"Well," Chu said and left.
At this time, everyone knows that Liu Jie and Xue went out to buy food today without buying meat, but they only bought vegetables and didn’t buy onion, ginger and garlic.
People can’t say anything, but they are embarrassed themselves.
Lu Jie is tired at the thought of dating Xue today.
It might be nice to let them go to some high-end place or shopping mall for a date, but it happened that they were dumbfounded when they got there, and no one knew what to buy.
Especially the snow said nothing and wouldn’t communicate with those vendors. All the bases were thrown to Lu Jie to do it. Where did a male elder brother know these things? They barely bought a pile of vegetables, and they thought they had bought enough and came back quickly.
They didn’t talk much all the way back because they didn’t get along just now.
When Xue heard that Liu Jie’s affection for her had dropped, she suddenly showed surprise.
It’s not that she is too confident, but she never thought that she would buy something and Liu Jie’s affection for her would drop.
When Chu absolutely came back from shopping, he was finally able to finish the last two dishes.
Today, I ate dinner later than yesterday, and Chang Cheng and Si-yu Zhao didn’t cook as well as Chu. Several dishes failed. After dinner, Lu Jie went out to wash the dishes. After thinking about it, she thought it was an opportunity to save her good feelings, so she said that she would wash them with him.
Fruit Liu Jie wanted to think and refused.
He really doesn’t believe that Xue can do such a thing well with him. If he washes a bowl and breaks it later, he will probably blow up his mind.
Today’s shopping experience is really a shadow for him.
He doesn’t want to ruin all his good memories of snow.
But the snow was rejected by him, and the back would die.
When the atmosphere was a little awkward, after all, when they were talking, others were there, and everyone heard them.
Xie Xiaoxiao got up and rounded up. "I’ll wash it. I haven’t done anything these two days. I’m sorry. I’ll wash dishes with Lu Jie. I often wash dishes at home."
Xie Xiaoxiao’s clearance seems to make the scene less cold and hard, but the snow still looks bad. She turned and left.
Yu Xin went back to her room. Gu Linger was taking off her makeup. She didn’t react when she saw Yu Xin coming in.
Yu Xin saw that she had put her pajamas on the bed and asked, "Do you want to take a shower first?"
"Well, I’ll take off my makeup and wash it."
Yu Xin nodded. "Then I’ll wash it after you wash it. I’ll go for a walk outside."
With that, she took a coat out of the closet and put it on.
Gu Linger gave her a look and wanted to say nothing.
Yu Xin is going to take a walk outside and then go back to the room. I didn’t expect to take a few steps before I saw Liu Jie smoking at the vegetable field behind the room.
He flickered in the dark with a scarlet cigarette end in his hand.
By moonlight, Yu Xin can recognize that person as Liu Jie.
She thought about it and pretended not to see him walking in the other direction, but she made a noise on purpose.
Liu Jie looked up when he heard the sound.
Yu Xin, in the bright place, Liu Jie recognized it at a glance.
He came to smoke because he was very upset, but he had a strange feeling after seeing Yu Xin.
These two days, Yu Xin, just like I really don’t know him, instead of pestering him, I don’t even talk to him more.
I think that yesterday he snowed and didn’t seriously look for ingredients, leaving Yu Xin alone to look for ingredients outside. She also found so many Liu Jie, but she didn’t get a chance to say sorry to her. It happened that Yu Xin is also alone now.
Liu Jie thought that it would be better to say it now or it would be bad to drag on for a long time.
So he stubbed out the cigarette butts and threw them into the garbage bin next to him, and then quickly chased them in the direction of Yu Xin’s departure.
Yu Xin’s hearing is very good, and she can hear the sound from a long distance. When Lu Jie came after her, she soon heard footsteps.
She deliberately slowed down, taking two steps and stopping.
Liu Jie soon came behind her.
When she feels that Lu Jie is not far from her, she will return to normal speed and move forward.
Liu Jie came to call Yu Xin’s name, but when the words came to his mouth, he felt that he couldn’t shout them out. He didn’t know what to say later.
Guo Yu Xin suddenly stared back at him.