"Gary Oak, you are now called a doctor. It’s really amazing." Aaron said that Gary Oak immediately said that it was not there yet.
"But then Grandpa and Dad came down a peg or two. Grandpa and Dad are both well-known doctors. They are both called Dr. Damu. Now I am doing research in this institute. After people here know my identity, they just joked with me and called me Dr. Damu." Gary Oak jokingly said that Gary Oak is not a visual talk, but Aaron knew that Gary Oak must be smiling now. Aaron talked to Gary Oak again. Xiao Zhi told Gary Oak that Xiao Zhi is very strong now and wants to fight you again. Gary Oak listened to it and showed the tone that he was looking forward to fighting Xiaozhi again. Finally, Aaron said.
"I will attend" Aaron was surprised that Gary Oak answered so simply. "It has always been said that people can’t be both civil and military, just like grandpa and dad. At first, they were Poké mon trainers, and their strength was good. Later, after taking the scholar road, their strength declined. I have to tell those people that even if they become scholars, their combat effectiveness will not be reduced. According to Mr. Du, it is necessary to have some people who know the necessary professional knowledge and their combat effectiveness will not be weak because of unexpected situations at any time. Can I refuse if people say so?" Gary Oak continued to say that Aaron also smiled and said "too", while Gary Oak seemed to be busy with Aaron and hung up.
In fact, Aaron also thought: Xiao Zhi has similar strength to Gary Oak, but Xiao Zhi was not invited. Once again, it is enough to want to do this thing without strength. Xiao Zhi dialect sometimes has emotional feelings, which is unacceptable and possible when it is difficult to implement. Considering that Xiao Zhi dialect is better than doing this kind of thing and continuing to challenge the alliance, it is different from Aaron’s side. Xiao Zhi is the goal of the Poké mon master and then challenges all the alliances, while Aaron’s side has already set their own goals. Traveling out is just a sideline.
Going forward, it should be said that I really missed the land in the east. Later, I came to Changpan City because I knew the road, and then nothing happened. I came back to Nibi City. Aaron also visited Mr. Xiang Le, that is, Mr. Lu Ajun’s grandfather. Mr. Lu was also very happy to see Aaron coming. My mother-in-law just happened to come home from Changpan City and chatted at Mr. Lu’s house for a while. However, Mr. Lu tried his best to keep Aaron and his party here for one night.
"Today, it’s still early to know the way, and the situation should be able to cross the moon and see the mountains." So Aaron said that May and Xiaosheng had long been accustomed to Aaron’s fast-paced travel mode, and they followed Aaron to advance. Because they were detained by Xiaogang’s family for one night, Xiao Zhi dialect was ready to start with Xiaogang, and the two sides were separated again.
"But in fact, I didn’t stay for one night." May complained and Aaron shook his head.
"If you are late, you won’t be able to attend the Poké mon Gorgeous Competition in Hualan City." Aaron suddenly took out a poster and waved it in front of May …
Second, intelligence? What is the strength of the Rockets?
"China blue city Poké mon gorgeous contest? When will you take this poster? " As soon as May grabbed it, he went on to say that it was right for May to challenge the Poké mon Gorgeous Competition in the East this time.
"Well, I saw it as soon as I entered Nibi City. At that time, you and Xiaosheng were still lamenting why there were so many stones in Nibi City, so I uncovered them first." Aaron replied that May seemed to have not listened but looked at the poster carefully for a while
"Can’t so tight? We have to hurry up, "May said immediately after reading it. In turn, it became May’s urging Aaron to move forward, which made Aaron feel a little nai [search for the latest update].
At this time, a tall building stands in a desert area somewhere in the east, and the red "R" is very conspicuous. At the entrance, there are several people wearing black clothes and printed with the red "R". Even people who don’t know anything will know that this is by no means a good place at first glance. In this building, a person is sitting at his desk and lying next to him. top cat is listening to the report of two people in black.
"That is to say, according to the undercover report of the police in Chengdu, the eastern region, the eastern region and Chengdu region are indeed planning something, but the detailed plot is not clear. It is known that it is to be transported to a large number of police forces and all of them are elite police forces, and it seems that those guys from the Four Kings are also involved in this matter, right?" The man said after hearing the report of the two black players that the two black players nodded at once.
