As soon as the sound fell, Meng Fei disappeared from the white tiger’s humanized grateful eyes. Chapter one hundred and thirteen The Holy Spirit City
Half a month later.
Meng Fei is still hundreds of miles away from entering the Flying Feathers and arriving in the Holy Spirit City. The little dragon mouse said, Should we stop traveling again and again?
I have never asked you a question about the little dragon mouse. It takes months or years to get from one city to another, let alone ethnic groups. How long does it take to shuttle from one ethnic group to another?
Meng Fei is curious. This vast celestial world is too mysterious. The area occupied by each ethnic group is incredible. At present, they want to travel through a flying feather family at a speed of several hundred years, and it is impossible to complete it.
For mortals or some low-level practitioners, it is impossible to travel all over their lives, let alone travel through thousands of worlds.
It’s very simple to send an array in every city in the thousand stars. It’s very expensive to send an array. Most people can’t afford it. In the thousand stars, those who have money can travel through the big pools, said the little dragon mouse
Every city is heavily guarded and has no status. This thing can’t make you
Oh, the money is not enough, and the status corresponds to the background. Meng Fei is surprised
Of course, if you don’t have a background and strong strength in the thousand stars, you can live at the bottom. The little dragon mouse said that suddenly you look forward here, and this is the real city in the thousand stars
Meng Fei smell speech suddenly looked ahead and saw a distant place, one by one, as if it were a colorful city with four small towns looming around the pool.
That city is the holy spirit city, said the little mouse. When you enter the holy spirit city, do it according to our plan
Little dragon mouse, you said before that entering such a city can also cost money. Now I don’t have a thousand astral currencies, Meng Fei said with a frown
You can have as many lingshi as you want in the astral world, but how can people admit you lingshi in the astral world?
Lingshi is a very common energy stone in the thousand stars, but it is of little value to bring it to the root.
You didn’t have me, little dragon mouse. Hey, I laughed. During the robbery, I found some black crystal coins in some robbers, and I searched them. They know that black crystal coins are still a relatively high currency, which is widely used in thousands of worlds.
How many Meng Fei Zheng?
There are not many times to rob and kill our robbers, although thousands of people can only use this kind of black crystal coin with a few leaders. Other robbers have some yuan crystal coins, and I found 120 pieces of black crystal coins in their bodies, said the little dragon mouse
One hundred and twenty pieces of Meng Fei blink his eyes and touch Ba wry smile. It feels so poor.
This is a black crystal coin, not a yuan crystal coin, and it’s not cheap. The little dragon mouse rolled his eyes and said, it’s enough for you to mix in the Holy Spirit City for a while
In different ethnic groups, black crystal coins can be converted into yuan crystal coins, and yuan crystal coins can also be converted into spirit crystal, said the little dragon mouse. But on the contrary, spirit crystal is converted into yuan crystal coins, and yuan crystal coins are also converted into black crystal coins
Meng Fei nodded slightly.
This is plain to him
People from the Celestial Circles accidentally entered the Celestial Circles. They entered the Celestial Circles with more advanced and more refined money. Of course, some high-level people in the Celestial Circles were willing to change it.
However, people from the astral world entered the astral world and took the lowest-order energy stone from the astral world to exchange money in the astral world, fearing that it would not work at all.
In the celestial world, lingshi belongs to a kind of goods, not money, but only to some weaker ethnic groups.
In conversation
Bai Longma has accelerated towards the Holy Spirit City in the distance.
Meng Fei sat in front of Bai Longma, and the city became more and more clear. He saw many figures shuttling through the city. The Holy Spirit City was very strange in the place, and the naked eye could clearly see the air mass of various colors slowly dripping, making the city look more beautiful from the outside.
There’s a guiding signal from the Holy Spirit City, and the little dragon mouse said that Meng Shaoshao, we have to follow the guiding signal and reach the entrance of the Holy Spirit City according to their requirements.
Meng Fei nodded slightly.
He also heard the little dragon mouse say that it is absolutely impossible for you to fly around when you arrive in a city, and you must be inspected before entering.
Of course, you’re powerful. Of course, you can be tough.
A high-level city like Holy Spirit City can only enter the city directly regardless of the guiding signal if it respects seven stars.
Of course, even the seven-star statue usually gives the Holy Spirit a little face.
after all
The Lord of the Holy Spirit can come from Feiyu clan and he is a star statue.
Meng Fei, holding the little dragon mouse and Bai Longma’s blood ghost, can see at a glance a huge silver city in front of the city, a vast square in front of the city, and a large number of vehicles are densely packed in the square, dozens of meters long or small.
Generally, it is the size of some large transport teams.
We can enter the city, said the little dragon mouse in charge. According to our status, we should be able to enter the city through the silver channel. The other channels are ordinary channels, and we don’t need to lose our identity.
Meng Fei nodded and slowly came to the gate of the silver channel.
The vitality in this city is about five times that of the outside world. Meng Fei just walked into the passage and instantly felt the change of vitality in the city. No wonder so many people live in the city.
This environment alone is enough to speed up the cultivation and practice, and some ordinary people can live in this environment and be nourished by the vitality of heaven and earth to achieve the goal of prolonging life.
Well, Meng Fei looked up and saw a strong man in gray, about two meters tall and with a pair of wings behind him. He flew over and landed in Meng Fei.
The man smiled modestly and said, "Dear Sir, welcome to the Holy Spirit City. You are a noble man, and entering the Holy Spirit City offers all kinds of benefits."
Generally, people of other ethnic groups get 100 yuan of crystal coins every hour when they enter the Holy Spirit City, but human beings only need 10 yuan of crystal coins. This is your city entry card. Hello, you said and handed a silver semi-transparent crystal card to Meng Fei with a pair of wing signs.