A smile hesitated for a moment or refused.
The kingdom of Ekmondo may be a first-class power in the new world, and now it must be the overlord of the new world to foster the future in Nidhogg-and the most important point is that the kingdom of Ekmondo is not a pirate country, but a country that has been joined by the world government for more than 200 years.
To be honest, this stage is very good. Although there is still a gap between it and the huge stage that a smile wants to make him make great achievements, if he misses this opportunity, he may not have a better stage for him to make great achievements.
The ambition in his chest for many years made him unwilling to succumb to reality.
Besides, it’s only been a few minutes since we met, so how can we make such a hasty decision about our future ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"I’m sorry for this kindness for the time being."
A smile is a polite refusal
"Where? I was abrupt. "
Eluz is also more polite.
He greatly appreciates this top strong man who attaches great importance to the safety of ordinary people, even though he knows that there is little hope, but he still tries to throw an olive branch to him. If he can win over this future navy general,
The kingdom of Ekmondo can almost walk sideways in the new world.
It’s not impossible to continue to develop and compete with the world government. Well, it’s too early to say this now. Now the kingdom of Ekmondo can’t live without the great umbrella of the world government.
"Mr. Smile, my invitation is always valid. Whenever I want to come to the kingdom of Ekmondo, I said that the conditions will not change a word. The kingdom of Ekmondo will always be empty."
"Ahem! ! !”
A deliberate cough interrupted Alves’ good behavior.
Karp stared at a monster like Elus. If he was wooed by the kingdom of Ekmondo, wouldn’t the new world be turned upside down by this kid? Well, although this is not necessarily a bad thing for the navy.
But intuition told him that this kid was holding back the bad!
I really want to win this monster over to Aierwus successfully. It’s probably not the pirates in the new world, and the world government and navy will suffer an unexpected impact because of this. I have to say that this naval hero’s intuition is more accurate than that of wild animals.
Elus has never revealed his dissatisfaction with the world government today.
But Karp was keenly aware of some clues.
"If Mr. Karp has a cold, go to the doctor and prescribe some medicine." Elus glared at Karp grumpily.
Hear this name
A smiling face expression has changed again.
"Navy hero? Lieutenant General Karp? "
Admiralty marinfando
This is a narrow strait that separates Marinfando from the red soil mainland, and does not make Marinfando become a red soil continent. The peninsula maintains an independent status as an island, just like the navy and the world government.
As we all know, the navy is the armed force directly under the flag of the world government, and it is the most famous and powerful of the three armed forces.
The navy, however, is unwilling to accept a group of stupid and bad idiots bossing around its head. It has never given up on striving for more autonomy from the world government and doing its best to maintain peace in the sea instead of maintaining Celestial Dragons’s rule.
Although there is no significant difference between the two from the perspective of onlookers.
However, some schools in vice admiral know exactly what they are fighting for. If it is not for justice in their hearts to support their beliefs, it goes without saying that those bastards in Celestial Dragons have no command from the Admiralty Department except CP doglegs. No one really wants to go near Celestial Dragons.
It is because of Celestial Dragons’s frequent presence in Shampoo Island.
Even if we know that Shampoo Islands is the only place for pirates to go to the new world, there are still not many people who are willing to stay in Shampoo Islands for a long time to wipe the bottoms of Tianlong people. Once, a certain vice admiral finally attacked that Celestial Dragons because he witnessed the atrocities in Celestial Dragons many times.
The last consequence was that Lieutenant General was defeated by CP agents and committed suicide with anger. That elite naval body with full establishment chose to retire.
This matter
However, the Admiralty and the world government were once separated.
It’s not impossible that the marshal’s skill has been one after another, and administrative measures have been used to quell the anger of the admiralty, and the admiralty has been purged by the world government.
At present, the navy is still the armed force of the world government flag, but it has been trying to seek more and greater autonomy, and it is best to get rid of the restraint of the idiot officials of the world government
"… Zephyr?"
Marshal’s office
The Warring States period looked at the man with one arm who broke in and had some headaches and rubbed his eyebrows.
It’s been a long time since he saw Zephyr appear in front of him. Now it’s definitely troublesome to burst into his office so suddenly.
"Zephyr, what can I do for you?"
"In the Warring States Period, I heard that Wang Qiwuhai was going to be replaced?"
One-armed man Zephyr, the former navy general [black wrist], stared at the Warring States period behind his desk.