"It seems that the leaders of the eastern region and Chengdu region are really angry if they need such police force. For the’ care’ we gave to Chengdu region more than a year ago," the man said, and at this time, a man in black knocked at the door and came in.
"Report to the police undercover in the orange islands area. It seems that the orange alliance is recruiting excellent police officers in the orange islands. Here is a detailed information." The black player walked up to the man and then took out a folder to open and gave it to the man. The man was also a horse and took a cursory look.
"The reaction of those hicks in the orange islands area is the same as those in the eastern region and Chengdu area. It was certain that they were planning something. Although they don’t know exactly what it is, it seems that we are the only ones who deserve them to adjust so much power to deal with the role in these three regions. It seems that it is right to resign as a trainer in Changpan Daoguan Daoguan. Those people in the Eastern Alliance have long been suspicious of me. Maybe they will arrest me or not ask about it. If I hadn’t left before the time, I might have been at the police station now. It’s really those guys who seem to be playing for real this time, "the man said, and then a black player shouted the report at the door."
"Report ShaYe adults send report back" that said that the man immediately after hearing is up.
"Shaye report, his report must contain some key information. Bring it here," the man said. The player immediately handed a folder to the man and he opened it.
"Hum, that’s true. Is it the" ar(againsrke) "plan of the Azimuth Rockets? When was it that they found out the addresses of so many of our bases? "Sakaguchi looked at the list of bases, large and small, and then looked at the team member who handed this folder to him." To announce this list, these base people immediately started to build new bases and don’t move, which would cause suspicion. It is required to move slowly and finish the construction of new bases in six months and take two months to move slowly. According to Shaye, it will take another year or so for the alliance talents to move. Just in case, pay attention to the establishment of a new base earlier. Remember not to let the police find that some people are in three small bases and directly move to nearby bases that are not on this list. Do it now. "The man said that he would give the paper with a row of base names to the player, who immediately said" yes "and then ran away.
"You go and ask the accounting department to calculate the general needs of this measure and hand it over to me as soon as possible." The man pointed to one of the remaining three players and said that the man immediately "yes" after hearing the order and then ran away
"It’s a big project, but there’s nothing we can do. Although the story should be enough, we still have to make long-term plans. By the way, that guy who was caught back by the sword and was called the thief Golem is not dead. Go and tell that guy to help us steal more valuable things if he wants to live. If you don’t want Poké mon to be valuable this time, kill him if you refuse. If you make any bad ideas again, you will call Bixias to chase him, so go and tell him, and then let him go out. By the way, wake him up, take his mobile phone and keep two 14 hours boot which day dozen don’t call he also finished, "the man suddenly thought of a person who can benefit, and then said to one of the black players that black players also immediately brought out.
"By the way, how many new players are there recently? You go and check it out. "The man suddenly thought of this question and said to the last person, that person went out at once and then came back after ten minutes.
"It is reported that in the past month, six people in the eastern region joined the loss team, nine people graduated from the training camp in the past year, and six people were white, with a total of 319 new players, of which 17 were promoted to blue, and 78 players were lost, including 3 in blue. In Chengdu, 11 people joined the loss team in the past month, 15 people graduated from the training camp in the past year, and 8 people were white, with a total of 15 new players, 5 in blue, and 144 in blue. In the island area, four people joined the loss team, one lost team member, and seven people graduated from the training camp in the past year, including six in white and one in blue. There were 511 new team members, three in blue, and one in blue. At present, our rocket team has a total of six special players, 319 in blue, 116 in white, and 6,345 in black, which does not include all kinds of researchers and so on. The team member listed a very detailed report.
