just as my heart swelled, a powerful force ran from my belly to my body.
During the surge of strength, Situhao’s mind suddenly disappeared and became more comfortable. Even his face was very pale and ruddy again.
Oh, my God, you’re just in time. Such words flashed in Situhao’s heart.
He was badly hit, and Yuan Lingdan’s accumulated strength was finally released, and he became a life-saving force.