I don’t even know you if you don’t smash him today. If you don’t burn my flower house, you will be the tortoise egg.
You and I dare not be old. When we fought in the battlefield, you didn’t know where to nurse.
You fight in the battlefield, a bird is old, and a thunderbolt can blow your leaf home to the sky.
Two people brag and stare, and they can’t wait for the horse to fight. Long Yin shakes his head and smiles, but he doesn’t answer. Lin Yan is even more silent. He certainly can’t wait for Ye Jiahua’s family to make it as stiff as possible.
Flowers, water, soft hands clenched tightly together, nervous tears are almost coming. If her delicate and touching gesture falls on some young men’s eyes at this time, they will be amazed and distressed, and they can’t tell the difference between east and west, north and south.
Ok, stop arguing. Ye Chen seems to be impatient to drink a way.
His voice made Hua Zhentian distract his attention. He rubbed his hands and said, "Scold the old man and then teach him a lesson. Look down on the old man. Today, I won’t teach you to find teeth everywhere."
Wait a minute. Let’s listen to the younger generation first.
Fart quickly.
Ye Chen smiled indifferently. Suddenly, broken arrow cut the ground in his short body, and then his body moved quickly for a few breaths, and he drew a circle with a diameter of five meters. When Ye Chen returned to his former position, the circle just surrounded him with flowers.
Hurt the elder’s future son-in-law. This is really a junior, but it’s expensive for me, Ye Jiatong, Tianlong, and the country’s pillars. How can I be hurt by this? It didn’t hurt my two families. The younger generation dared to fight with the older generation. Who won or lost in this circle doesn’t know the meaning of the older generation
Bullshit. Lao Tian is here to teach you a lesson. If you just run away from the circle, Lao Tian will fart. Don’t treat Lao Tian as a fool and shout angrily.
Elder Hua didn’t dare
Then if the younger generation loses, it will be handled by the older generation. Do you dare to spend it like this?
Hey, that’s what you said.
Do you dare to gamble with me again?
How to gamble
First, you must promise to lose on three conditions. Do you dare to spend your predecessors? Ye Chen, this sentence is very clear but surprisingly fast.
How dare you, since you want to die so little, become an old man? Without thinking about it, you promised to raise your fists fiercely and pounce on Ye Chen. His martial arts skill incarnates his main luck, and he is covered with a layer of iron wall. He believes that he can’t move, and Ye Chen doesn’t want to beat him back.
Ok, so take care, Ye Chen. There’s a conspiratorial smile on her mouth.
Some of the people present finally reacted, but they didn’t come yet and shouted that Ye Chen had jumped around after a beautiful jump.
Flowers stunned for a moment and then pointed to Ye Chen’s arrogance and laughed. You are a wimp, and now you have lost the horse to the old.
The younger generation has been defeated and spent. The elder followed our bet and promised the younger generation three conditions. Ye Chen walked over and said
I almost ran away with a blinding look. Did your little head get caught by the door panel? Winning should always be your promise to the third child.
It seems that the flower elder seems to have misheard the younger generation, saying that the winner must promise to lose three conditions, while the flower elder loses, and the younger generation Ye Chen is very embarrassed with a smile.
Flower blasting eyes stare big round Seimi Zhang slant head to look at the audience.
Chapter 54 Good little future
Hehe, General Ye Gong just said that to win, you must promise to lose three conditions instead of losing and promising to win three conditions, an old minister said.
Li Aiqing said yes Long Yin said
Even the emperor said that it can still be fake, and more than half of the people in a stadium listen to it because they are used to thinking. At this time, it is even more important to make sure that a small number of people have heard it. They have already proved it by looking at the strange pity eyes of Hua Zhen.
Dad, he said it was such a soft and timid sound, although it sounded very light, but the flowers were heard in the ear.
Do you still doubt that even your daughter said so?
Hua Chen’s face changed again and again, and then suddenly he burst into laughter. Then he quickly walked to the front of Ye Chen, laughing wildly, and the black hand patted Ye Chen’s shoulder and slapped him with tears.
Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good.
After all these years, you are the first person to dare to be good and have a good future. Ahahahaha, you always lose your heart. Tell me what you have to promise. If you always frown, you will write the word upside down.
Ye Chen hurriedly left the palm of his hand like a hammer without trace, saying that the first condition for the younger generation is that the older generation will no longer pursue the past.
I’m not going to pursue it when I’m old. Even old people can be yin to people. His Lins’ children are a fart. It’s two conditions to get hurt and deserve it. It’s a great time to spend the day, he said
Ye Chen full head big sweat this logic?
The other two conditions have not been decided by the younger generation.
Then come to me when you think about it. It’s so small. It’s worthy that Ye Jiaer always looks after you. Hahahaha.
Hua Zhentian turned around and swaggered back to his seat, and his anger disappeared completely. Instead, he looked satisfied like a prostitute who had just come from a brothel.
It’s so fucking refreshing that I’ve finally been severely yin.