"I see. I didn’t pay attention to the players for a while. I have grown into an army of nearly seven people. It was really hard to start the Rockets with my mother before. It has been more than 20 years since then. I have a good feeling that there are too many elite players. In fact, it can’t be called an elite. I strive to divide the elite players into three groups according to their ability, one with strong organizational ability, one with strong combat ability, and one with both organization and combat. After that, it is more convenient to transfer the players. There are also special players who are still six people. If there are six people, it is impossible to fight against the eastern region and Chengdu. It is four days. The average elite player in the Crown Army has also been touched by the four kings. Although it has been emphasized that high combat effectiveness cannot rely on high-tech strength, even if there are still a large number of pseudo-three-god birds, what kind of Moltres can’t compete with the four kings of strength, and they can better reflect their value and can’t be filled with combat effectiveness. The deterrence brought by better living birds organized an elite training camp to select elite players with strong fighting capacity and good potential to go back to the Ministry and give them to Jian Tai for training. Jian was too reluctant to take part in the attack on predatory class, so it was illegal, but when the teacher believed that he would not refuse, "the man said that the player immediately said" Yes "and left.
There is no suspense that the man is Sakaguchi, but just when Sakaguchi thinks he can take a rest and repose for a while, suddenly the words come in again, and the other end is his two precious daughters.
"What’s the matter? Call me at this time. Now it’s time for osmanthus to give you lessons." Sakaguchi said that it is an extra heart for his daughter Sakaguchi.
"Miss Osmanthus said that she found something interesting and left yesterday. She told us to call Dad today." In the words, Xiaoye said that Sakaki felt a little timid after listening to it … Yesterday, she left and told me to call today … but she didn’t have a chance to refuse it, but it was indeed Osmanthus’ style of doing things. Sakaki was also used to the so-called.
"Then I know, and now I’m going to prepare for the combat effectiveness of most elite players. You two also go back and train with Jian Tai. It’s true that osmanthus usually has you two pestering her, and she’s also in trouble." Sakaguchi said, but Xiaoye didn’t answer the "well" class to express her promise.
"Dad, actually, my sister and I want to apply for one." Xiaoye said her real purpose
Sanhua Blue City Gorgeous Competition! Looking for a war factory?
"application? It’s strange that you, you and your sister are asking for osmanthus even if they do it because they feel too weak. Why do you suddenly want to do it? Tell me about it, "Sakaguchi asked.
"I found out that the dragon has traveled back to the eastern region. I hope dad can give me more than a dozen elite players. I absolutely guarantee to tie him to the base." Xiaoye said that Sakaguchi was meditating after listening to it.
"Are you sure you can give him a hand?" Sakaki asks first [search for the latest update is all here]
"It’s dad" Xiaoye answered very positively.
"I think forget it. Why don’t you go to the Internet to investigate the dragon now and see what Poké mon that guy has? He now has one enemy and one hundred strength. Only a dozen elite players can’t kidnap him. Even our rocket team can’t underestimate him. Before developing a secret weapon that can block off Lugia," Sakaguchi said lobular, which seems to be very clear. He didn’t get confused by surprise, but he didn’t continue to say don’t seem unwilling.
"You’d better continue to practice now. Don’t you want to be with that person?" Sakaguchi said that Xiaoye still didn’t speak, and Sakaguchi hung up. Sakaguchi didn’t ask Xiao Ai what she wanted to apply for, but since Xiaoye wanted to apply for it, that Xiao Ai must be almost the same, right?
"Shenlong, you have confused my daughter to this point, and there is a big wood." Sakaguchi said to himself at this time, "I don’t know what charm you have, but my daughter’s seeing things is tantamount to my watching things with Sakaguchi, and I will wait for you sooner or later. No matter what means, I will let you come to this base." Sakaguchi said at this time, but suddenly the alarm sounded in the room.
"Alliance the people search again? This is the third time in two months, right? Seeing our main base seems to have been investigated by them for a general position? "Sakaguchi said, and the main base defense system has started and the base began to sink slowly! Then, when the whole rock didn’t enter the wall, the ground behind it was just like changing the venue at halftime in Poké mon competition. A large artificial rock wall was filled to the surface and a huge base disappeared.
"Three kilometers away, there is a layer of optical camouflage 1 meter near the base, and another layer covers the whole base in a hemispherical shape to prevent strong magnetic wave interference around the radius of 5 kilometers, including human eyes. Except for the special anti-jamming equipment of our rocket team, the rest of the equipment department has installed a total of 119 24-hour monitoring probes in the cracks of surrounding cliffs, large and small, covering areas with a radius of 5 kilometers. If you can find us without finding anything like this, then our rocket team will be dissolved on the spot," Sakaki proudly said, but the Poké mon Alliance people have not found the rocket team owner today.
