Chief of the clan, this matter is significant. Another elder sighed and hesitated slightly. If Lin Xiaoyou can return the dragon keel to us, we are willing to pay the price.
Elder, you should know how much damage it will do to me to deprive the keel at this time. Maybe it will be difficult for me to improve my strength again. My face is slightly changed, and my steps are all backward and heavy.
Lin Xiaoyou don’t worry, Yuan Gan hurriedly said
But the dragon keel is my dragon treasure. Although Lin Xiaoyou helped me a lot, he is not my dragon person after all. Another elder couldn’t help it.
Wouldn’t it make people say that my dragon is ungrateful and opposed by the elders?
But this is a big deal.
Yuan Gan looked at the dragon elders who were arguing with each other. Soon he glanced at his eyes and was alert. Lin Dong wanted to be a headache because of this. Lin Dong got the ancient keel. To say the least, although it is quite rare, it does not mean that these elders are all born by the law, but it is a pity that he got the only keel with the universe.
Don’t you think it’s a joke for the dragon to argue like this?
In the peak of the dragon high-level competition, an unusually old sound suddenly rang up in this world, and I heard this sound. Even the elders slammed their mouths, and even Yuangan looked up at the front in dismay.
Lin also looked up and saw that there was a sudden distortion, and the old man with a hand leading crutch was so strange that he was in sight now.
Judging from the expression of Yuan Gan and others, this old man is obviously quite amazing, but he has delicate juvenile skin, and a pair of eyes and pupils are deep and abnormal. The fluctuation is even worse than Yuan Gan’s, even when facing the pheasant, it doesn’t fall in the wind.
Welcome to Elder Tai. When the elders saw it, they quickly bowed down and greeted the old man. Their attitude was even more disguised than that of Yuan Gan.
Too old for you, Yuan Trunk Road
If you don’t come, even the dragon’s face will be thrown away with crutches. The old man’s way is to embarrass the elders of the forest keel.
Too old yuan dry wry smile way
The crutch old man waved his hand, and then his deep eyes looked at Lin Dong’s line of sight and nodded slightly. His old face also appeared with a sigh. I didn’t expect that the keel of the wilderness would be captured by a foreigner.
Because I can’t figure out what attitude this mysterious dragon elder is, Lin is not good at talking, but he is bowing his hand.
The dragon’s keel is really my dragon treasure, but perhaps it is also because it is too important. On the contrary, since you can get it, it is the fate, and even the ancestors agreed to it, we dare not say anything more about crutches and old people’s voices.
But after all, he is not an elder of our dragon people hesitate to say
Stick to pedantry. Maybe sooner or later, my dragon will also decline with other tyrants. The crutch old man said lightly. Soon he paused and looked at Lin Dong.
Little friend, I don’t know if you can reject the dragon elders.
Lin move smell speech heart micro hurriedly way welcome.
However, he could hear that the elder, who holds a very high position among the dragons, was thinking about his way.
The crutch old man nodded, and then the palm of his hand held the colorful light condensed, and then it turned out to be a purple dragon printed with amazing fluctuations
Little friend, this is my dragon punishment, the dragon seal palm punishment and the dragon pedestrian punishment. From then on, you will be my dragon belief punishment elder.
Lin Zheng, he is not familiar with this "penalty dragon seal", but he is able to see at this moment that even the dragon elders have a dry complexion, which is a change from Chapter 116.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and sixteen
Punishment elder
Lin looked at the purple dragon seal in the hands of the dragon elder, and then looked at Yuan Gan and others’ slightly changed faces. This means that the punishment elder does not seem to be his imaginary title.
The punishment for the position of the Elder is too great. If it is given to a foreigner, will it be inappropriate? An elder can’t help saying that this punishment for the elder is higher than that for the elders who are holding Modali in the dragon. The punishment for the elder is Qing pheasant, but later he retired from this position.
But now this position is to give a milli dragon blood human, which can not make them extremely dumbfounded.
The rest of the elders also looked at each other, even Yuan Gan hesitated to look at their eyes. The elders took the punishment and asked Lin to start the punishment. Don’t say that even the dragon people with some dragon veins will be punished. This is the punishment of the elders.
I have said that sticking to pedantry can lead to decline.
Elder Tai said lightly that he waved to Yuan Gan and others, and then looked at Lin with a smile. Lin Xiaoyou, would you like to be my dragon new punishment elder?
Lin Dong stared at the mysterious old man with a good appearance, but his heart was dark and grinned. Ginger was still great. Obviously, he was also very clear about the importance of the wild keel to the dragon. This situation made no sense for them to let Lin Dong’s wild keel be sentimental. Since this is not the case, Lin Dong is also a dragon boat.
Yu said that the punishment elders may indeed benefit a lot, but Lin really took this punishment and printed it in disorder. This dragon is obviously also a way to deal with it. Speaking of it, they didn’t pay too much, that is, they maximized the left of the keel in the dragon in disguise.
Having said that, however, the great elder was able to make Lin move to bear the punishment of the dragon with such courage, which really surprised Lin to move. Most of him went to this ancient race to stick to the rules and be pedantic.
Since the elder is too old, the younger generation dare not refuse
Lin Dong fuels Gongdao, perhaps this is the best way to solve the eye problem, otherwise, these elders of the Dragon are afraid that they will not be able to bear to let the keel of the universe fall into the hands of an outsider they have nothing to do with.
For him, it’s a big shock to talk to the dragon. It’s not difficult for him to pick up a six-winged dragon whose blood is not pure.
When Elder Tai saw the old face, he also emerged with a smile. After that, you are my dragon punishment elder. If you can join me.
Lin Dong "nodded. He is actually very white. Although this punishment is true for the elders, it is now obvious that he does not have the qualification to intervene in the dragon clan affairs. Then he doesn’t have the luxury to really come to the dragon affairs. Everyone knows that he wants to give him this identity to let him pull the dragon, while he can feel at ease and get the keel of the universe and occasionally take the punishment to print a fox and tiger.
Now that the younger generation has excused themselves, they may have to leave the dragon for a day or two.
Lin Dong looked at Yuan Gan. The most important thing for him to come to the Dragon this time is to finish it and stay there. There are still some stalls in the beast war area, and I don’t know if the little mink has returned to him this time. Maybe he needs some help.