Not far away, Mu Qianqian and others saw this figure. Baidu’s martial arts started and became startled. Obviously, he didn’t find that he was breaking in.
Where’s Elder Lin Dong Cao?
Teng Lei’s eyes stared at Lin as intensely as a beast that eats people. He suddenly and violently drank a way.
Well, in the face, I looked at Teng Lei’s terrible face, but Lin was smiling.
You robbed me, and the palm of my hand trembled slightly. Let’s start with Baidu’s martial arts and dry Kun. My heart was furious and crazy like a volcano. He stared at Lin’s move, word for word.
Hehe, you can’t say that. Everything here is the main thing. What’s the matter with you? Lin moved lightly and laughed
Teng Lei’s eyes immediately became latosolic red when he heard Lin move this disguised admission. After a while, he took a deep breath and immediately the cold and biting sound spread in this half with poor murderous look.
Since this life of yours, I will give it to Elder Hua Gu today. Chapter two hundred and eleven Yin Devil Kill.
As Teng Lei’s murder sounds filled with coldness spread in the middle, and those Yin Hou Zongqiang’s complexion became poor gradually, the figures were scattered and all of them were blocked here. I didn’t expect that the knot was made a big bargain by Lin Dong. If you go, it will inevitably become a joke for others. Lin Dong must die today.
The cunning little unexpectedly also put us together while we stopped Yin after cases of sneaking to give the higher operator after the direction of the great magic door, an old beside MuQian whispered.
What shall we do now, miss? asked a big magic door
Smell speech MuQian is a captivating smile immediately charming smile Teng Lei Lin move but you’re right. This wild ancient monument is the main thing. You can’t be so overbearing after Yin Zong.
Mu Qian, don’t talk nonsense. Today, it’s not because of you. I’ve been living in Yin after a long time. You can’t get away from this matter. Lei binge drink a way.
Why don’t you pick us up? Mu Qian covers her lips and smiles, and her posture is charming, but a little witch is generally a headache.
Teng Lei’s eyes are gloomy. Now he doesn’t want to entangle with Mu Qianqian and others. Today, he must leave Lin completely here, otherwise he will go back and follow Zongdai.
Giggling and moving eyes can be helped by my magic door. Seeing Teng Lei don’t talk, Mu Qian’s beautiful eyes turn to Lin Dong and say with smile.
Hehe, thank you for your kindness, but Lin is still able to cope with Lin’s move and bow at Mu Qian. He smiled and said, If you let the magic master maybe owe the latter one, then the human feelings will become quite troublesome if you want to come like a strange witch. Don’t owe it well.
Seeing that Lin Dong actually declined his own mu Qian’s beautiful eyes is also a bit stunned. The situation is obviously extremely unfavorable for Lin Dong. With the three strong gas-making environments and the rest of the people’s pressure, Lin Dong can be crushed to death. This small pour is really a little behind Mu Qian. A big magic door is obviously dissatisfied with Lin Dong’s faceless behavior.
Today, I want to see if you can cope with the words of forest movement. The Teng Lei is also a sneer. Soon, with a wave of his hand, his eyes are gloomy. In front of him, a gray-black operator is like a chain, and his body is as violent as a shell, and the vigorous energy and luster surge suddenly and violently toward forest movement.
Teng Lei, this character is not weak. Looking at the middle level, it is extremely strong. Before that, pure Yuan Dan supported its combat power, which is even more powerful than a punch. Even if it is small, it can’t be hard-jointed.
Hum, however, Lin looked at the violent plunder, but it was a cold hum of jade light that quickly emerged and directly rendered his body into glass color.
Magic ape change
As the heart low drink rings, Lin’s body expands once again, and suddenly a sense of strength of the earth horse is rippling in his whole body.
Roll the body, expand the forest, step on it, and then punch it hard. Suddenly, the gas exploded in its fist, and then it was hard to regret it.
Giant resounded in the sky, and then Muqian and others saw Teng Lei, and it turned out that it was directly blown away by Lin Dong’s fist, and his body was also shot backwards into a cave, and the boulder flew down.
This guy is so strong that he looks at this scene, including Mu Qianqian’s passing with a touch of vibration in the eyes of the great magic door. Their great magic door is a major, so all the powerful horses, combined with the body force, are even more powerful, but even they are sure that their own methods will be as good as the gas-making environment.
It seems that Lin’s strength is of the earth, but the injury of Chinese bone is really his mu Qian’s beautiful eyes flashing until now, and she is also convinced that the injury of Chinese bone that day should be caused by Lin.
Lin move blow fly operator after show strength of the earth is also let Yin after ZongJiang was taken aback, but followed by two gas-making environment small into strong flash prey and vigorous spirit fluctuation instantaneous diffusion.
Yin after erosion of fine skeleton.
Strong spirit storm surges and quickly condenses into two gray skulls in front of two people, and then the gray awn in the skull eye socket flashes a mouth, which is a burst of suction constantly sucking and tearing the spirit of Lin.
In these two gas-making environments, there are also a lot of yin behind them. After Zongqiang’s spirit condenses a series of spiritual blades, and then he takes up the roar of the sky and shoots at the forest.
In the face of these Yin after cases of strong hands, Lin’s eyes are also slightly condensed, and at the same time, the five life charms of Mud Pillow Palace are also shaking wildly, and a strong spirit is constantly spewing out.
Strong spirit rippled around the forest, and immediately a special way condensed in its throat, followed by a fierce step on the mouth of the forest. Suddenly, a shocking roar was carried by a sonic forest center condensed by the spirit.
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.