"It’s finally here." Finally, a group of people came to Hualan City to come to Aaron’s side, and the speed was much faster than the average level. But I didn’t expect to catch this Hualan City Poké mon Gorgeous Competition to reach a new record of 14 hours on the road every day … Aaron felt decisively that May was still very energetic if he wanted to move forward … To tell Hualan City that there was a Poké mon Gorgeous Competition, but he just wanted to give May a driving force to move forward. Generally speaking, it was absolutely impossible to catch it, but I didn’t expect it to catch it … Aaron also felt
In the past, the Hualan City Poké mon Gorgeous Competition was held directly in Hualan Road Pavilion, and the size of the Hualan Road Pavilion was large enough to go in. Sure enough, Xiao Xia was there to direct the phase. When he saw Aaron, three people immediately greeted him.
"It’s really fast, Aaron. I didn’t expect you to arrive in Hualan City today. According to my expectation, even if Aaron marches very fast, what kind of transportation will you take after two days?" Xiao Xia said indeed as expected also found this abnormal high speed asked.
"It’s not just that you have to travel for 14 hours a day for several days in a row …" Aaron said that Xiao Xia suddenly revealed a kind of "How can you let girls walk with you for 14 hours a day?" Looking at Aaron, Aaron revealed an extremely embarrassing look at Xiao Xia …
It was 1: 00 p.m. when arriving in Hualan City, it was 11: 00 p.m. after resting at Poké mon Center, it was 11: 00 p.m. When the registration deadline for Poké mon Hualan City was 1: 00, May ran over to register for the competition and saw May’s energetic appearance. Xiao Xia finally seemed to understand the meaning of Aaron’s eyes …
In the eastern region, the Poké mon Gorgeous Competition was just emerging. The birthplace of the Poké mon Gorgeous Competition was Fengyuan area, and it immediately became popular in the Shenao area. Then it slowly arrived in the eastern region and Chengdu area. When Aaron challenged the Eastern League, there was already a Poké mon Gorgeous Competition. However, Aaron used to concentrate on being a trainer. After all, at that time, he was not strong and Xiaojing Xiao Xia was an accident. No one was interested in this thing. Since three people were not interested, he never participated in it once. I didn’t go to some places to participate in the competition because I wasn’t interested. I really met in my trip and I was able to sign up for the competition. However, May seems to be very excited about participating in the Poké mon Gorgeous Competition for the first time in the East. But to be honest, the Poké mon Gorgeous Competition has not really reached the point of popularity in the East. Most of the visitors in Landao Pavilion in China come to have a casual look and taste. There are actually only a few dozen cities like Hualan City participating, and their visible influence is not strong. Not many people take part in the competition, so there is no strong one. But this person’s name, Aaron, can’t be named. It seems that he once appeared in the magnificent large-scale celebration in the former Kena city, but it is not particularly difficult. Of course, compared with May, the top four player in the magnificent large-scale celebration in Kena city, it should be said that in the final analysis, the competition venue is in Hualan Road Pavilion, and May also has to make stupid fish participate in the competition. Stupid fish also performed quite well. The mysterious combination of water fluctuation and water splashing has always been called a waste, and it has also made a quite goodBecause of it, Poké mon is the lizard king. Although the attribute is stupid, the stupid fish directly sneaked into the water and the water fluctuated successfully. The lizard king fell into the water … May won the final and successfully won the first ribbon badge in the East.
"To tell you the truth, it’s too easy …" Aaron said, especially when he watched the lizard king struggling in the water in the final. Aaron was really a little detached …
"That’s me, is it good?" May said at once, but you can’t see any anger from your expression. Now you have the joy of getting ribbons in your mind.
"It’s really worthy that May took a ribbon as soon as he got there," and Xiao Xia came over and said that it helped May’s arrogance.
"Forget the strength, it’s really a bit. Let you continue to be arrogant today." Aaron finally said that it’s really the same, and looking at May happy, even if it’s a joke, Aaron decided not to continue to disturb May’s mood.